Comet Elenin has collapsed


Legendary celestial body C/2010 X1 (Elenin) we will not see October 16, as promised by astronomers.

Comet Elenin, which has become a legend, collapsed, and not delivering on its tail aliens. And so many of us hoped for. Her untimely death he predicted the discoverer of this celestial body — C/2010 X1 (Elenin) — an astronomer at the Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh Leonid Elenin. In an interview, he said:

— There is a probability of failure of a comet. After all, it's small, came close to the sun, so the gravitational influence of light and solar radiation are doing their work of destruction. And since 20 August shine my comet began to fall, not rise, as it should be at the approach to the Earth. The remains of the comet's nucleus, which we used to see as a bright bunch, now no longer visible. He apparently broke into a cloud of small fragments. And by October 16 the comet at all can turn to dust.

The fact that it was on October 16 the comet had come up to a distance of 35 million kilometers or 0.23 astronomical units. It is more than 90 times farther from Earth than the Moon. But close enough to see it with the naked eye. And now such a sight is not going to happen.

According to Elenin, today he found the comet on images space solar observatory SOHO. Then she fell apart. And in October, you will see only the debris, and then the powerful telescopes.

Recall that this celestial object was to be the vehicle for movement of aliens in the universe with the landing on the "Earth Station" September 10, 2011. With such a sensational statement, who raised a lot of noise on the web in May 2011, the Director of Center for Astronomical Research in the province of Misiones (Argentina) Sergio Tuscany. Arguments in favor of the visit, the brothers soon based on reason it around the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), because in her pictures, he clearly saw that her fly two cylinders.

— These cylinders and there are spaceships, aliens run — explained to journalists the Argentine edition Contexto Toscano. — They are hiding behind the comet to ensure that we did not find them ahead of time. In addition, it serves as a shield them from asteroids. Or comet itself — is part of the giant ship, which consists of two sections. It aliens travel the expanse of space, visiting different planets.

But it was a misconception or a strange fantasy. Told us Leonid Elenin, "any real astronomer knows as" cylinders "appear."

— It's just the stars that smeared during the exposure — rightly resented it — as in the photographs are smeared in the glowing lights of the strip lights from moving vehicles. The comet is moving, so if we follow her telescope, the stars themselves have smeared in such touches. If we had followed the fixed stars, the "spread" to the comet. Toscano decided that "cylinders" are flying. It is ridiculous.

But now there is not a comet, or a funny fantasy Argentine troublemaker.

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