Archaeological monuments of ancient Russian

An interesting analysis of Russian fairy tales writer spent IV Tashkinov in the book "RUSSIAN gods of Egypt."Antiquities said that the Egyptian civilization from the time of the first dynasties of the Pharaohs (3200 BC), ie from its very beginning, has been the prevailing civilization of high culture and maturity, accepting someone's knowledge of "off the shelf". It follows that in ancient times, long before the ancient Egyptians, the people there, who had the knowledge and the Egyptians handed a wealth of experience.
Considerable knowledge in the exact sciences, not only Egyptians, but the Sumerians, Persians, Indians, Chinese, could be obtained only through the experience of research for centuries. In particular, the eclipse, the appearance of comets, meteor rain, who could predict the Sumerian priests, could be calculated only if the constant and accurate observation of the sky were made for at least 10,000 years. From this it follows that all these civilizations were based on the knowledge and experience of other, more ancient culture.
Doctor of History V. Larichev writes that in 1982 in the north of Khakassia, in the valley of the White Iyusa, opened the sanctuary of the Bronze Age, which represent a stone observatory, like the famous Stonehenge. After research observatory Iyusa White concluded: "… the people of the Bronze Age in Siberia had developed great lunar-solar calendar and were able to accurately capture the only time …".

The oldest lunar-solar calendar found by archaeologists during excavations in Siberia Achinsk Stone Age settlements. He is 18 thousand years. It consists of a small stick, carved from mammoth ivory, which dealt with a jeweler's precision spiral pattern of 1065 different shape holes.
Thus, the Slavs who lived in Siberia 18,000 years ago, long before the formation of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Persian, Hindu and Chinese civilizations were perfectly lunisolar calendar.
Russia had nymphs, and rare devices for astronomical observations. So, for example, found the stone ruins of Sunny-stellar observatories of Kulikovo, and under Epiphanius, and under Ostriakovo.
After studying the stone observatory complex Kulikov field created by Russian Sage for more than 10 thousand years ago, it became evident that it is widely known fading glory of Stonehenge.
Indian magicians told the famous French astronomer Delisle (1688-1768) of finding the ancestral home of the Aryans in the north, where the Aryan culture spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They said it and the location of the ancient city-Aryan temple and an observatory at the same time served.
Although the city itself Delisle found in 1987 at the place specified in the southern Urals Delisle, Slavic-Aryan proto ARKAIM found. Arch in form is an accurate reproduction of the Zodiac.
Arkaim was found around 21 ancient Slavic Aryan city, which means "Land of the cities" between the upper reaches of the rivers Ural and Tobol.
From all this it is clear that about any impact on the culture of the eastern Mediterranean region of northern Eurasia can not speak, because culture northern Aryans appeared incomparably before.
Known among archaeologists Arzhan lies in the Altai, in the upper reaches of the Yenisei. His age is determined the 8th century BC, built by the same rules as the Arch and Stonehenge.
In Ukraine, a little south of Kiev — Neolithic settlement Maidanskii-1 belonging to Tripoli culture of the 4th millennium BC It has drainage, slim layout of streets and squares.
In recent years, the Southern Urals revealed Slavic-Aryan settlements 7.6 millennia BC — Moulineaux-2 Davlekanovo-2, where they found a lot of bones of domestic animals (goats, horses, cows, sheep).
The "noble plan" Virgin Lands dark forces who do not want the truth about razlasheniya Russian Slavic-Aryan heritage, including the task to even pervogorod the ground. It did not happen until the end, although some ring Arkaim were destroyed.
Then, to the discovery of Arkaim has received global recognition, the arch ring caught in the information blockade, and the excavations there were careless and hasty.
All these criminal acts to destroy one of the oldest cities of the Earth, and the information blockade Arkaim Achinsk wand Observatory Kulikovo field, and other monuments of the true source of knowledge of all the civilizations of the modern world are evidence of vandalism.
And what about the physical destruction of the majority community of Orthodox Old Believers in Omsk in the 20's of last century.
In 1920, the bodies of the Cheka, NKVD requested a list of community members Staroverov Omsk, then conservatives dozens of communities were arrested and sent to concentration camps. When arrested, the commune-conservatives had disappeared many priceless relics Staroverov — Slavic pre-Christian era book written runes tyaragami and initial letter, including some Santee Perun and "Sword Stribog."

Now iudokommunisty and iudohristiane hypocritical conservatives say, "Where is your ancient source? '.
Like, the original sources of the Faith older than iudohristianstvo, there is and can be in principle.
After centuries of repression by iudohristian iudokommunistov priests and guardians Orthodox Old Believers want to show outsiders their few originals stored in millennia Santee, Harati, the Vedas?
You can recommend an amateur from HOSTESSES AND instead aspire to touch the original Orthodox Vedas, Santee, Harati, made a similar request to the Jews and iudohristianam so they gave them to touch the original originals Moishe books, sermons Yeshua.
They? Of course not!
Our ancestors, who lived in the land of Russia, the last 18 thousand years ago had exactly the lunar-solar calendar, the solar-stellar observatory amazing precision, the ancient city of temples, they gave humanity committed tools and laid livestock.
And most importantly — able to convey the direct descendants of the ancient Aryans, Slavs his Vedic worldview.

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