Army Style in the modern Russian Federation

The image of the army in modern Russia

Recently the presidential election, Vladimir Putin, then the last prime minister, published in the Russian newspaper another pre-election article, which touched on the difficulties of the Russian army and state security of the Russian Federation. In particular, we are talking about increasing the prestige of military service.

Certainly, this is the burning question now asks a quick solution. Of course, that started back in 2007 military reform does not bring the expected results so far. Recent scandals in the sonorous Rosoboronservice, corruption and theft in the ranks of senior military officers, reports of hazing, a failed missile launch — all this is quite palpable pounding the prestige of the Russian Armed Forces in the eyes of young people.

Not surprisingly, that in the context of such news, willing to serve even if one year is not enough. Unfavorable image of the army made in the media contributes to the fact that from the standpoint of the subsequent career prospects, education and work for the students look more attractive service in the army. This, incidentally, was confirmed by a survey conducted last summer by the "Fund public opinion." The results of his testify that 53% respondents with the knowledge related to the young people who evade military service. With all of this 64% of respondents have a positive attitude towards improving shred of contract.

But even with a service contract is not going smoothly. On the one hand, the government since the beginning of 2012 raised wages for contract. For example, a private contractor, will receive up to 25 thousand rubles, and the wages of a professional NCO corps of approximately 34 thousand (almost like a job as a loader in the civilian world). And willing to serve under the contract must be found. On the other hand, the forces of reform programs from the system of military education were almost completely destroyed by some military academies and schools, in which the set of The Academy of radiation, chemical and biological protection and the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin. As a result of which Russian contractors are simply unable to obtain the necessary knowledge for a competent combat operations and maintenance of military equipment.

No doubt, in whatever state were not our armed forces, in spite of all the difficulties in the power structures, each young man just have to dedicate a year of their lives to serving the motherland. But it seems that the government is not trying to raise the style of the Russian Armed Forces in the eyes of the public, of course, that in today's Russian state's own army and can be dangerous for external enemy, but not the least danger it represents for those young people who are in real time service. In practice, we have untrained, unprepared and unsecured with respect to the generation wars army newcomer with an impressive fleet of obsolete weapons. Curiously, it is aware of the new defense minister Sergei Shoigu and ready to make all possible measures for the early launch of the Russian army of the protracted crisis?

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