As long as the candidates go, voters vote

Yaroslav Romanchuk meets voters in Pinsk, Gregory Kastusiou continue meeting in the Mogilev region, and Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir and Vitali Nekljaev Rymashevski meet again with voters in Minsk Freedom Square, where it will mark the Day of Belarusian Solidarity.

Many of the candidates for president continues to travel about Russia, to arrange even a few meetings with voters a day. Victor Tereshchenko today is in Gomel, where travel to Brest with a stop in Mozyr. Yaroslav Romanchuk — In Pinsk, there are waiting for the candidate voters in the city palace of culture. By the said meeting, Mr. Romanchuk had planned to pay tribute to the victims of the recent tragedy on the union "Pinskdrev," said the chief of staff of the candidate Lev Margolin.

"The plan was to visit the cemetery and place flowers at the memorial plaque at the factory. But whether this will happen, we will know later."

Campaign meetings are also busy Dmitry Moustache and Mikhalevich. The leader of the initiative "For modernization" today has already met with activists of public unions, among whom was the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Leonid Kozik.

"I talked about the contract system, that it should be abolished. They also assured that they were in favor of the abolition of the contract system in the past, and that their main enemy — this government and that the government should accelerate long."

In the evening Michalevic already be in Polotsk and Novopolotsk. A presidential candidate of the Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou Today travel to the south of the Mogilev region: Klichev, Kemerovo, Bobruisk. By phone Kastusyou Gregory said, "Freedom" on how to go in Mogilev early voting.

"Just 20-30 minutes ago, I called our Party activist, teacher working electro-technical college in Mogilev. Told as a college student drove to vote early. And even the staff college track how students voted."

According to the CEC, two days of early voting 7.2% of the electorate voted — it's almost a 1% increase over the same period last elections. Dec. 15 Alexander Lukashenko said that "there is no need to encourage people to vote early." Or triggered words of the head of the country, government officials, including in the education system perceived as an order?

I called a friend of the election commission on the First District of Minsk — the polling station is located at the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University. Over the two days there early voting more than 700 voters — one-third of the total number of voters assigned to the site. What is the situation on the third day of the vote?

"You know, the rates have fallen since the remark made electoral district commission. And so we try not to let a class, and so on. Indeed, on this occasion was such a noise!"

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik I asked to have influenced the rate of early voting statement of Alexander Lukashenko?

"I can not tell you. When we get the information from today, then we will see. But do not think that will affect dramatically. Not because there's some kind of compulsion."

Presidential Candidates NyaklyayeuAndrei Sannikov and Vitaly Rymashevski sponsored jointly by the December 16 meeting with voters in Liberty Square. The meeting is timed to the Day of Belarusian Solidarity, which the activists of the democratic movement is not the first carried out on a monthly basis.

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