Dental Implants — overcoming the effects of sports injuries

Dental Implants - overcoming the effects of sports injuries

Based on the statistics of South American Society for the Prevention of sports injuries, dental injuries are more vserasprostranennym type of injury acquired in sports. In school-aged subject it to at least one of 3 male babies and one of 4 ladies. The risk of injury is obvious jaw in such kinds of sports activities like boxing and hockey, but it is also quite extensive vserasprostraneno in basketball, volleyball, baseball and football. Previously, this number is quite severe discrepancies, because there was neither a means to protect the oral cavity. Which is why half of the athletes involved in these kinds of sports, was constantly exposed to injury of the oral cavity. In 1962 dentists have found a effective solution to the problem — the introduction of dental cap, which greatly improved the value of pessimistic statistics. And later, thanks to the development of dentistry as well, namely, implantology, the situation has changed and Prof. athletes a chance to smile from ear to ear without shame or fear, is looking for a different jaw injuries.

Now in the arsenal of a good dental clinic profile for overcoming problems of the oral cavity are used following types of assistance: therapeutic, orthopedic and dental surgery, prosthetics and implantation teeth. Before the development of measures for the healing of disease or any other used X-ray examination, which helps to clearly identify prepyadstviya. Specifically, such methods are qualified experts at dental office clinic, "the first Doctor." The increased attention paid staff medical institutions unchanging tracking the development of this field of medicine and use only modern methods, tools and equipment. And their merits in implantology require separate consideration.

Dental clinic "First Doctor" offers installation of implants of the highest properties of MIS produced by Israel or the Swedish company Nobel in just 10-15 minutes. Specialists agencies advise clients to conduct simultaneous and rapid implantation. Unlike the traditional way of the implantation procedure is that implantation of the implant into the gingiva occurs only once, immediately after this patient may be asked to set a temporary crown. Traditional implantation teeth done for 3-4 hours and, of course, is more expensive, so you will have to pay for the extra time you spent on doctors.

The price of this procedure in the dental office clinic "first Doctor" is 10-25 thousand rubles. This low value is explained using an effective tool — economies of scale, in other words implement the bulk purchase of these devices from manufacturers. In addition, there are discounts and additional services for those who choose to install more than 6 implants immediately.

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