At the chemical plant in Perm took heavy fire

Major fire occurred on the premises "PromhimPerm" reports "".

At the chemical plant, according to the regional emergency department, in the afternoon of Tuesday, December 21, lit up the distillation column, in which there was a cubic meter of isobutane. There was a bomb threat, the source said.

The fire was given the third number of the five-point scale. At the scene were sent 78 firefighters and 21 pieces of equipment. Elimination of fire took about 1.5 hours.

Cause of the fire — faulty gas tank, told representatives of the regional emergency department. "Rip off nozzle when filling the gas tank," — said they.

The accident victims and victims. Size of property damage specified.

"PromhimPerm," according to the website of the company, is developing technologies and manufacturing chemical products for leather, textile, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, engineering, paint and glass industries.

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