Day in a coma erased all my life


Gillian Ferguson looked in the mirror and I could not understand what a woman looks at her. After spending all day without consciousness, Gillian had forgotten all his past life, and even herself. Daughter and her husband became her absolute strangers, and from the memories of the previous 40 years, no trace remains.

The story began in February 2007. Gillian was at home when he suddenly felt ill. The woman was immediately sent to hospital, and a day later when she woke up, she could not remember anything from his previous life, and even who she is. "In just a day, I lost all the memories that have accumulated in my life" — says Gillian. The woman, who is now 43 years old, did not know what school she went to have forgotten his own wedding in 1989, her husband Neville, and even the fact that 14 years ago gave birth to a daughter, Rebecca. As for doctors, they have not had a single guess what happened to their patient. They could only imagine what she went through some kind of a rare form of stroke.

Since no other consequences of impact Gillian was not observed, only a couple of days a woman to go home, which was completely alien to her place. "When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked. Woman in the reflection was completely unfamiliar to me. For me it was very strange to know that I am a wife and mother," — says Gillian.

After leaving the hospital walls, the woman was at the very beginning of the road for the attainment of your own self. With the help of family and friends she would be like a mosaic, to gather all the pieces of their lives. "I felt very uncomfortable in your own home. Everything in it was completely alien. I came into the bathroom and saw there toothbrushes, but did not know which one is mine. Everything was absolutely new. I had to re-learn their own husband and daughter . and Rebecca first time, it was especially hard to communicate. They were strangers to me, with whom I had nothing in common, no shared memories. It was incredibly difficult, "- says the woman.
It soon became clear that attempts to return the memory to nothing lead, and Gillian decided that she would have to re-learn your life, asking forgotten friends and relatives and studying photo albums: "I have a huge folder full of memories. There The stored photos of school days, drawings daughter, her school reports. " The most unusual experience for Jillian was meeting with his own sister, who organized Neville: "It was really weird. I do not feel it, it was for me one more neznakomtsem.Seychas we talk a lot on the phone and then became really close. My sister told me that I'm a big fan of ABBA, the house is really a lot of CDs with their songs, but now they absolutely do not like me. "

To somehow help Gillian adapt husband and daughter decided to take her to the places that they once visited as a family to get new memories. "I'm going to go through all the happy moments again, to share the joys trip with her husband and their daughter, who still re-learn" — says Gillian. No one knows whether the woman will return memory, so she says she is going to get so many good memories, so that they were able to replace the ones she may have permanently lost.

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