Control, prohibition, warning

The Company with the Trustee of the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk at Brest Sergey Vakulenko, who conducted an information picket in the center of the city, the police demanded documents and permission to hold the event. Picket policemen stopped. Sergey Vakulenko asked the prosecutor, the regional police:

"Near the Central Market patrol outfit consisting of three policemen demanded from me the documents that would allow a picket. Policemen asked to explain the basis on which we distribute campaign materials for Yaroslav Romanchuk. Turns out that the police did not have permission from the administration of the city of Brest lead distribution of campaign materials in accessible the ground. "

Sergey Vakulenko appealed to the leadership of the police with the request to instruct the police patrol.

The most unpleasant moments during the campaign charged in Brest headquarters of Vital Rymasheuski. The regional newspaper "Dawn" has refused to publish the program in the form in which it has brought to the Editor Dmitry Shurhay, agent of a candidate.

Only after, as the text was an agreement with the editor of the newspaper published the program. Another edition, this time television "Bug-TV", has refused to accept advertising from a trustee for a meeting with the candidate in Brest:

"The girl who takes the ads in the version told me that there is a place to live and signed a contract with me. But the next day when I went to the TV studio, I was informed that it appears ad unit is already full."

Among other things, the territorial commission the Leninsky district of Brest Dmitry Shurhayu issued a verbal warning for the distribution of information leaflets:

"I, as a trustee of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski issued a verbal warning for posting campaign materials in unauthorized places. According to the Commission, flyers were posted on the construction fence in the city center, which is forbidden."

Human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin notes that the current election campaign has a number of features. For example, it is noteworthy that nowhere campaign posters acting head of state and presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko:

"Everywhere hang posters of presidential candidates. Brest But I have not seen anywhere else or a poster in support of the incumbent head of state. Nevertheless anywhere in the state media, we see this particular person. "

On Vladimir Velichkina, during meetings with presidential candidates in Brest voters found many provocateurs seeking to change the course of the meeting, to confuse the candidates.

During the meeting, the presidential candidates Dmitry Uss and Statkevich unknown persons asked provocative questions, videotaped the meeting. At the same time they were filming the empty chair.

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