Biologists confirmed the hypothesis unrecognized Nabokov about butterflies

Butterfly genus Polyommatus.  Photo from montclair.eduScientists using DNA analysis confirmed the validity of the hypothesis of the origin of Nabokov's butterflies.

Biologists are using DNA analysis confirmed the validity of the hypothesis of the origin of butterflies proposed writer Vladimir Nabokov. Article scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

Nabokov life attracted butterflies — he studied the morphology and anatomy of insects and headed the department for the study of butterflies at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. Favorite subject of research of the writer were butterflies blues form Polyommatus blues.

Based on the analysis of insect genitalia Nabokov has developed a new classification of the genus Polyommatus, different from the generally accepted. In addition, the writer concluded that P. blues came to the New World from Asia, and in general there were five waves of migration. Contemporaries did not appreciate the idea of Nabokov — despite the fact that he was one of the most famous entomologist of his time, many of his colleagues believed that the writer classifies good parts, but not able to generate new scientific ideas.

The authors of the new work in 1990 examined the conclusion of Nabokov. In particular, the researchers analyzed the DNA of P. blues, caught in America and Europe. Comparing the received sequence specialists built a map of evolutionary relationships blues Old and New World (the more the differences in the genomes of two beings, the sooner their evolutionary branches were separated from each other.) Research results fully confirmed the correctness of Nabokov.

Recently, another group of biologists learned another interesting point in the life of butterflies — Experts have found that female virgins kind Pararge aegeria most of their time in the air, trying to find a partner for mating.

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