Brownie — a good spirit, the keeper of the hearth

Brownie — a good spirit, the keeper of the hearth. One of his ancestors, the founders of the clan or the House.
Scientists call Brownie energy substance house or apartment.
Brownie is everywhere, where people live. He looks for the economy and the order in the house.
Brownie portrayed as an old man, sophisticated. Figurines made of wood, clay, and often with a cup in their hand, to require. Maximum size — yard tall. A minimum — two inches.

Brownie named differently: Grandfather, host or hostess, neighbor (as live alongside humans) Shishok (which means a small increase). Yegor Kuzmich or just Kuzmich — is if Brownie pets, loves to play, fool around, «podkuzmit.» Nafanik, word Nav. Brownie, who lives in the house on from generation to generation, was called by name. Already knew, because talked to him for a few centuries.
Brownie did not like being called the Devil, that is, those who are below the perception.
Christian priests (Fathers Ashes devotees) do not like houses. They go to their homes and apartments and chase Brownies holy water, scaring people, explaining to them that it Demons.
Our ancestors were friends with the home and took care of each other. Was mutual help and mutual support.
Such a relationship with the home were normal prior to the mid-20th century.
The traveler, asking to spend the night, came in, took off his hat and made two bows in the Red corner, and in the master’s corner.

In the red corner stood Idols Births and the Gods. Christians there hung icons.

Master’s corner is the corner of house and home owners, there was put bowl, treats for houses.

Broom in the house and set the threshold so that the houses were easy for him to take (he’s small in stature) to sweep away evil spirits from the house.
Brownie does not eat the food that he put in a bowl, as a person. It takes away from the energy products that it requires, as when leaving the house, he spends energy.
The most high-energy foods considered milk, cream, sour cream. Oil. This and treated houses. For pancakes and oladushek put another bowl. However, the houses can treat everything that you eat yourself.
In addition to the master’s corner Brownie likes to live under the stove.

Stewed flavors of food in it attracted him. This place used to hang curtains in order not to disturb the houses.
The apartments houses also likes to live in the kitchen, in the wardrobe or under the bed, «pet.»
Earlier bedspreads made to the floor or hung valance, also not to disturb the houses.
Saw to it that houses do not flirt. Since he loves children, you can choose one at night confuses his hair (trying to braid cornrows).
If the house falls in love with a girl, do not let her get married. What do you do? Sewn or knitted hat brownie, sweater, socks. Made furniture. And in response to the care and custody of happy homes make a joyful wedding. As the saying goes, «good turn deserves another.»
Brownie loves to sit on the doorstep, so the door is better not to stand.
If Brownie bring to the «white hot», then it becomes, as they say, in Barabashka or Poltergeist. Because in response to concern learn disrespect. Also houses can behave when the house scandals, fights, drinking. Since this is all unnatural, and houses being natural and used to live in the wild. You can not treat alcohol Brownie!
«The Life of Man consider the years and centuries, Brownie.»
If you do not see anything around you, it does not mean that it does not exist.
Our relationship to the houses — this attitude toward the world.
«I wish the others what he wishes for himself.»
«Love your neighbor, if he so deserves.»

According to the lesson Asgardskogo seminary Ingliisticheskoy Old Russian Orthodox Old Believers’ Church Ynglings. Lecturer Pater Dy.

Legend o houses:


In Slavic mythology inferior spirit living in the house. In ancient times, the Eastern Slavs house acted as a guardian of the home, family, and was associated with the cult of the ancestors. Legends and beliefs about Brownie survived to this day in the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian villages. Western and Southern Slavs also have an idea of this being. It is believed that in each house lives a house — the patron of the house, hidden assistant family, so it is respectfully referred to the owner, grandfather, neighbor. He likes to settle in secret places — under the threshold or under the stove, in the attic or closet in the chimney or in the corner of the trunk.

It helps hardworking hosts tirelessly cares for them and is busy. Brownie notices every little thing, likes to have everything in order and ready, it is pleasant offspring of domestic animals and birds, and he does not suffer the expense and angry because of them — in short, inclined to order house, thrifty and prudent. If he is housing the soul, it is the family faithfully. But he was lazy and negligent harm and prevents makes them different dirty tricks: that things are spread out, it will tear clothes or linens soiled, if not interfering with sleep at night, strangling people in dreams and worries. However, to make up with angry brownie is easy: just put things in order in the house to talk to him so gently — very much he is a great lover of a kind word.

If the owners of his «sosedushku» like if they live in harmony with it, you would never want to part with it. Earlier, moving to a new home, people make certain ritual with a view to house and moved with them and continued to help the new place. Brownie «transfer» in a pot with embers in a bag, lured pot of porridge, etc. For example, under the threshold poskrebut, collect garbage in the scoop — and it will fall in the new house, not forgetting with all possible respect to say, «Grandpa house, come home. Come to us live! «Rare man can boast that saw houses. It is much easier to hear the brownie: at night he knocks rustling squeaks and makes different leprosy. Brownie can predict various events, both pleasant and unpleasant, to give appropriate signs: his muffled cries and moans like a sober warning about the dangers, and his gentle and tender voice, like a breeze softly rustling leaves, promises peace and joy. Sometimes at night he stroked his soft paw sleeping, and it is clear that it is for the good.

That’s what the Slavic house — certainly a good spirit, a caring guardian of the hearth, hidden assistant and cheerful mischief.


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