Based on the old Faith PREDKOV — INGLIZM

"He who gives up possession of the ancient wisdom,
he drives out of a force of life — the life force of the wisdom of the ancient "…. So there were and there are spaces Worlds: Navier, Yav, Slav, Prav.

With the advent of the Great Ra-Ha-M in a new reality emerged Sverhvelikoe Absolute "Something." And as the "It" is not any more than is the Self (self-) Ra-M-ha, this "something" keeps the fruits of "Evil" — Sverhvelikoe Absolute "Something" Divine Light "deprivation" (in quotes) .

…. The closer to the Out-Of primary light source located Worlds, the larger dimension of these worlds are full. They were born and born life-bearing God-Patrons of the Worlds.

So, once, was born of a multi-dimensional world of law — in any Old Gods-Patrons of Our Great Clans appeared.

God "Svarog" (Svarog Svarog — not an anthropomorphic concept) set universal Kona, Canons, Rules, Laws ascent of the soul and the Spirit of the Golden Path Spiritual and mental perfection. Free passage of the soul, the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, help wise knowledge of these worlds.

In our universe Golden Path of spiritual ascent leading up called — SMAD (Swa — Heaven, Ga — Path), on which are bright and harmonious Worlds.

Follow them one by one:

* Peace People

* World Legs,

* World Arlegov,

* World Aran

* World of Radiance,

* World Nervany (Nirvana)

* Peace initiative,

* The world of spiritual power

* World of Knowledge

* World Harmony

* World of Spiritual Light

* Worlds of intellectual resources,

* Peace Law

* Worlds of Creation

* World of Truth

* Worlds patrons. ….

In "The End" is SMAD Great Frontier (God Varuna), beyond which begins Great Peace Rules.

Four-dimensional world of people — body, soul, spirit, and conscience.

Existing world, located on the gold road, have the following number of dimensions:

World People — 4

Legs World — 16

World Arlegov — 256,

Aran World — 65536

World of Radiance — 65536 squared ….

The patrons of the World — 65536 of four thousand ninety-sixth degree.

There are worlds intermediate: five, seven, nine, twelve, and smaller number of dimensions.

Soul transition from one world to another world is possible, but you need to step over the threshold, which is associated with the loss of the body, this dimension.

Such a shift in the World Soul Reveal people called Death. Death — the loss of soul body in which the soul lives. In the other world the soul inhabits the body of a rational being of the world in which it is directed.

At the base of the Golden Path is the human world, and the rise of the human soul in a higher world is only possible as a result of spiritual development, in the development of knowledge of the world and other worlds.

To do this in the world of people come Gods. They are beings of a higher order of complexity that come down to management and transmission of the upward call of Knowledge and Commandments.

Supreme beings of other worlds can get into the lower worlds, where they are seen not in its original, true nature, and in the forms of perception of the World, which is available only to residents and occupants.

If our Gods World patrons descend to the human world, we can only perceive them as people.

The more complex the structure of the world in a certain area the Golden Path, the greater the chance for the inhabitants of this area, reflected in the worlds of less complexity.

Climbing the inhabitants of one of the World in a Supreme Reality is not necessarily gradual. If the soul is in its development of personality is able to take up to an understanding of the complexity of the next World harmonized, it takes a jump soul in the highest world minuyu varied worlds intermediate measurements.

The laws and commandments of the gods — is the highest wisdom of patrons.

Freed from the physical body, the soul chooses the reality that best suits its spiritual and emotional development. Nothing in the universe does not preclude the ascent of the spirit, but himself.

According to the Law of the Goddess Karna, after the death of the body, soul must pass three of the Great Court, also known as the Last Judgment. In fact, no Judgment, there is only a delay ascent for the soul agony.

The Court consists of three stages:

The gods are asked what you have learned in the world in which we sent you?

What have you done for the race?

And as you have lived in all good conscience?

All have to answer honestly, you can not hide anything, appears all done in my life. For the Soul is painful, as imprinted in the soul all the decent and indecent acts. Nobody in their power to add or erase.

After the Court of Conscience Soul is sent to the world that corresponds to his mental and spiritual development.

Clans of the Great Race to people, in this life, you should never create in the mind pekelnyh dark, crazy and chaotic manner, ie Shaped realities Pekelnogo World, which manifests evil and cruelty, parasitism and idleness, lies and deception, fear and disbelief, oppression and the end of the world.

Most importantly — do not create Pekelnyh of life for the new reality of imagery. Because it destroys not only created a pure soul figuratively quiet reality, but also destroys the person who created a dark world.

