Cultural archeology Merya Myth

Mailman mam. Mother of the Universe. Andrew Meryanin.

Myth as a cultural phenomenon is mysterious and enigmatic. On the one hand, it projects the archaic foundations of human culture, as its primary source, but on the other — it is addressed to the fact that we define ourselves in ourselves as a beginning. Without this, the beginning of modern man living in the era of information technology and postindustrial landscape, experiencing a sense of inner discomfort.
Urbanized life makes a person feel emotions that affect the mystery of its origin and existence. Appeal to non-technological forms of culture, put us in a situation his true feelings and true existence, causing a sense of belonging to the land and the ancestors.

Modern information culture levels symbolic images, replacing the symbol on the sign that leads to a situation where, in the words of the famous philosopher Jean Baudrillard, information is becoming more and sense in it less and less. For these reasons, a myth for the modern man — a return to the original source of the living sense: simple, yet mysterious, often perceived as a phenomenon is fantastic. But that does not make it less real.

Russian thinker AF Losev in his book, "The Dialectics of Myth" described the idea of myth as a particular form of culture, and as a new reality, the supreme reality of human existence.

The reality of the myth in the match, which in its ideal expression can be identified, that is, to give the image on which the person or society can recognize themselves.

Kudmaizen mam. Mother Moon. Andrew Meryanin

Myth is the archetype, the original way to reflect all the ordered and disordered, and in man, and in culture. Myth — that cultural identity and self-identification, without it we can not talk about the uniqueness of each culture, global or regional, at any stage of its historical development.

Possible in terms of the regional culture of the Upper Volga talk about special Merya myth? Does he have his quality condition, "Merya" and if so, what is it?

In our view, the logic of regional Merya culture should be concluded in the successful translation of diverse historical forms of the region. Merya identity — is integration of ancient myths in the area of contemporary culture.

New myth with their irrational components, with their "sacred" to affect the most mysterious in the nature of modern man — his sense of belonging and a sense of traditional forms and the relationship with the world of the ancestors. Archaic and modern while trying to become the myth of reconstruction Merya ownership.

An example of myth of our time can serve as a reconstruction of the image of our mythology through art, the formation of the sacred space of the earth through the rituals and the awakening power points.

Art and video art, architectural objects, design, mystery, music and info mesedzhi create a living present situation, in which the ancestors of the visible appeal to the viewer. All this as the water fills the living source of human existence, which is so rarely alone that can bring him back to himself. Merya myth give the feeling of a deep connection with the past and the future.

The symbolic construction of future reality, and that way we can determine our myth, will be deployed in the direction of cultural archeology.

Cultural archeology Merya myth remove distinction scientific and non-scientific, myth is broader and deeper than any attempt to research locations. From this and condition Merya myth must be seen in the context of regional cultural identity. In that case we will reach a level of mythology itself and its specific features that will keep the whole show and the originality and uniqueness of our region.

Merya myth is waiting for re-enactors and demonstrators, it appeals to you, philosophers, ethnographers, historians, writers and artists!


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