At Moscow State University created a promising electronic device on an organic solar cell

To a question about science and about polymers, the sad fate is in Russian proverbial.

In the International Laser Center (ILC), MSU created a new device (which has no name yet) including display, keyboard, and power source in the form of a polymer solar cell.

Externally, it will resemble a regular bank card. A set of elements and functions of the device today might seem trivial. If it used silicon solar cell, and not organic, which is a thin polymer film. Comments on the development research group leader, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Dmitry Parashchuk.

ILC MSU specialists, working in conjunction with the group "Molecular Luminescence" FIAN on the creation of organic solar cells, made a new compact device. This product is not intended to implement and replicate. The main purpose of research — to work various stages of technology, to pick up the necessary materials to find the best design solutions. As a result, to make a "non-use" model, demonstrating the Organic photovoltaics.

The device — already made his scale-model — will appear as a thin plate the size of a standard bank card. This "card" contains a microprocessor, keyboard, display and supply its organic solar cell. In the future, not only the cell, but the display and a microprocessor for such devices may be polymeric and flexible. This is one of the most important trends of today, work on which are being held at the Lebedev Institute and other research centers.

"The scientific team makes a "toy" … of course, that in itself is a precedent. A proposed the idea of working for us students engaged in computer practice. There is a special workshop where they were taught this — use microprocessors for various studies, automation and other tasks. For this we need good programming and know electronics. Our employees are all doing their own hands. First mock device, debug function. And then, the next step is made is a real board — with buttons, with the screen. The display may be an alphanumeric and graphic. Eat the same device will be the natural light (such as sunlight) using a polymer solar cell, in which is his specialty!

The task of developing — to show the potential of direction. This is a demo model. But in principle, a device of this size have a very real future. For example, the same bank card. They can be smart, flexible, have a display, memory, mobile, various electronics with sewn codes and lot of different functions. A next step would be flat and flexible computer — smart card"- Said the head of the group "Photophysics of organic materials" ILC MSU Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Dmitry Parashchuk.

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