Arch epithets … What people do not give this wonderful corner of the Earth, in the south of the Urals: "Arch Yima", "Land of Cities", "City of singing chariots," and finally, "The Heavenly Arch." For many who attended this really unusual place, a sense of contact with something unknown, inaccessible, inexplicable in terms of the material world, where everyone discovers something of his own, highly personal, intimate, acquiring over time a particular name.

Arkaim. Reconstruction of the city, made archaeologists.

So what is the Arch? Obvious question, to which there is no single answer. City-temple-city observatory, the city is a myth, fairy-city — it is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional as the world. Universe in miniature. Magical mandala. Hologram space, transferred to a small piece of land. City of dancing stars …
Arkaim — not just a "country towns", and the edge of the wondrous, fairy-tale villages and buildings, mythical in design and purpose. Country, "came" on the ground for four thousand years ago and existed on earth for over 250 years. The country, for unknown reasons, we fully pushed into the ground and took away with them their great mysteries.
Thousands of people every year come here to get in touch with the ancient times, to feel the spirit of the time and try to understand the "secrets of the old times." What motivates them? Curiosity? Romance? A passion for travel? Hardly. There is no high-tourist complexes, spacious palaces and castles, great museums, stately temples, no grandiose ruins and debris — nothing. Nothing — from the point of view of modern man, preoccupied with scientific and technological progress and strives to maximize the satisfaction of clean beasts, nothing — for those who do not know, or for some reason has forgotten his true story, abandoning the true heritage of their ancestors.
So what attracts people is this place?

"We did not … Step, feather grass, hills, wind …" — you'll hear in response, asked this question a man who for the past two decades is his tireless researcher, — Gennady Borisovich Zdanowicz, historian and archaeologist, Director Reserve "Arch." And see the kind, gentle, open smile on the face of the keeper of the sacred earth.

Zdanowicz, the model of Arkaim

Pause … pensive gaze, looking to the vast steppes of the distance … And now sounds the story of Bronze Age settlements in the Southern Urals. Before the eyes stand fort, built on the principle of a special combination of circles and squares, climb walls powerful fortresses, surrounded by moats, and a little to one side — the monumental burial structures. And finally, the main character — a man of Arkaim.

Who is he, what, how he lived and what he did?

The story continues … Rush chariots driven bold warriors. In hot smelting smiths and smelters. Work of farmers and pastoralists aims to provide the city with food. Others are woodworking, weaving, clay modeling, decorating their products with unique designs of different ornaments.
The most powerful defense system, especially organized streams channels, wells and treatment plants, drainage systems, metallurgical furnaces, weaving and pottery, animal husbandry and agriculture — all this for four thousand years ago, it was familiar to the people who came from the North to the South of Ural.
Language, customs, rituals, these people did not resemble modern. About their way of life, marked by the highest level of culture and morality, for sure you can find only in the most ancient monuments of writing, which is what the ancient Iranian Avesta and ancient Indian Vedas. But in general, as well as at all times, these people were born and died, worked and rested, happy and upset.
The story is rich, emotional, and, at the same time strictly scientific, factual materials substantiated by archaeological expeditions and ethnographic research. Story research scientist, knower of human life and love in Arkaim Arkaim.
According to studies by GB Zdanovich "Arkaimsky city — is, above all, well-planned residential, industrial and ritual environment, and also extremely difficult, to the details of an elaborate system of defenses."
Anyone who has visited here and plunged into the depths of history arkaimskoy impressive simplicity and power of the once existing civilization. All the buildings of the ancient people talk about their life and high culture truly is cosmic worldview. Geometric shapes settlements (ovals, circles, squares, diamonds), which are built in the form of settlements, carry the divine incarnation of the structure of the Universe, "Arkaimskie architects principles preached hard geometrism. They all wanted to symmetry, as would be said of modern designers, the harmonization of space "(Here and hereafter in this article are given lectures and speeches GB Zdanovich, historian, archaeologist and director of the reserve," Arch. ")
Anyone who is even slightly familiar with astrology, will see that the structure resembles a huge settlement with the horoscope clearly distinguished 12 signs of the zodiac and 28 lunar parking. While striking a huge accuracy (half MOA) reached by the architects of the ancient "observatories".

