By Vedic knowledge

What is Vedanie? Veda — means Knowledge. Veda — is to know. Soul — Living Fire is burning in the heart of every man. This thread energy every second ties him with Rod-Founder. The purer the soul, the stronger and brighter this Communication. One feels, feels, knows Svetosh Rod being in nature, see this energy in people and in every living, spiritual body. This is the internal knowledge-Vedanie. Righteous — people living in constant chuvstvoVedanii Rod.

People living with this great power in the Heart, there is no need to base their life and outlook on certain tenets of the book and the rules established by someone and religions. Pocono Family — is such soul. He shines in their heart with the light of Truth and Love.
When the man began to deteriorate and degenerate, lose conscience, and wise Magi Masters Pocono Rod was described by simple letters and words in books called the Vedas. This information was brought to the White Race Masters, Eastern nations.

Themselves Rusichi lived Cohn, ie on the inside of the Universal Truth and conscience, so books submitted by the ancient wisdom of our ancestors pre-Christian, Vedic period could not exist.

Purity of thoughts and connection with the soul and spirit inspires Cheloveka.On lives and goes through life feeling Rhode behind. This man knows the wisdom, measuring it is not written by someone else's mind and postulates, but using the library's own soul, which has made a lot of traveling and gained experience, embodied in the different worlds of our vast universe.
Vedichestva way is the Way of Internal Knowledge and Enlightenment, path of self-knowledge, when you find the strength to be responsible for their own own acts, and not to throw off the responsibility to the gods and books written by someone the rules and norms of life.
Way to go Vedichestva-means be responsible for what is happening in the world today. Because Knower Man sees his past, understands the reason why the Rusichi were in such distress, understands and sees its role in this, and address its internal and external forces to correct the situation.
Vedichestva way — it is a constant struggle with his own ego. Winning a ignorance, chilling like chains Soul, released her and s putstrastey and ascended to the throne of the gods! Such a soul winning illusion of life and the material world, illuminated by an inner light, finds the key to the secret Tablets within himself and becomes sighted and responsible.
In real life, such a person to quickly distinguish falsehood from the truth and can see the inner essence of the different processes and the faces of the people, their soul.

What you need to make and commit here and now to hear your own soul and go through Vedichestva?
First, ego-destroying. Resentment, anger, hatred, refusal to acknowledge his own wrong, exalting himself above the others — are all different facets of the sore ego.
Destruction of animals (meat-eating), for saturation own flesh — is the way smerd and created the beginning. The very thought of dismembering screaming in pain lamb is loathsome to God's children. Not to mention eating the flesh of these unfortunate creatures whose evolution and help their souls takes every followeth Vedichestva. In the resulting context, it is worth noting that the creature — it is inhuman creatures related to the lowest astral and material worlds pekelnym. Thanks demonic substances that enter into the dirt of humanity, passion and adultery, mocking ways of chastity and virginity, our world is now implemented a large number of creatures that have managed to incarnate in human bodies. Some earthly creatures like rats living in the dump. They feed mertvyachinoy, love glee and collect astral debris. They eat them. Now earthly humanity is almost completely under the thumb of creatures and oskotinivshis behaves accordingly, constantly feeding a lot of a lot of demonichekih areas on the ground and in space have long been turned into one big galactic trash.

Degeneration started with oblivion essentially Pocono, renunciation of love and focus on your own ego and material wealth. A consequence of this, the man began to lose their divine capabilities and identify yourself with the body, not the soul. Lost knowledge and Vedic way of life, was replaced by Pagan (suspended), ie — began to worship the gods, not the glory of them, forgetting that He is God. Hence, one of the first steps may be an appeal to the ancient Vedic sources that were given to the Eastern peoples, our teachers and the wise men. They tell about ancient civilizations, but the main thing for followeth Vedaniya-states of the moral foundations and principles of Yama-Niyama (code of ethics to help us become a man again.) Ie — start with prompts. It is worth noting that in the context of the Vedas, it says only about the ancient Vedic writings, and not the "Vedas" are now bred in order to divert the awakening of the Slavs from the Main-Rod from the Creator, who is in the nature surrounding us and in our hearts. If you remove the wrapper beautiful outlooks and colorful stories of our past of the "Vedas", even with the naked eye, we see another dogmatism — new "commandments" that TN "wise men" is usually interpreted to their own way, rather than address inward, to the library's own soul, for all the necessary information, which will be removed to the extent of awareness and spiritual purity.
Knower, All-Knowing seeker begins to see their past lives and life between incarnations — Newerth. Much becomes clear. Immersion is inward, past lives look like yesterday. A gradual awakening Generic Memory and Soul. But this is possible only if the Going way to get rid of the complex herd dogmatism, not to limit their perception of the world by some book and a historical look at the past, because his mind and the mind simply can not miss the new information and knowledge.
If the ego is not suppressed, remember past lives and work seriously with the memory of the Soul is not possible. Because it is in the past, we were different people. And quite often "not good." Could make very terrible acts and deeds. Experienced pain, suffering, and death. Consciousness is not everyone is able to re-live and endure. Therefore, the destruction of the ego that feels almost the best in the land, you just need to reaching and trying to take the path Vedichestva!

Go ahead — spiritual development in the pit of society is almost impossible. Reigns schadenfreude, hatred, ignorance, and a range of the lowest astral energies and passions. Therefore, the need to return to the bosom of Human Nature. In the natural and harmonious living conditions of every normal person. The transition may be gradual. Recommended reading the article "The Place of the strength of each of us," which refers to the first steps of finding a place that becomes our personal place of power and an assistant on the path of ascension. The next step will be a full migration to the earth and life on it, in his own house and divine space, which will also need to create and restore. Provided that you are willing to go through Vedichestva and draw knowledge and information from the depths of your own library, all these steps are complete with a stubborn persistence, probably not without trials, but in joy, because Vedichestva Way is a road to the throne of the gods when you yourself feel their mighty power, no evil is not terrible!

Good luck to us all! Glory to our gods!
Glory Rod!

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