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Pope Sylvester II (950-1003), who was known more as Herbert, for two reasons left a reputation mage magician. First, he was very well educated and gifted man. Second, he seems to have studied in Spain, in the cordon or Toledo. And while Spain was ruled by the Moors and Saracens in Europe and was considered the heir eastern magic and wisdom, because this is what the legend says.

Spanish pagans considered the world-renowned masters of the art of magic. In the house of one of them lived Herbert. It was a magical wizard book. She, as a means to force obedience to the will of the devil owner of this book, it was not unique. Herbert really wanted to take this relic, but the Arab philosopher for a moment did not part with it, even at night, hid it under his pillow. Herbert did manage to find a cache of books during love comfort with a beautiful daughter, a Saracen. After that Herbert watered his master, stole the book and ran.

But the magician was too hard a target. He began to chase the thief and, as well Saracens knew astrology, he could with star charts to know the location of Herbert, both on land and at sea. For some time, Herbert still get cheated magician, hiding under the bridge in such a way that it does not touch any of the land or the water. As a result — the fugitive managed to safely get to the coast. Herbert opened the book and with the help of powerful spells cause a major demon. Spirit easily sent it to the opposite shore. From this point, Herbert will not look back. He thought that I won a very strong opponent and now his way led to the papal throne.

To achieve the goal, Herbert sold his soul to the devil, and in return received a throne of the Pope. Now the Pope Sylvester II shamelessly used his position for personal gain. He wanted to know how long he will be able to hold such a high position. As it turned out as long as it does not serve the divine mass in Jerusalem. It was her he was to be avoided. Forewarned is forearmed. Sylvester II immediately issued an edict that forbade him to visit the Holy Land. Well, after he took up his favorite pastime — devoted himself vicious and luxurious living.

But he who on one leg with the devil, you should always be on guard. When Herbert Sylvester II performed the sacrament of Communion to some unfamiliar Roman church, he suddenly felt that his forces are rapidly fading. And once I saw — on all sides surrounded demons. This church is called the Church of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem. Dad knew it had, and left him to live very long.

Stress, who survived Sylvester II, radically undermined his confidence. He publicly began to repent of his sin and expressed the most touching and solemn warning against alliances with evil demons. When Sylvester II died, he left his followers to such an order, his body must be cut into pieces and placed on a stretcher made of green wood. These will have to carry the stretcher did not know stallions two horses, black and white. Horses should not be the driver, and the place where they were staying, it was necessary to build a grave and bury his remains. It is difficult to imagine the feelings were the witnesses of the event, when a rather strange funeral procession approached the Lutheran Church, and when suddenly out of the coffin was a loud moans and screams. After that came silence, and Pope Sylvester II was buried in the cathedral.

But you can not argue that his spirit calm, as it doomed to lead a life cast, portends his death groans. Once approaching the last days of the next pope, from the tomb of Sylvester second groans were heard, and his bones rattled loudly and bumping against each other. And yet, it is unlikely he was ever sentenced to hell. It is believed that God's providence has led to the holy place of horses with his remains.

Contemporaries say Herbert entered the carnal union with the devil. He was accompanied everywhere spirit in the guise of a black shaggy dog. Many believed that he was able to blind his enemies and with necromancy find hidden treasures. This was considered the dark side of its operations.

According to researchers, he first coined the Arabic numbers in Western and Northern Europe. Sylvester contributed second widespread dissemination of mechanical watches. It is said that the great clock, which was built by him in Magdeburg, the record not only all the movements of the heavenly bodies, but also the time of sunrise and sunset. Remains evident by the fact that, along with astronomy and her sister — astrology, were exactly the science that young Herbert studied in Spain. While there especially those sciences flourished.

This was the time the greatest discoveries in the field of mechanics. William of Malmzberi noted that Herbert Sylvester second built in Reims hydraulic amazing that with water performed miraculous arias and symphonies. The same historian tells more about his visit to the magical underground palace, which looked exactly the same, when it only Herbert built. But at the slightest touch to it, it disappeared.

Also, this is a wonderful dad a direct descendant of Simon Magus. And he, apparently, was the first of the medieval magician who could make a bronze talking heads. It is said that the head could not answer any questions, and had the ability to predict the future. But, in the likeness of oracle, which the head had to be replaced, their predictions are more ambiguous. It is this bronze head, which made Herbert showed him the way to the church, which has in its name the word "Jerusalem." This is not surprising, since it was made by the devil.

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