Cursed Island

In Kenya, Lake Rudolf, is an island Envaitenet, in the language of the local tribe elmolo means "irrevocable." Just a few kilometers in length and the same in width. Local people do not settle on it, considering the "accursed place."

In 1935, Kenya's expedition of British explorer Vivian Fusch. Two of his colleagues — Martin Sheflis and Bill Dyson — went on a mysterious island. It has been 15 days, and scientists do not come back. Worried Fuchs sent there lifeguards. They found no trace of their comrades — a deserted village natives. The island looked absolutely empty. Was caused by a plane that flew over the island for two days. However, no one found it was not possible.

Local residents told Fushu tradition that once people settled on the island, fished, hunted, traded their goods with relatives who live on the mainland. However, over time they ceased to appear on the shore. Then from the coastal village Loinglani in "intelligence" sent a raft. Arriving on the island dumbfounded: they expect a completely empty village with huts, within which lay things in an extinct fire decomposed fish … Where have people gone? The messengers are likely to leave the island, not wanting to tempt fate. Since there is not no one ventured to go, except the birds.

Mysterious disappearances, according to such stories, often occur in front of witnesses. August 23, 1915 near Constantinople preparing for combat troops allegedly saw the appearance and then disappear in a strange thick "clouds" a regiment of the enemy. A similar incident occurred in October 1943. According to the famous American researcher of anomalous phenomena Charles Berlitz, the U.S. Navy conducted an experiment in which the dock disappeared from Philadelphia warship, and moments later appeared in the dock in the Norfolk-Newport area of Portsmouth. This is a distance of several hundred miles. The ship then disappeared again and then returned to Philadelphia. The team, who was all the time on board the ship, unable to help investigate it: half of sailors and officers are mad, others were found dead. This mysterious incident allegedly took place in fact, was the basis for the film "The Secret Experiment". What was it — a mass hallucination or something else?

American weekly "History of Sientist" describes the case when 30 years iyulya1960 in Picton, Ontario, in the presence of relatives and neighbors disappeared 13-year old boy, and a few days later was found at the same location.

Alan Hynek, the famous astronomer and UFO researcher, has published a collection of similar cases of "disappearances and abductions," calling them "private contacts with third nature." Many of these cases are carefully documented. How, for example, the story of the disappearance of Betty and Bernie Hill residents Whitefield (New Hampshire). In sentyabre1961, they were driving home from vacation, when he saw were moving erratically across the sky two bright ball of light, as if to follow their car. Over time, these balls navidalisya of all miracles, Bernie and Betty suddenly fell into poludremu. Recovering himself, they realized that it took two days, and they are a hundred miles from the place where we stayed. Then they remembered that he had been in some kind of "ship", where a lot of light and "extraterrestrial beings" enmeshed their "rays, tentacles," if they wanted to educate through.

Such "sensation" appear in the Russian press. It was reported, for example, about how a resident of Perm Olga Volkova repeatedly abducted victuals being "scanned her brain", tried to implant under the skin of a certain device, but she resisted and ran away. Five-year twins Sonya and Tanya Komarova from Saratov allegedly disappeared from the room and kindergarten suddenly appeared there in three and a half hours, when the legs already been raised by the police. Girls do not remember, but when they began to question bias, reported that "in the ceiling spun honey and eaten." Everything was blamed on "space power." And Oksana Nerazova from Moscow went to the store and woke up three days later, a hundred miles from home. And he also told reporters a lot of details about his amazing communication with some strange creatures, "clearly extraterrestrial origin."

"Exploring the abnormal phenomena, it is important to maintain a critical attitude to this kind of information and carefully checked, — the doctor of technical sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Medical Sciences, Moscow State University Professor Rudolf Nesmelov. — I knew a woman who told me about his communication with "Brothers in Mind", which stole it right out of bed, how she, subject to "the call", was 15 kilometers of forest dirt … And then, they say, come home — and shoes clean! doubt the veracity of these feelings she had encountered. And this is necessary to clarify the truth. Generally, the analysis of phenomena appears that the "bright spots of light in the sky" — this atmospheric phenomenon, or the lights of an airplane. "glowing balls" in the evening are the planets — such as , Saturn and Jupiter is often seen with the naked eye, and if you go by car, it seems that the planet is moving parallel to you. This is what happened with Bernie and Betty Hill. Usually, people who believe they saw a UFO, and even visit their board, can not distinguish from a traffic flying plane. A creature with bald heads and tentacles, change their size and "scan" their bodies, as it turns out a careful examination, — a kind of mystical visions, or sensations, based on the strong psychological biases. "

However, this does not mean that miracles are impossible: they often just have a clear scientific explanation. For example, scientists at the Biophysical Institute of Oncology Center at the Ministry of Health give it a very interesting experiments in quantum teleportation — instantaneous transfer of information on the biological object at any distance. So far, the object are laboratory mice, but the results already suggest: that the predicted one hundred years ago, Albert Einstein, and then many times toyed with fiction, it's possible. All this, though, and so far almost unattainable, the laws of physics does not contradict.

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