Depths of the earth are full of mysteries and secrets

"Traces of these should be clearly visible on fields planted with cereals, and in other places of cultural land use. Therefore detections of concentric circles or other strange shapes on the surface of the soil with grass or lodging without them should be fixed most rigorously, in detail, including photographed from an airplane, and transmit reports to me for further analysis!.

This excerpt from a letter dated August 1927, resulting in his essay Petersburger Solomon Naffert. The writer — a famous geologist, since before the Revolution a corresponding member of several foreign academies of science, Professor Michael Buranchuk. The man who was supposed to entrust the leadership of scientific support of one of the biggest projects of the time — the creation of the Moscow Metro.

But the professor is not only not inspired a great idea, did not feel gratitude for the trust, but, on the contrary, it did everything to stop a deal, but it would be better to cancel altogether.

"The depths of the earth is full of mysteries and secrets, and it is these puzzles and mysteries, of which humanity is better to remain in the dark," — he continued in the letter. Entitled "The true inhabitants of the Earth," it was sent to a professor in a variety of instances — to party headquarters, in the wording of academic journals, national newspapers, the Directorate of zoos, in the observatory in advanced selhozkommuny. Received a letter and individuals — writers, physics, zoology, composers and percussionists of Socialist Labor, the police, the shepherds.

At twenty pages of typewritten text to present their own theory of Professor Buranchuka the origin of life on Earth and, most importantly, its current position. "Life, — he wrote — there was not in the Archean era oceans, no, her birthplace — the hot interior of the Earth. Energy is raging there, unleashes Nature to the most unimaginable experiments. Life was born in the depths of the planet, and in the depths as it remains. Here, on the surface, a hallway, or, better said, settlements, desperate backwater realm of shadows, and the real life boils down there, boils and in the literal and figurative sense.

Crown of evolution — if evolution is generally the case in reality, not in the mind of Mr. Darwin, — is not a man, not mammals, not even protein-existent. There, in the depths of the Earth, in the oceans of magma, superior surface okeanishki volumes thousands of times, and energy — in the billions, long before there were other pathetic amoeba a role in the molecular structure of carbon creations interior play silicon and germanium.

The temperatures at which the "king of nature" would be instantly incinerated, evaporated, for beings magma oceans simultaneously and comfortable environment and a source of energy necessary for their existence. Residents of the surface to its being directly or indirectly obliged sun energy which gets the crumbs of our planet. Just think, the temperature in the hottest parts of the surface of the Earth is less than a hundred degrees even fifty — a rarity, an event, a deviation from the norm.

There, in the seas and oceans of magma, the services of the lives of hundreds and thousands of degrees. Underground creatures have the strength that it is difficult to imagine and. Dozens, maybe hundreds of cars of explosives — that's the power that can spend as appropriate magma being Depths "

At first academic journals respectfully objected professor first, no trace of the magma is no life, and therefore, no basis for the materialist hypothesis, and secondly, at high temperatures, a lot of pressure and density of the surrounding matter nothing can blossom or survive.

Professor Buranchuk hit opponents: "This reasoning water striders, which slide along the surface of the pond and find that one surface and is suitable for life. Indeed, one can live under water if its density is thousands of times greater than the density of air? How can it move if the viscosity of water is incomparably greater than the viscosity of air? A pressure? At a depth of a mile, it stomps pitiful underwater boats that people in ignorance and arrogance sends down.

Pond skater is a mile away and can not even imagine. Runs on the surface in blissful ignorance, while minnow or all fish would stop her vodomerochyu life. Open your eyes and look closely at the rocks that are in the process of respiration of the Earth for billions of years up to unreachable depths to the surface and froze. You will see this creature, is only to remove the blinders from the eyes — and with reason.

Them, these creatures can be found in the active state. Sometimes they rise to the surface of the Earth and even fly through the air. Perhaps this phenomenon as it related to their life cycle. Ant life crawling or sitting under the earth, and the mating ritual is in flight.

Turtle swimming in the ocean for years, but lays eggs on land. That magma monster periodically pop up and float in the atmosphere. Of course, any moves in the land for themselves, they do not leave, do not leave as strokes fish floating in the water. Just chop, ripple, ripple, so that we can see. If Magmatic Thing (hereinafter professor began to use capital letters. — Comm.'s) Emerge in the middle of a wheat field, it is likely that the stalks of wheat from the shock and the effects of temperature change its form, the field rasplyvutsya circles.

Although Magmatic Creatures and take precautions, of course, not out of pity for the residents surface, but just not to spend precious energy in its poor atmosphere. They use special cocoons, as we put on coats, hats and boots in the cold.

