Built-mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

The Spanish defense company EXPAL — one of the world leaders in the field of mortar systems — has developed an integrated system of mortar EIMOS. EIMOS EXPAL — a unique built-in system for mortar mortars caliber 81 mm or 60 mm, based on a light armored vehicle 4×4. EIMOS — next step in the evolution of the mortar is to adapt it to the current conventional weapons technological capabilities to be made in accordance with the latest requirements for mortar support. The combination of the power of 81 millimeter long range or 60-millimeter mortars, with the possibility of auto transport to make the system an indispensable criteria of modern warfare. Automatic guidance and control system simplifies the process of shooting, also allows EIMOS very rapidly determine the firing position. System provides the highest accuracy of fire with the least effort on the part of the staff.

Integrated mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

Expal EIMOS consists of a rotary table on the back porch light 4×4 armored car, on which the mortar caliber of 60 mm or 81 mm, spinning in the vertical and horizontal planes. Mortar is equipped with hydro-pneumatic recoil with the greatest impact in the 300 mm. According to the disk imaging EXPAL, the system reduces the recoil force of more than 90 percent, and allows Expal based on light 4×4 vehicles without modifying the chassis.

Expal EIMOS has a flexible system for automatic guidance and reliable fire control system. Vibration transmitted ton when firing, decreases due to its special construction and optimized brakes, which allows the system to integrate most of the light all-terrain vehicles without significant rework. The system makes automatic adjustments, taking into account the most minor configuration to the car's position, which allows you to open fire immediately after positioning.

Integrated mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

Expal EIMOS may be used in connection with TECHFIRE, fire support information systems for mortar and artillery shells. EXPAL TECHFIRE allows automate ballistic calculations, to get the highest benefit of the latest technology, including a wide range of sensors, GPS, laser telemeters and inertial navigator. This links the forward observer with the commander of the parts that can keep control of up to 16 mortars. This allows EIMOS come to a halt of fire puzzles and move on to another firing position before the meter fire Battery vorachivaetsya.

Expal EIMOS can be used in combination with TECHFIRE EXPAL — a system of information support of the fire, allowing automate ballistic calculations and obtain the highest benefit from the latest technological advances.

Integrated mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

Data on the accuracy of shooting and ballistic corrections are calculated in the automatic mode, which improves firing, reducing the consumption of ammunition and collateral damage.

EIMOS Expal this proven system, which owns the power, versatility and adaptability, necessary to perform the tasks of modern combat. In addition, the system has a reasonable price and ordinary maintenance, as most of its components can be fit into the supply chain constant equipping of the army.

Fighting vehicle, the automobile system Expal EIMOS, can be deployed in a combat position for less than 10 seconds. Fire control system requires only 20 seconds only for the purpose, and 10 seconds for its intended use, and started shooting. Accuracy of fire is the least 2 meters.

60-mm or 81-mm mortar

The firing range
81-mm mortar — 6900 m
60 mm mortar — 4900 m

500 kg (depending on version)

Electric motors (max. 2 kW).
Hydraulic system return (maximum output of 300 mm), sucking out more than 90%.

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