Archbishop Kondrusiewicz called on the authorities and the people on the crisis

Message from Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz on socio-political situation in Belarus is published on the site

"Recently, a complex socio-political situation in Belarus has deteriorated due to the ensuing inflation, which has caused great concern to the people and leads to all sorts of speculation and the use of someone else's misfortune for profit. Moreover, intolerance and many recriminations negative impact on the overall atmosphere in the country. There are probably many reasons for what happened. And this issue need to look for the answer to come out of the crisis and in the future not to repeat such mistakes. "

"Worried about the situation, referring to the state authorities, the world of politics, economy, science, culture, public organizations and all people of good will to the solution of the difficult problems of modern guided by mutual love and respect as citizens of a country that be our common home, taking into account the moral norms and principles of the social doctrine of the Church that, in our homeland we really could build a civilization of life, justice and love. "

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