At Borodino near Moscow opened a new mini sports complex

Universal Sports mini-complex opened in the rural settlement of Sputnik Mozhaiskogo area near the New Year holidays, just in the district are 11 such sites, the press service of the regional administration.

Earlier, the acting governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov said that in small towns and villages of the region in the next few years to build 50 prefabricated sports facilities, as well as instructed to create a map of the location being built in the suburbs of sports complexes. He noted that the cost of each prefabricated sports complex reaches the order of plus or minus 200 million rubles. According to him, similar programs in other regions of the Russian Federation has already brought tangible effect, crime and drug abuse declined in Russian cities and towns by 20-35%.
"New Year's Eve in the rural settlement of Sputnik Mozhaiskogo district opened a street-purpose sports mini-complex. This is the eleventh "outdoor lounge", placed in a special sports program head Mozhaiskogo District Dmitry Belanovich, "- said in a statement.
As noted in the article, this one was built and gym, and a universal sports fields, which will serve as a skating rink in winter and in summer will be a great space for a mini-football, volleyball, basketball. The opening was held on December 21. The program is to equip rural settlements training complex was designed head of the district. The first simulator platform appeared in the center of Mozhdysk two years ago, is now training complexes are very popular with residents.
The press service specified that the value systems of a number of advantages. First of all, mobility. Such a package can be installed on any site measuring just 80 square meters. Secondly, functionality. In fact, outdoor fitness in their properties are the same traditional set of fitness equipment rooms. Calculated on an active and sometimes aggressive use equipment manufactured with plenty of quality and reliability.
Outdoor Fitness is an effective tool to promote mass sports and affordable, especially in rural areas where sports infrastructure is inadequate, "- is the message.

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