Belarus. Lida: a beautiful city with a beautiful name

These lines of the poet Jaroslav Smelyakov favorite thanks to the film "Operation" Y "and Other Adventures of Shurik" in Lida still popular. Moreover, that there is not only n ereulok Street and South, but also a neighborhood called "Southern town."

The truth, according to local residents, the women named Lida here today a rarity. But the beauty of this second largest city in the Grodno region deficit namesakes NE effect. Lida aura itself evokes comfort, tranquility and well-being. Neat houses with fences, quiet little streets, nice open people — that's the first thing that you notice when they come to this city. And in the center of Lida much light. And a significant role in urban lighting played CJSC "Nipeks."

— Representation of JSC "Nipeks", — says Nikolay Sorochinsky, — appeared in Lead two years ago. Of course, it was not easy to interest managers of public and private enterprises to use the services is our company. And here are largely helped your journal. First, if the magazine well and writes a lot about the company, then it's not the company one-day, so it is a solid and stable company, which operates openly. Second, the director read the «PRO electricity", comparing prices offered by our products and services, as well as the services of others, and to make appropriate conclusions. As the result, JSC "Nipeks" produced equipment on such projects as "Lidskoe beer", JSC "Liplast" CHP Lida locomotive depot, in many residential and commercial buildings. We also participated in the work on the coverage of the main street of Lida — street lighting and Soviet Leeds Castle. In our little town monuments and the castle —
the most significant.

Indeed, even the ancient town of Lida, old buildings here are very small. And the cause of turbulent historical events that took place at the Leeds ground. Lida was founded in 1323, the Grand Duke Gediminas. Since the end of the XIV and XVI centuries before Lida — the grand city of the top five cities in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Lida possessed great princes Keistut, Algirdas, Jogaila, Vytautas, princes passed the town and surrounding villages in the content Voydyle, former Golden Horde Toqtamish Khan, the founder of the Crimean Khanate Ah Giray, later managing elders — J. Ilinich — the builder of Mir Castle, Radzivilov , Radiminskim, Scipio de Campo, etc.

In 1590, Lida received Magdeburg rights and city coat of arms, ceasing to be a grand city. In later centuries, the city was the administrative, judicial, commercial center povet, county, district. In Lida came to court, asking to exchange products, meet at balls and festivities. From 1759 to 1834, the years in secondary school there — public-relations collegium, the graduates of which left a mark in science and literature.

In 1795, the city, mostly Jewish, was incorporated into the Russian Empire. Since the second half of the XIX century, it begins to rapidly develop the industry. This was aided by laying railroad. Lida grew spatially and numerically: there were beer, tobacco, iron foundries, machine, sawmills, pasta, confectionery factories, shops, restaurants and hotels.

In the XX century — the century upheavals — Lida nine times from hand to hand — nine times to change the power and language of the proceedings. Within each of the new government changed the administrative structure, 7 times changed ownership. Years of economic prosperity interrupted by world wars, the results of work destroyed. Four dramatically changed the ethnic composition of the townspeople. Relative stability in the matter brought Soviet and post-Soviet times.

Today, the city has 100,000 inhabitants. Including — 44.2% of Belarusians, Poles, 38.3% and 14% Russian. Industry from 33 companies from various sectors of the economy. And "Nipeks" is trying to work with all, but it all depends on the availability of enterprise resources.

— Our city — continues Nicholas, — developing and definitely becomes more and more beautiful and brighter. However, this rate of development, as they were in Soviet times, is not available. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union we have built a lot of factories. However, some were built and not completed. Such a dozen unfinished typed. The action of the state enterprises of new construction virtually lead. They basically spend reconstruction. For example, we have supplied equipment during the reconstruction of the plant food concentrates on meat. But companies with non-state actively developing. This IP "Beltex Optic", producing binoculars and night vision sights, and ZAO "Liplast" which makes the most diverse range of plastic and plastic products both for Belarus and Russia. It is worth noting and are steadily growing enterprises as JSC "Lidastroykonstruktsiya" (reinforced concrete structures), JSC "Stroyvektor" (construction of houses for the agricultural towns) UChTPP "Stroysnab" (reconstruction of industrial and social facilities), the plant "Optic" (spectacle lenses) , VET "Tehmash" (production of agricultural equipment), OJSC "Lidanefteproduct" (atozapravki) and of CMT-19 (Construction and Assembly Trust). With them, we are also actively cooperating. And as a result of mutually beneficial cooperation achieved a positive effect for the city and the citizens.

By the way, Lida government invented a great way to raise funds for the reconstruction of the castle. Winter inside the castle walls was covered with an ice rink. As a result, rebyatnya and adults with good lighting and with musical accompaniment could have a good time here. Entrance to the rink, that is in the lock, was estimated at 1 000. For people inexpensively, and for the castle ticket office, which can make money unless excursions serious gain. And from an aesthetic point of view of the roller in the castle — a good thing. Once you get used to the winter monuments nobody claimed, covered with snow and piles of construction trash. It is in other places, and at Leeds Castle in winter, like hundreds of years ago, full of life.

Full of life and all over the Leeds area. Intensify its work association "Lidagroprommash" became more intense work for export of "Lidselmash" and association "Lida Beer", introduce new technology and other businesses of the area. The very rapid pace Lida is housing, build new recreation facilities, plans to open a new 4-storey supermarket. And employees Lida branch of JSC "Nipeks" try to participate in all these projects and initiatives for the benefit of his native city.

There is a beautiful legend: the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Gedemin daughter was "beautiful face, with black and thick, like wings raven hair and black as coals, through the eyes." Her name was Lida. And the rich and poor, old and small daughter to the prince loved responsive, kind heart. But the days flew by, followed by the years and it is time to give Lida married. As usual, the future husband of his daughter identified prince. Contender Lidin hand and heart was Prince-neighbor — an old, decrepit, and, of course, terrible. Beautiful girl nomination rejected.
In short, listen Gedemin daughter did not. And in a unspecified time in the castle came gedeminovsky old ladies' man. On this occasion, a banquet "in meats and drinks overseas wonderful." What exactly is consumed with the guest host, history is silent. But obviously not the elixir of youth. After three days of drinking, the bridegroom was fresh and nice, but still went to Lida woo. That seeing boyfriend, climbed Castle tower and rushed down. Gedemin, realizing his mistake, repented and told the name arose around the castle town of Lida.
This — if briefly recount the legend. Moreover, as proved by scientists, it is nothing to do with place names Lida has. The prince Gedemin had 5 daughters, but none of them are not called by that name. Woman's name Lydia (Lida) Greek origin, we only stuck in the nineteenth century, when the city has long stood. The name means "born in Lydia" (now territory of Turkey). According to historians, the name of the district center of Grodno region went from the Baltic word "lidimas" in Belarusian — "lyada" in Russian — "cutting, released from the timber space." It's as corny. But vital.

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