Birthright you — Gods

How bad man knows himself! But the only religion in the world, it is a revelation of God.

And to do this you need to engage in self-discovery, self-development work.

An interesting point made me think about why the man is the image of the sun, but it is endowed with animal nature?

Birthright Originally we christened Svarozhich-grandchildren, but the children Dazhdbog.
Generic branch persists for Rod — his image of eternity, Svarog — image of the universe, the universe — Image Dazhdbog (Sun), and we are the children of the sun — hence his image.

The sun set in the middle of the universe, the universe is like a crown for him encircling his head. Sun contains all the chariot in the balance of the world and is very closely associated with it for fear that it was not carried away in the chaotic race.

The man — an animal worthy of respect and adoration. For he is in the divine nature is the place, as if he were a god. I noticed one thing is present in all religions, that person tries to despise that part of nature in itself, which is based on the origin of the earth. That is, the body is considered to be sinful.

And wants to be associated only with the nature of Heaven, the divine origin of his own!
But this is completely contrary to all reasonable manner!

And if it does not understand this relationship, then do not understand their purpose on earth.

People connected with the gods by his essence, and it is associated with the Earth ties of love. This could be responsible for the universal order.

One can easily say that the earth is the middle world for people, where there are one deity and the Beast.

Middle world — between.
Man loves that below it, and we love the fact that above it!

Now feel yourself be who you were born — the gods!

People work the land, gaining speed elements, our pervasive idea descends to the depths of the sea. All accessible to us, the sky does not seem too high and far away, for the speed of thought in a moment we approach it.
Our spiritual eyes are not obscured by haze fog or mist dark evenings, as well as the severity of the land does not prevent our work with her, we cover everything and everywhere, but it remains the same.

There are two kinds of "nutrient" substances for the two parts of a living being, for spiritual body (soul and spirit) and the physical body.

Soul and Spirit "feed" the continuous movement of the universe — which is the movement of fire and air (the air element).

Same physical body are developed by water and land, nutrients lower world.
On poems very pronounced middle world, because that is where they interact manifest! In the U.S.!

Now note:

The spirit and the soul is filled with them all, and all animate, giving a single consciousness.

But only a person in addition to the feeling, and in contrast to animals and plants, granted THINKING.

That is why man can not love nature, which depend on it.
Man is born of two, nature and the nature of Eternal Death, so that made up so DUALITY could contemplate the things of heaven, and at the same time to nurture and guide that is on the earth ..

And this part of the earth are due to science and craft, without which
the world would be perfect, empty. After all, everything in nature works and develops, nothing nothing.

But the path of glory Velez bestow
Velez Prophetic WAYS KEEPER
FOREST Wöhl A TO U.S. walketh!

The natural path — no pace and no parking, but it may be related to the ascent of the quaternions of the Elements. Earth, Water, Fire and Air — are the four possible states of the one who follows his own for sure Path.

Land — the state of hardness, toughness, stubborn, suspicious, stagnation. Nature of the Earth — implies it down, deprives independent movement, conscious direction of search. This is the man in the beginning.

Water — the state of mobility, variability, ready to believe anything and anyone. After overcoming a previous state of rigidity, the finder is often devoid of any support at all. He aims to cover all move simultaneously in all directions to escape, like water into all cracks and depressions, not yet having the ability to move meaningfully and purposefully. Nature of water — not as heavy as the Earth's nature, but still leads down the path of least resistance.

In general, Earth and Water — the female element, not leading, but slaves, and because at that stage the searcher usually need an external mentor is able to indicate the direction and awaken in the Finder will to overcome both external and internal obstacles.

Fire — a state of transition, transformation, resurrection (from Old Russian. "Cres" — "Fire"). The nature of fire — change the essence of matter, change is not only external, but internal. Changes inherent in the elements of water, are more of spatial movement, rather than transformations within. Changes caused by exposure to the elements of fire, turn into something else finder inherently and cut to return to the original state. Nature of Fire — the purposeful movement upwards, forceful way of overcoming all obstacles, both external and internal. Power of Fire transforms the substance into the light, but also in the smoke. Revealing that power in itself, the finder has a choice, which he did not have before: the light around the outside or vice versa dimming — blanket everything in sight. Owning the Power of Fire teaches seeker responsibility not only for themselves but also for others.

Air — condition Vospareniya Spirit, implementation forces in flight. Air force — will be mastered by even a child, but the air vortices can uproot centuries-old oak trees! The air itself — is incorporeal and formless, but there is a form that he could not accept. Air movement — are not aimed only down or only up, but freely and naturally, for the air, himself a male verse, combines both the possibility of purposeful movement, like fire and natural female element …

In the human being: the Earth corresponds to infancy, Water — youth, Fire — maturity, and Air — Wisdom (which, I must say, is measured not so much by the number of years lived as a depth of understanding of Being).

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