Disturbed mummy princess Kadyn for twenty years is a PE

Princess Kadyn

According to the Altai shamans disturbed mummy "princess Kadyn" for twenty years is a state of emergency, civil unrest and natural disasters.
Princess Kadyn — the legendary ancestor of the Altai naroda.Plato Ukok — the most beautiful and mysterious place Altai mountains. It has long attracted the attention of archaeologists, who were looking for parking there Scythian, burial and stone altars nomadic civilization.
And the summer of 1993 specialists of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences began excavation of the mound, which is located in the basin of the Ak-Alakha.
Removing the mound with permafrost, scientists discovered an ancient predatory hole that led to the rich Scythian burial. In the "other world" was accompanied by "essentials": three horses, iron knives and pottery utensils.

Archaeologists have carefully removed the contents of the tomb, untouched by looters, and suddenly under the first burial was the second.
There they waited for a sensation: under the floor were the remains of six horses in rich harness, and under them in the sarcophagus of the mummy lay woman of European appearance, not typical of the local residents.
When told about the discovery of the press, Altai claimed that the woman is the parent of the Altai people — the legendary "princess Kadyn."
Both graves were built at the same time — about IV-III centuries. BC And the first is saved from plunder the second, which was a far cry for the device. It was a larch house, imitating the whole house filled with ice. Inside was a long-deck sarcophagus with gable cover in the form of boats, carved in solid larch. On all sides were her leather applications, depicting deer.
Scientists amazed amount of work that had to perform the ancient builders. They needed some way to deliver to the paramo Ukok huge logs, digging in frozen ground big hole. Yes, make an unusual tomb, although noble Scythians while buried in a huge wooden bed as the upper burial. Even in our time to do it all is not easy.
The deck on the right side, head to the east, and his face to the north, on a bed of dark felt lay a young woman, about 25 years. Top of her harboring fur bedspread with embroidered ornaments of gold foil. Mummy's head was on a felt pad.
The woman was dressed in a long, knee-length silk shirt, a brownish-yellow color of the wild silkworm threads, all seams and neck and sleeve edges trimmed with red woolen cords.
At the time, even noble Scythian horseman, buried at Ukok had no shirts: they dressed in coats the skin. In addition, the mummy was a long woolen skirt, made of three horizontal panels wide — two red and one white. The skirt were sewn bronze pendants and belt of woven red wool cord.
On his feet were long mummy, above the knee, stockings of white felt, topped with red felt applique. Apparently, the red color in the decoration and some details of clothing had protective value: Protects against evil spirits.
Female's neck with wood Hryvnia with an attached wooden pendants in the form of leopards, covered with gold foil. Images of these animals had to defend one of the weaknesses of man — his neck. Ears decorated with gold earrings, and little fingers — colored woolen yarn.
In a felt bag ("purse") next to a woman was a bronze mirror in a wooden frame with a cut on her deer, horse hair brush, glass Indian beads of various colors, human molar and scattered blue powder. This was vivianite — cheap dye, which became known in Europe only in the nineteenth century.
On the body of the mummy visible tattoos sacred zhivotnyh.Bolshe the academia struck beautifully preserved embalmed body of a young woman who looked as if alive. After the excavations were not in Egypt, India and Tibet, where the practice embalming, and the inaccessible mountainous Altai plateau.
It turned out that after the death of the mummies were removed from the brain, internal organs, ribs and sternum, and the skull and abdomen filled with a substance such as peat, sheep wool, horse hair, roots, sand and clay.
On the body, which was covered with oil and resins with the addition of mercury is clearly visible blue tattoo, completely covering both arms woman. On the left shoulder shows a fantastic animal: by type of deer, but with two kinds of horns on his head — a deer and ibex, and the muzzle ended with beak griffin — fabulous winged creature, half lion and half eagle.
A stylized head of a griffin complete each process antlers. And the tattoo depicted sheep, snow leopard and a fantastic predator with a tiger tail and scary clawed paws.
In the burial chamber near the deck were found two dwarf wooden-table dishes. They were the best cuts of meat: fat-tailed sheep, and part of the sacrum colt, who was stuck in a large iron knife. Maybe bury believed dead waiting a long journey, and it was supplies "on the road".
Unique mummy was taken from the Altai and taken to the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, after its restoration by scientists of the Research Center of Biological Structures ("Institute Mausoleum") in Moscow.
The appearance of "princess Kadyn" is so different from the Scythians — tall, thin, aristocratic features European entity that immediately arose questions that scientists could not give an answer. Who was in life this amazing woman? Where is her home? How did she get into the mountainous Altai?

