Bataisk to the river Broad throws dead fish

Bataisk to the river Broad throws dead fish.  Photo: from the archives of "KP".What caused the mass death of her remains to be seen.

For a few days in the city to the river Bataisk Broad throws dead fish. The first alarm sounded the locals who live on the street of Kalinin.

— Now the heat, and a lot of swimming in the river — says Svetlana Kalinina Street resident Murzova. — And if in such numbers dying fish, so the river water is something wrong. Of course, we are afraid for their lives, especially the lives and health of our detey.A here that said "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Deputy Head of Aquaculture Rosselkhoznadzor Nina Usatova:

— Yes, indeed, we know that in Bataisk on Broad River fish die, — says Galina. — However, we can take action only when we received an official request from the territorial control of the Azov-Black Sea Rosrybolovstva. As soon as they give us this information, be sure formed commission to arrive on the scene and determine the cause of mass death of fish.


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