Arch as an observatory

Arch as an observatory

This is due to the unique features of Arkaim horizon, which was used as a huge natural protractor. In the structure of the city founded the ancient Aryan symbol — the swastika symbolizes the evolution of the cosmos and man.

As the archaeological research, "The country towns", situated in the Southern Urals, has about 20 fortified settlements stretched for 400 km from north to south and 200 km from west to east.

Arkaimskogo proto type is a real fortress, around the perimeter of a dug trench depth of about two meters. The main fortification wall (minimum height of five meters) were made of adobe blocks of ground, combined with wooden structures, sometimes lined with baked brick or stone chipped plates, they were inside the room, the niches and corridors. The entrances to the city were located around the world. The upper base of the outer wall (three meters) at the same time served as the "upper" streets. "Upper" and "lower" street slotted passages in the walls of the arrays, various streets, bridges redeployed resemble intricate mazes, which could easily get lost stranger. Each area of the city was divided into separate sectors circular and radial walls — they were home (their area ranges from 110 to 180 square meters) and industrial buildings for a variety of craft activities. The central area of the city had an additional (enhanced) protection system and, most likely, ritual purpose.
"Island" location proto on all sides surrounded by water (rivers, ravines, artificial canals, channels) and built in the form of an oval shape, it indicates to the old Aryan mythological perception of the world reflected by the universal law: "Only very thoughtful pragmatist not notice the similarities in the organization cultural and natural landscapes with texts cosmogonic myths of Indo-Europeans. In planigraphy "island" area unfortified centers easily see the symbols of separation solid earth primary ocean and birth of the universe from the world egg. "
Human well arkaimskogo city was highly organized metal production.

Scheme oven settlements Arkaim

In each of his home operated by one or more smelters affecting modern researchers originality of its design. Next to the stove was a well, and the ash-pit furnace was associated with a well arranged in the ground through the blower pipe. Archaeologists conducted experiments showed that arkaimskaya "magic oven" can maintain a temperature that is sufficient not only to melt the bronze, but also for the smelting of copper from ores (1200-1500 degrees!). Thanks to the duct that connects to the adjacent oven with her five-meter deep pit, there is a desire in the furnace, which provides the required temperature. Thus, the ancient inhabitants of Arkaim becoming reality mythological ideas about water, fire is born.
In addition to metals, the residents' Countries Cities "engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Archaeological research arkaimskih gardens have shown that this small areas with simple reclamation system for irrigation of the land on which grew barley, millet and onions. Not far from the city on special protection areas kept cattle. No less in the life of a person is engaged arkaimskogo and pottery, as evidenced by a huge number of beautiful pottery found during excavations. And arkaimtsy polutkatsky produced quality textiles, fine processed stone and bone.