And if anyone had seen flying luminous objects, and in the fields was a circle of wheat were pushed down, the position thus confirms my theory. But what if Magmatic creature crosses the subway? Disaster in 1903 in London was just a consequence of such an event brings down the house gratuitously — another manifestation of active magmatic Beings. Fortunately, though, instinct or reason, cities they prefer open space of fields. "

Professor fate was sealed. Letters milkmaids and police reached the destination. Fatigue, leading to insanity, the competent authorities have decided to Professor suspended from work and rid retired, no longer taken seriously. It is possible that only this Buranchuk wanted. There are times when a fool to be a lot more profitable than clever — Shakhty case, the trial of the Industrial Party, the mass exposure of massive pest illustration.

And the construction of the underground went very, very difficult, constantly frustrated terms, grew an estimated cost of the work, there were the most bizarre accident … But the professor lived quietly retired nights sleep, and days wandering around Moscow zagovarivaya with strangers for the most innocuous areas.

However, soon in order to save, perhaps, for other reasons, he moved from the capital to the provincial town of Libnah to his sister, where he immediately became a local landmark: crazy academician (province is prone to exaggeration). Tactics — to be seen, but to not take seriously — performed brilliantly. Then came the move to place even more provincial — Selco Kostenki Voronezh.

New messages professor (though he wrote them a pen now and send a much smaller number of recipients) were now humanity. And it is, in the opinion Buranchuka, got out of the earth as its other inhabitants. Cradle of Humankind (and bears, lions, bats, and other of our brothers and sisters, smaller and larger) were caves, which are found in Kostenki hard evidence.

Life in the caves was not primitive. The presence of rock art indicates a high creative potential. A bone, fragments of dishes … These caves, believed Buranchuk were for picnics, outings tourists. Or, perhaps, was a place of exile, where the underground cities of miraculous sent offenders. Hence the legend of the expulsion from paradise. What were (and most likely, is to this day), the ancient underground cities is unknown. Those caves that people can explore the surface — a tiny fraction, and natural and man-made underground spaces.

Obviously, most of them close to humans. It may be that people own underground art movement in the bowels of the planet. It seems incredible, but for some of the wild tribes seem incredible and the ability to swim in the water, so incredible that they immediately killed swimmer addition possessed by evil spirits.

They say that in remote monasteries of China, Tibet, the monks there have attained the highest degree of enlightenment and can not just walk — run under the ground at a speed not available to every ground runner. Professor sometimes stayed the night in a cave, ready to fire low-brow food, sleep, wrapping in a bearskin, bought on the occasion of a local hunter Nafferta school teacher, is also a lover of archeology.

That Naffert professor told tales about Bazhova where underground inhabitants Urals necessarily accompany lizards and other reptiles. Reptiles living together with people under the ground, and are described in the Scandinavian epics, and Korean, and even many of the tribes of the New World — Naffert was a walking encyclopedia of various myths and legends. Since the summer, during the holidays, they are often seen together.

And the letters they wrote together now: one crazy academic, the other — a teacher, I make more than hunting, but do not drop out of school, with its penny earnings. Two boots pair — on the concepts of local inhabitants. In the letters they called to make in Kostenki most thorough excavations, arguing that what is already signs of human activity at least fifty thousand years. The professor did not abandon hope to find traces of Igneous Beings.

He collected in quarries clasts exotic forms, saying that, perhaps, they lurk frozen simplest Magmatic Being. These fragments of it were brought to their purchased cheaply hut, intending to eventually create a museum. Examining Kamennaya idols, he claimed that some of them, if not all, definitely frozen Magmatic Being.

Professor built balloon — balloon original design — "to watch over the fields to detect traces of Igneous beings." In the cart was installed portable device for continuous heating of air, so the flight could last much longer than conventional balloons. In a test flight professor took the camera and telescope.

In the eyes of the peasants balloon rose into the air and a few hours floating in the sky. But after landing the professor was very strictly brought home without permission can not fly even a madman, and the ball with the camera and the telescope was confiscated. True, the professor dropped the plate shot at a special pre-parachute in an impact-resistant container, later managed to find them, and to show, in his words, "very definitely detect traces ascent Igneous beings."

Professor Buranchuka last seen together with the teacher Naffertom — they both went down into the cave called "White Light", one of the recently discovered in Divnogorie. Two days later, when they returned, were sent in search of rescue squad arrived by special train from Moscow. Professor sought with particular zeal, because their seditious flight on the ball it attracted attention of the bodies responsible for the security of the state.

The search was carried out for several days. The professor and the teacher "vanished into thin air," which was recorded in a report to the fellow Vareikis, a senior person in Voronezh. It was decided that the poor dreamers lost in the many branches of the cave and starved to death. A very strange story has not found its continuation …

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