Belarus has returned to the state regulation of food prices

Belarus has returned to the state regulation of prices for food. The Government has identified a list of socially important goods that enter the time to 90 days, the price regulation. Thus, the policy of liberalization, which began in the spring with the reduction of such a list, in fact ceased.

The state once again will determine the price of fish, cheese, cereals, sausage, vegetables, fruit. Just new list — 13 positions. Decision covers both the public and private sector.

As these steps are consistent with the policy of liberalization, which talked a lot at the beginning of this year? If the Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur asked this question members of the National Assembly, he replied briefly:

The liberalization — liberalization, and the responsibility — responsibility.

"The liberalization — liberalization, and the responsibility — responsibility."

While critics have mainly on commercial enterprises — they say that it is a mark-up they "wind the" Statement inflated income. With this agrees the Deputy Minister of Trade Alexander Zabello:

"In fact it is not. After the decree number 4 on the liberalization of the head of state, we did an analysis to find out what happened in the market. And it turned out that the growth of trade allowances in Minsk after the liberalization on rations amounted to only 0.4%, non-food items — less than 1%.

Here it is in the former currency instability, and because of it — and in the increased demand of the population. It is clear. But, unfortunately, that this economy. And do not run away from it. "

Government intervention needed to somehow stop the monopoly, said today in a conversation with the "freedom" Chairman of the House of Representatives Galina Polyanskaya:

"Competition policy is we do not. There is still no relevant law, there is no special department. I think that's what the current situation is a big minus. "

Government decree designed for 90 days. But people know from their own experience: there is nothing more stable than temporary. Would not that government regulation cover a greater length of time? — I asked the Galina Polyana:

"I will not say. I doubt that the government will tell. At the moment though we are stored in a different degree courses. And while not all questions will be handled, in my opinion, to say that it will last 90 days and all, you can not. "

They did not make a normal devaluation, which would take the market. Then it would all work — and importers, and the public business, and others.

Administrative interference of the state had to wait, I'm sure an independent economist Sergei Chaly:

"Do not make a normal devaluation, which would take the market. Then it would all work — and importers, and the public business, and others. And therefore have to make that decision.

I'm sure it is — not the last intervention. There will be a lot of administrative bans, permits, appointments spetsimparterav, something else. "

Independent economist predicts a return to deficit. After all, cheap Belarusian products are exported mainly to Russia, to Ukraine, says Mr. Chaly:

"It's the deficit, of course. However, the authorities and try to solve the problem administratively. Assign responsibility for the assortment list. Identify the basic products, specifically — they will decide for us. These products and will be in stores. "

"If the products become cheaper, they will disappear"

What people say about the latest attempt by the authorities to regulate the prices of consumer goods trade representatives and customers? And with some, and with others today on this subject in Minsk Galina Abakunchik talking shops.

Supermarket "Central" — a large food store in the center of Minsk. On the order of the government to regulate prices is familiar, but administration officials say that the pricing system in their enterprise the new directive will have no effect. Says merchandise Elena Zaitseva:

"The fact is that until now there was a certain list of goods for which we have not pinned maximum retail mark-up. For example, the meat we set no higher than 12%, the limit also for sausages — up to 11%, bread — no more than 15%, and many others. "

Reporter"What has changed today? '.

"At the moment everything is as it is, nothing changes. Another thing that increased the price of goods that are imported our suppliers. If, for example, the cost of imported goods was 3000 or 3500, and became 5000, the increase in cost is obvious. And so it is not so hard hit in the pockets of consumers, we have a number of consumer products, such as pasta, do not set the 30% mark-up, and 20%. Of course, this is a little effect on the economy of our enterprise — namely, the size of our earnings was: get. But we are also consumers, we also understand the customers. "

Meanwhile, store buyers believe that the next administrative measures of the government will not lower prices and improve the economic situation in the country. I say to people:

Reporter"The government has begun to control the prices of some food items. Or you catch it at the prices in the shops? . "

Mrs."Yes, I noticed — the prices have doubled. Now bananas child only for a holiday buying — was 5000, and it became 12. We have to count money so considered in the stores. "

Now bananas child only for a holiday buying.

Mr."Prices, of course, be reduced. Goods, products are simply not available. And the fish I did not say that. A salary — Let there be raised. "

Mrs."Nonsense control prices. When it was released, you have to let go and do not have anything to control it. Administrative measures to manage the economy can not be."

Reporter"Have you noticed how the prices change? '.

Mrs."I look at the prices and all in shock — I did not pay enough to eat."

Mr."You can not control the price. If you control the prices, so goods will disappear — the economy can not cheat. "

Reporter"Do you believe that the price decrease?".

Mrs."No.. How many times have we already had that when prices go up, then never zmyanshalisya. Never, razochka this was not! In the same oil — less than he would not be, I'm convinced of it. And from these considerations, plan their spending. "


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