It was here at the time and there was a wonderful world of Aryan spiritual culture, poetic heritage is reflected in the ancient literary monuments of India and Iran, with which began the Rigveda and the Avesta. Analyzing the texts applied to Arkaim can assume "the existence of a general source of these sacred books, which originated in the same area, among the relatively small group of people who were in constant contact with each other."
Indeed, the study of the Avesta and Zoroastrian mythology explain much of the ancient architecture arkaimskogo proto type. Even the word "Arch", according to one translation means "Arch Yima" — the world's pervotsarya thrice expanding Earth, whose life is detailed in the Avesta. No less important in this respect and the Rigveda — the holy book of the followers of Vedic culture of India. The fact that for the past several thousand years is strictly enforced ban on entering into it any alteration, suggests that even in the period of life doindiysky Aryans among the priests had a tradition of careful transfer of knowledge. As for the Zoroastrian Avesta, her texts for a long time passed only by word of mouth. Archaeological study "Land of Cities" (undoubtedly ancestral Iranian-and Indo-Aryans) also indicate that there are exactly nonliterate cultures.
It is no coincidence, and location of Arkaim, as in the Urals is the Earth's largest geological fault. The Avesta is a place called the middle of the world.
It is here, not in Greenwich, is the true meridian (on a modern map of the world 60th degrees east). That is, Ural — it's not just the border between Europe and Asia, in terms of astrogeografii, but it is also the boundary between the western and eastern hemispheres of the Earth, between two fundamentally different types of thinking (West and East). Arch is located at the "cultural divide" between the Western culture that places above all individual development, and culture of the eastern outlet leading place involvement of all people into the mainstream.

Notable for the breadth of Arkaim — 52 degrees north latitude. Approximately at the same latitude are many other ancient structures so-called Neolithic period, for example, the city observatory Salisbury Stonehenge in the valley or the recently discovered "observatory" of the Stone Age in the Czech Republic, Belarus and Lithuania.

"German Stonehenge"

Geologists noted that it was at this latitude there are anomalies of the magnetic field associated with the non-ideal shape of the planet.

In the future, the invasion of the Russian steppe nomads from the east caused a new movement of the Aryans to the West — to Europe, and to the south — to Asia Minor, and in the future and to the south of the Asian continent. Individual proto similar to arkaimskimi, known in Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan. Archaeological expeditions in Kazakhstan and Central Asia is the migration routes of the Aryans to the south, to India and Iran. Burial arkaimskogo type recorded in the Volga region, near the Don and even further west. All this allows to safely say that the spiritual values of the Aryans who left the "Land of Cities", formed the basis of the culture of all the peoples of Indo-European community.
Opening at the end of XX century "Land of Cities" in the southern Ural steppes was real proof of the theory of the existence of the eligibility northern ancestral homeland of the Aryans. Mythical country of the Hyperboreans described in Avestan and Vedic texts, gained a new birth. Arch was the "Hyperborean Troy," to show the world the reality of the last northern "countries noble." To her last proto as a cultural center since Indo-European community, from all over the world are people, drawn by the spirit of the ancestors, and driven by the desire to worship the holy land fravashi.
"A little more than a decade has passed since the opening of Arkaim and even less since the discovery of proto-urban centers of the country — GB Zdanowicz wrote in one of his articles arkaimskih dated somewhere in the turn of the millennium. — Ten years — enough for a human life, but it does little for the origin of archaeological events of this rank. For a full understanding of Arkaim and Country towns need work of several generations of scholars, and each generation is going deeper and deeper into the secrets of the South Ural civilization. This is understandable, because the farther away from the source, the more passionate about showing humanity to its past. The further away from the source, the more they want, and closer. " And it is impossible not to agree.
Soon after the discovery of the oldest monument proto civilization Arkaim historical and became a reserve and state protected areas. But is it?
Reserve … Think about it, look into the word, and you will find in it his own destiny, the sacred in nature — "commandment"? But the commandment — a covenant, instruction, morality and immutable law, which is transmitted from one generation to the sages, elders, teachers, and who should perform each. Precepts of Christ — two thousand years, the cosmic law of the Aryans — a minimum of four thousand. So Arch — is not just reserve a living commandment passed through the millennia and get us, the people of Eurasia, the great heritage of the Aryans. After the death of Hyperborea is here continued the true history of Russia, kept its origins. And because "commandment" Arkaim is the preservation and transmission of memories not only the descendants of the true homeland of the Aryans, but a way of life, a subordinate of the cosmic law and embodied them in the world. Law, who became the greatest scientists, the most complete extant in the ancient spiritual traditions of the world — cosmic religion of the Zoroastrians.