A member of the crew of the star

More and more scientists are inclined to believe that the origin of the people, or at least teach them the basics of civilized life is associated with a visit to Earth by aliens from other planets. If we analyze the ancient legends, in this hypothesis fits and find the Altai plateau Ukok.
In local folklore, there is an ancient legend that tells of a "princess Kadyn." Before coming here on a high plateau of the Scythians as if living creatures descended from the stars and have supernatural powers. And somewhere among the highest peaks lived mysterious Huang. One day, he and some of his "team" went into a fire-breathing dragon, cast copper, and flew home to the stars. And the rest of the team had lived for a time among the humans, and died a natural death.
Many researchers believe that the legendary Huang Di was the captain of the ship, the team will return to Earth of extraterrestrial scientists, and "princess Kadyn" — a member of the crew of the star. In support of this hypothesis, a number of facts.
Judging by the wealth of the funeral, "dowry", who died should occupy a very high place in the social hierarchy, a kind of leader or chief. But the Scythian women had never used them, as, indeed, powerful shaman.
People from other ethnic groups from the Scythians not exercised great influence, not to mention power. So "Princess Kadyn" could not be representative of some European nations. In this case, it had to bring to the Altai afar as children, as this journey takes years, not months. Even if that were the case, she had no time to "get on in the people" in the new location.
Image of Chi in Chinese mifologii.Ochevidno no accident for her burial was chosen unusual sarcophagus-deck, similar to the "fire-breathing dragon of copper", which flew home to the stars the legendary Huang. Those who saw off "princess Kadyn" in another world, apparently believed that she would follow him.
Finally, even if you close your eyes to the striking difference between the alien races of the princess who lived in the Altai, how to explain why, over the millennia her mummy remained intact, though the ritual took place only yesterday?
Recently it became known among archaeologists of the discovery made in the Altai in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border in the Chinese province Tszychzhou. During excavation of the tomb was open certain Chi, which Chinese archaeologists seriously consider assistant Huang.
Except that if the command Huang still rather be counted among the people, the Chi, according to Chinese experts, was polugumanoidom-polukiborgom. After that Ukok Plateau and nearby area, which locals since time immemorial considered "refuge of the gods", UNESCO declared a "zone of peace" and submitted to the World Heritage List of the Earth.

A series of disasters

Altai Princess immediately gave "understanding": it is unhappy that disturbed her peace. Archaeologists — nesuevernye people, but even they think that when the plateau Ukok began excavations in a completely clear sky thunder. Altai, who accompanied the expedition, terribly frightened, and said: "Princess Kadyn angry."
However excavations continued. When archaeologists began to get a mummy started strong earthquake all jumped out of the hole, fearing that its walls collapse. The earth literally went from under his feet, and yet they extracted the body.
Two trucks, which were going to take the find, suddenly broke. Archaeologists have caused the helicopter, but he Barnaul on approach to engine failure. After repairing it still came and "princess Kadyn" was sent to Moscow. And then after her arrival known events occurred in 1993, which nearly caused a civil war …
But the Altai, especially near the plateau Ukok steel, loud emergency, excited the public. For example, fly in a helicopter to hunt high-level officials and be broken. Or come to snowboard kids oligarchs — and also crash.
Later, when the mummy as an exhibit was put in a glass sarcophagus in the museum of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, the Altai earthquake began. Every year there are several thousand registered tremors.
How to find the local shamans, "Princess Kadyn" demanded that it was returned to the ice on the capsule burial place. This is, in particular, indicated a dramatic climate change: instead of 40-degree heat in the summer was snowing.
Spiritual leaders and Native Altai consider "Kadyn princess" of his ancestor. From the first day they asked to return the mummy back and buried, or to create the appropriate conditions on the ground of the Altai to store it. However, scientists have categorically refused to do so, citing the fact that the country does not have the storage conditions of this unique archaeological site.
Now the scandal between Novosibirsk scientists and the authorities of the Altai, which lasted 17 years, is close to a solution. Scientists have agreed to send the mummy in the Gorno-Altaisk, where it ends the reconstruction of the local museum. It kind of mausoleum erected in the form of burial mounds, where it will rest "Altai Princess". Going down inside is below ground level, visitors can see the sarcophagus with a mummy in a glass-vacuum capsule.
Time will tell, would the "princess Kadyn" with a new place of their stay …

Vadim Merkulov
Secret Power 6.2012


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