Beijing is experiencing an invasion of rats

Beijing is experiencing an invasion of rats

As the correspondent of RIA "Data" in the center of disinfection in the Primorye Territory, the number of rats in the capital of Primorye nondecreasing. Experts speak of the need for continuous rodent.

The situation is complicated by the fact that at present there is no accurate information on the number of rats in the regional center — is now engaged in the destruction of rodents, numerous private companies under contract with the owner or management companies. Keep records of the animals in their duties not included.

This approach gives asset managers the opportunity to talk about what is successful rodent control, and no one complains.

Indeed, as the correspondent of RIA "Data" in the department of sanitation UK Pervorechenskij district of Vladivostok lump rodent control, that is when the rodent poison "point" in concrete homes, held from 19 to 30 of each month.

According to the department, the scope of their service is a little more than 500 houses, and this number excludes the possibility of a continuous rodent.

According to experts, it is a form of pest control is most effective. Its means the simultaneous destruction of rats throughout the city, which precludes their active reproduction.

According to experts, regular meetings with rodent related to the seasonal migration of rats. In warmer months, animals live in the open, in the suburbs they live in the fields and orchards. When cold, the rats move closer to human habitation. Usually the peak activity of rodents in the spring and fall. In the second case, a surge due to the fact that the young spring litters included in the reproduction.

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