Argentine village, which 25 years under water

Continuing the theme of doom naturally remember those cities that have already been through the apocalypse local scale. One such ghost towns — Villa Epekuen, resort, located 600 km from Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was built in the 1920s, but after half a century began to enjoy great popularity among tourists, as there was a chance to relax in the unique salt lake Lago Epekuen. Today, on the site of the village — only the ruins, 25 years ago, she went under the water in the flood.

Lago Epekuen knowingly became a tourist mecca, it has a truly unique properties. The lake is ten times saltier than any ocean, and only slightly less than the Dead Sea. The therapeutic properties of water has long been known: come here to treat depression, rheumatism, skin diseases, anemia, and even diabetes.

The first inhabitants settled in the country Epekuen in the late 19th century, the settlement grew quickly. There have been rail with Buenos Aires and soon travelers from South America flooded the Argentine resort.

In the middle of the 20th century here on vacation every year attracts about 2.5 million people in 1970 in the village were more than five thousand people, nearly 300 businesses, including hotels, hostels, swimming pools, shops and museums.

However, nature has not been kind to this edge. Gradually due to increased rainfall the water level rose, it has led to the fact that November 10, 1985 a huge flow of salt water dam broke and flooded most of the settlement. By 1993, the village was washed away Epekuen from the earth, the water level was 10 meters. Only by 2009, due to the gradual change in climatic conditions water began to recede, and I could see the ruins of the town.

By the way, out of a thousand natives Villas Epekuen return to native land wanted only one, 81-year-old Pablo Novak. For several years he lived there alone, reading the newspaper and remembers how flourishing village three decades ago.

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