At the Mariinsky launched a new operation in the thermal complex

The participants attended the opening ceremony of a new central heating unit, boiler room boiler room, coal storage and dispatching. All part of a new thermal compound, built on the territory of the Open Joint Stock Company "hydric plant."
All work was carried forces holding company "SDS-Energo". In the construction has been invested about 1 billion rubles.


According to the press service of the regional administration, the new boiler will work not only on the need to "combine an alcoholic", but also greatly enhance the reliability of supply of the Mariinsky. To the new heat source is connected 89 apartment buildings and houses 172 individual buildings. And it's more than eight thousand people living in them, which will not only get heat, but the hot water.

At the boiler upgraded two boilers. Complex set of automatic control of their work. Fuel storage is equipped with a new indoor coal storage. In order to avoid problems with the power supply is mounted transformer substation. To supply heat to the northern part of the city is running a boiler. Already commissioned ten central heating units and built more than 14 km of new heating network. The stability of this complex follows the modern point management and automation.

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