Berlin German Chancellor sought in Russia

"Examination" arranged by geography, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the open class at a school. Pupils discuss migration and marked on the outline map of the city where they were born. Merkel also offered on the map to find the city in which she was born — Hamburg. However, Merkel decided to start with a simpler problem and tried to put on map Berlin. As a result, she pointed to a point on the territory of Russia. When prompted Merkel to navigate.

An example for children, as they say. Well … in Germany still doing quite well in comparison with other European countries. It turns out that there is even more ignorant leaders.

Also interesting comments on this video:

1. From the user MrMamurk

Familiar lives in Germany, they were there for military training. Are the systems to the military by his superiors and hear notation in spirit: "Why are you all so lazy, you have to be in shape, and not the Russian will come tomorrow — and then …". One could not resist: "And we have to, we're here …" — there were about 40 Russian. ))

2. From the user prebijac333

Biћe newer Berlin Ruski hail Pozdrav braћo!

(Serbsk. — Russian city of Berlin again Congratulations, brother!)

3. The most interesting comment by xbuster17, in my opinion, the news could only be because of him. Here it is:

europeans and north americans are ruining the world by choosing these leaders. global stupidity is a theory as valid as global conspiracy. it probably doesn't take too much «illumination» to guide these fools …

(English — Europeans and North Americans are destroying the world, choosing such leaders. Global stupidity — just as the theory is sound, like a global conspiracy. Probably not be as "enlightened" to guide these assholes …)

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