Shower with Pekelnoy figuratively reality falls into worlds that are not in connection with the Golden Way, it is a reality attendant: time, space, madness, wandering spirits and the World of Darkness, also called the World Pekelnym (Mad World).

These worlds are vaguely, a violation of causality. In them is the fact that the inhabitants of Harmonious Peace was a miracle. But for residents of intermediate Realities Shower is very awkward: never reliably predict the outcome of their actions. (I decided to make an ax, but I got a rake. Thought for the best, but it turned out ….).

To raise important only to realize its unity, inseparable relationship with other entities, putting each other and their love for the equal and compassion to the lower forms of life.

Love can transform even the demons — Soul age-old enemies of the Divine Light, Animal World of Darkness, who preach among people Explicit World: permissiveness (freedom), cruelty, greed, anger, lust (sex) egotism, flattery, narcissism (fashion) and the finiteness of life.

Act any spiritual entity primarily affects itself.

Since every individual has the absolute freedom of choice, and its decisions affect the structure of the soul of the individual. Action depends on the choice of the future of the Soul: one soul acts developing personality helps her climb up the various localities Golden Path, another soul burden themselves, strengthens relationships that inhibit the development of, and even carried away down into the dark worlds (Crazy Worlds Hell) .

Complete happiness, descent of the Great Race, can only be in a constant struggle against evil, which prevents residents Lands, its people, their souls begin to climb the various localities Golden Path.

Evil — it is ignorance, and ignorance.

Ignorance — when not given to know.

Ignorance — when they say that knowledge is unnecessary and harmful, ie offering people to stick to their principles and ideas, as well as the Dark Forces are aware that knowledge, perception of a different opinion, leads to the truth, to the Vedas.

Evil and unrighteous anger blacken soul and heart becomes stale. Do not let stupidity and ignorance in the thoughts and your words.

Conscience Soul Clans of the Great Race

Body controls Soul, Soul manages Spirit and Spirit manages Conscience.

Conscience — a joint news of the human soul and the Gods of Light.

Virgin Jiva gives every pure soul Ancient Wisdom — The Spirit, that is, part of the heavenly things. The soul must learn this wisdom in the explicit world according to the course of the lifetime. This is the Supreme emotional and spiritual sense.

Wisdom in the soul interacts with heavenly things. Their constant, harmonious relationship is called conscience. If a spiritual person commits an act in accordance with the Spirit bestowed in the soul, the conscience of man at rest.

Peace in the soul fills the time the meaning of life. This is called us to live in good conscience!

If the people of the Great Race Births, neglect of conscience, and commit sins voluntary and involuntary, their postegaet of unrest, ailments and illnesses.

People Clans of the Great Race, can not lose the Supreme Truth and Wisdom of the Light of the Gods and our ancestors, because it is impossible to lose it, which is associated with the souls and the hearts of our people.

Man on Earth, the gods in heaven. All the foundations we built on the philosophy of mind.

Principles of the Philosophy of the Spirit are based on the creative development of the great race.

RACE — Birth Country Aces Aces. Many people associate the concept of Race to the image of pure, white, immaculate.

Control Power of Soul:

9. Power of the Spirit and Faith — The Spiritual Man.

8. Strength of mind and will — inspired, intelligent man who builds with the Spirit.

7. Power of Soul — soulful. Different from different spiritual level.

6. Power of the Word — The Creative.

5. Bleep — Thinking.

4. Willpower — A strong-willed, free-style.

3. Power of the Mind (intellect) — Smart, Smart.

2. The strength of feeling — Sensitive, Sentimental.

1. Power Instinct — Instinctive (the lowest).

The souls of our ancestors, and our souls have always sought and seek upstairs.

Clans of the Great Race soul operates nine levels.

Christianity has "helped" the souls of the Slavs and Aryans down to 3 and 4 levels of control forces. Who fled from Christianity, was at level 4 — Floor.

Bolsheviks dropped Soul Slavs and Aryans to the 2nd level of the operating forces.

Modern systems, using television, people used psihoritmy color of darkness, and thus lower the person to the level of the Office of the Soul to the lowest type of impact — the instinct. Some transmission is lowered and even lower — to an animal (transfer "Windows"). Animals have a sense of self, and the bad people do not have such a limit.

Shower Types of Beings in the explicit world.

Resident (instinctive) — valid driving force of the three lower levels. Tripartite person living material concerns.

Lyudina — septenary man, there are seven operating forces. He understands the essence of life and death, so people called twice living.

People — being transcendental, is controlled by the eighth and ninth level. Spiritual and immortal.

