Andrei Sannikov met with voters Vitebsk

Society meeting was held at the Center for Children and Youth Pershamaiski area and was probably the most crowded, if you remember the old Vitebsk visits to other candidates.

At the entrance to the building Andrei Sannikov met with flags and a loaf of bread on rushnyk. In the foyer of the center of creativity activists handed out campaign materials wishing.

Youth meets Andrei Sannikov

Andrei Sannikov

Hall for 270 seats, was almost full. People came to a meeting of all ages — from young people to pensiyanerav — and asked a variety of questions.

Turn to the "open mike"

For those who would like to ask about something presidential candidate or members of his team, the hall was set to "unscheduled". Some of the questions answered well-known economist Leonid Zlotnikov, Chairman Supreme Council 12 convocation, Lieutenant-General Mieczyslaw Mushroom and former deputy House of Representatives The National Assembly, General Valery Frolov.

More than 250 people came to the meeting

Vitebsk voters most interested in different things. For example, one woman asked what moral qualities must have a real president. "Honesty," — said the candidate. Many questions were about the incarnation of the economy: will return the money, which "burned" in the banks, whether Andrei Sannikov judgment as to make farming profitable and will become cheaper housing. Andrei Sannikov said that one of the first decrees ready to cancel the contract system and return travel benefits for pensioners, school children and students.

Some voters have already come with a "presidential instructions" and stories about personal problems — that under the new leadership was necessary medicines at affordable prices so that more attention was paid to the family where the foster carers of orphans … One guy even quoted Andrei Sannikov television appearance on the fact that on December 20 Belarusians have the opportunity to wake up in a free country. The guy said that on December 24 in his birthday and the freedom to Belarus wasand would be the best gift for him.

Vitebsk sample listen Sannikov

At the end of the meeting, which lasted half an hour, Andrei Sannikov would like to win and photographed "the future president." And then carried to the car, because the next meeting, Mr. Sannikov headed to Novopolotsk.

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