Bersuat settlement — one of the cities of the Aryan space

Each arkaimskogo proto type — is a kind of universe in miniature, the microcosm, in the center of which stands the man. He — of Space battles between armies of good and evil, which will inevitably triumph over the forces of Light, but it is the choice of the man and his behavior depends on the approach or distancing of the moment. Realizing the world around as a coherent space system, this old (!) People began consciously to determine their place in it and opened the universal cosmic law that everything is arranged on a single image. Having received the universe as God established order, he bore this order to the way of life, as evidenced by the space were built by the principle of the proto.
Good and evil, light and darkness, creation and destruction — the duality of the modern world really makes us not only to look at this life as a mystery of cosmic battle between God and the Devil, and hourly be an active participant. Someone does not cost anything to pour tons of mud into the ocean, industrial waste ground clutter, smoke poisoning the air, cutting down forests in vain, for the fun of destroying animals. And for some pain in my heart will respond only view broken branch or a broken wing.
Ancient people, whom we consider resident Arkaim, building sewage treatment plants, to, God forbid, a dirty water from getting to the ground. And we, the so-called civilized people sometimes just throw trash out the door and forget about our single, on-schem for all the house, whose name — the planet Earth. Far not a secret that the war, ecological catastrophe, reckless use of natural resources, destroy its material basis, and multilayered shell of anger and hatred by the power of thought holds down her breathing people in the universe. Truly, "bare nerves Earth unearthly suffering know."
Therefore, affecting the ecology and conservation of the sacred to every Russian land Arkaim, we can not say about the barbaric act of vandalism committed in March 2000, when the territory of the reserve, protected by the state, right in front of the residents of nearby villages were pounded and brutally shot for fun automatic weapons about 40 deer. Beautiful, graceful animals, many of which have not even been picked up, were the innocent victims of rabid thugs. We can not remain indifferent when listening to this story — like hail from heaven pours barrage of questions! Who is responsible for the crime savages modern civilization? How to resist vandals new century? What kind of nation and whose laws protect reserve? Had the world really mastered the devil and his minions running the show? Or, perhaps, it is the very "night, which is especially dark before the dawn"?

According to Zoroastrian Cosmogenesis in the cosmic battle between good and evil turning point: to replace the era Confusingly came the era of division. In a bygone era of Pisces was associated confusion of good and evil and the triumph of the principle of "do not sin — not repent." Replaced it the Age of Aquarius — time disengagement of light and darkness, a branch of the "wheat from the chaff, and the sheep from the goats", while clarifying the acts of men, when all will have to answer for their actions, and in the appearance of each will reflect his inner world.
Sooner or later catch up with the wages and those who dared to raise a hand against a defenseless beauty Arkaim. According to Avestan mythology, Lan is totemic symbol of Arta, Asha — Heavenly Grace, Mother of the World, the wife of God the Creator Ahura Mazda. Art — the conscience of man, truth, righteousness and divine order. In the Zoroastrian tradition Arta, as the embodiment of the supreme truth and the karmic world confronts a demon named Druj lie. Understand whether those killers, who they raised their hands, and who sold his immortal soul? And I understand it to trample upon the "Law Reserve", which will be judged by the Law of iniquity?
… Finished century, yet it took thousands of years, ended the Age of Pisces, the age mix of good and evil. There was a new time, a mirror image (-2000 … 0 … +2000) is a revival of the once great, but unfortunately, temporarily forgotten tradition — the space scientists of the ancient Aryans!
Opening Arkaim on such a momentous turn of times can be compared only with the sudden awakening long dozing volcano. Evoking long-forgotten legend that in Rhipaean mountains for a thousand years asleep gods. Tired of waiting for the ravaged land awakening. So Arch — is not only Arch Yima great Aryan pervotsarya is heavenly arch to them — the gods, for whom it's time to come down to earth to save the planet from destruction and extinction, thus maintaining harmony and balance in the universe.

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