Undead, unsociable and Bes — it Foreigners and their descendants, are not amenable to spiritual renewal. Reject anything that does not fit their view of life. The social life is politics, business leaders, maniacs, thieves, murderers and their sponsors.

Our Blood — Holy Blood!

For the life of the body — in the blood. For the soul of every creature — is it blood. For the life of all flesh — it's blood.

White Way of Mental and Spiritual Perfection

Only a return to their ancient roots, helps the human soul to return to the White Way. Golden Way, the human soul, begins in Svarga.

And then Life gets in the explicit world. Souls are born in the eternal relationship between the Earth's Waters and Heavenly Fire. From this context, new born pure souls who are going to translate on the ground in the explicit world.

After going 16 Worlds Golden Path, The Soul, with the accumulated wisdom, falls in the highest world of law and ends its existence, becoming light.

Virgin generates Jiva Soul and gives them the Ancient Wisdom. Soul, with wisdom of the ancestors, they fly to the Halls and then get on Earth. Soul for life itself Childbirth elect to be born in childbirth Great. Tend to fall under the Great prizor Vyšna Gods.

Makos great souls of Destiny with the worlds Gods and conscience.

Born in the Reveal the Soul leads to creation and to the spiritual life. Cognition Svarga and Peace of the Earth, for the Soul of man, begins with the wisdom of Roda.

Different people walking on the path — destination. And in different worlds are waiting for the return of their souls.

Race for the Great White Way once it is installed and it only goes on.

Descendants meet their Gods and ancestors.

Indissoluble link between the Worlds, where Light souls given initially. Walking along the White Way, a man of conscience listens, and the ancient gods to instruct.

Births from the elders man learns wisdom that put Lady Soul Jiva.

Souls tend to Gold from birth, but not every soul is the worlds up. And the way this is not simple, it is nice diligence, creativity and faith hardly ancient. Everyone is born begins to co-create their own world by Svarog Laws.

And then, according to the Parent will, begins to co-create it for the benefit of Sorts.

White Way for the Soul to find possible only in labor to build, Good.

Of Manifest, born in the glory world gets, where ancestors of Births him joyfully welcomed. And there he will continue to create creativity, which began to administer in an explicit world ….

Dark Worlds, Sunshine (Crazy Worlds)

The dark forces of the primeval worlds, striving hard to lure to his Soul Sunshine.

— "World Reveal, manifested Originally, the first thing that strikes people is the desire of others, soon, it entails anger and lust."

God Perun son of Svarog and Lada Dazhbog father ….

Sloth, gluttony and desire of others obscures the human mind.

And the man no longer sees the white path of spiritual perfection. He is restless wandering through the world. And it searches in vain, for the cold darkness binds the heart and soul of it. Great confusion and anguish begin to gnaw at the inside of man.

Possessed — Soul lower entities Pekelnogo World, there is no spirit in the soul and conscience. Try falsehood and flattery, anger, gluttony and lust (rough sex drive) to fill the soul of people daily. Strayed to them, and rushed into the darkness, and not tasted White Way cherished.

All dark worlds are not pleasing to the foundations on which all live born in the Light. Do not like them white path of ascent, and jealousy all their eyes dwarfs.

Demons Souls hard and tight in his Pekelnom world where greed and malice legalized everywhere.

There's no love, prosperity, happiness, only greed, but for profit endeavor. Desire of others, deception and debauchery — the only sense Shower Pekelnoy life. They do not know in the world that lives without rancor, that gives out only one creation.

Demons Souls young hid from Wisdom. In idle idleness teach them how to live. To disobey his father's Traditions. And those who heed the messengers of hell, lose their way and immortal soul. Bezputnymi they roam in their world, not knowing yourself and what happens to it. And soul, then they plunge into the hell …

Only those who did not heed the hypocrites from hell, behold White Way that goes into Svarga. Walking in Darkness — dwell in darkness. Looking to the Light — Svarga learn. Every living Your Way chooses his actions, he opens the gate. One, the gates will open at Svarga Velez God, others, the Wii to show the way …. Peclet

Clans of the ancient powers of the Great Race

Only living God's principles, helping in every possible way all the bright gods …

And the soul of man moves in Svarga, White Way, the Laws of Svarog. Go sim By helping them Conscience, it is sent to the accomplishments of the acts for the glory of Births, in the greatness of the Fatherland. And turns away from the affairs of obscene.

All Sorts of ancestors help walking, to not interrupt their tribal thread …

No trail of death hozhi traits for those born under the light Yarily. And therefore, indicates the living White Way, where they find all the ancient powers ….

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