Do citizens, the right to an instrument? Interview

Arguments "for"

— This act of power justify its orientation to the interests of the people, that refers to people not as a redneck and the electorate. Will be sent a "signal" of confidence in the people.

— Armed men will be able in the case of any troubles (the standard early 17th century) to protect themselves and the Russian statehood and self-organize.

— Arming of the people will be a factor limiting the potential anger of our eastern and western "partners."

— By this act will be the beginning of the restoration of Russian historical traditions: our people have always been a warrior nation, the cannon was part of the daily life of Russian people with primitive antiquity until 1917, when the new government initiated a policy of a ban on possession of an instrument of civilian populations. So, December 10, 1918 issued a decree of the Council of People's Commissars (SNK) of the RSFSR "On the surrender of weapons," according to his ownership of the instrument remained only members of the RCP (B), and that at least one rifle and 1st pistol to person.

Do citizens of Russia gun rights?  Interview— There will be a gradual change in the psychology of the people — they will become more responsible, increase their self-esteem.

— Will be hit by the criminal underworld, including etnomafiyam armed with rural communities will be able to suspend the probable sin only one fact that they are armed and can fight back (example: Action Sagra).

— As a result, irregular migration policy of Moscow flooded thousands of our country, hundreds of thousands of migrants from the alien mentality and culture that are organized in the Diaspora, have favorites, united. In the case of possible socio-economic shocks armed people will be able to fight back.

— MIC and industry RF get new market.


— The most common argument enemy civilian population owning guns if "our people to solve weapon, shoot everything here friend other. " The argument with which hard to accept — our people for centuries was armed but did not kill each other. Yes, at the present time, if a person really wants to destroy the other, he is able to do — there is a hunting gun, axes, knives, hammers, and the mass of objects that can kill a human. In the United States, Canada, and Switzerland (well, and a number of other states) population is also not kill off each other. Russian and other peoples of — that bad, some savages, who immediately start killing each other?

— The gun fell into the hands of bandits. But in reality, and so armed bandits, plus there is a simple monitoring.

— There will be a rise in crime. It seems to be contrary — armed people will be able to suspend the activities of a large gang and prevent acts a little rowdy. Thus, according to U.S. statistics: more than 80% of attempted rape ladies fails, if it is armed, but the naked ladies manage to fight off the rapist or rapists only 5% of cases. There are examples of countries or individual American states where legalization of guns has lowered the crime rate. According to U.S. statistics, the same in those states in the U.S., where citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons, the overall level of forcible crimes was lower by 18% compared with those states where the firearm is prohibited to wear. The murder rate in states where population armed, down 33%, robbery — by 37%. In U.S. states where tool population is forbidden to wear is committed 289.7 homicides per 100 thousand population. In those states where concealed carrying of guns allowed population — 183.1 homicides per 100 thousand population. In the U.S. capital — Washington, DC — from 1976, the authorities were able to impose a ban on the possession of pistols and revolvers. In the end, crime in the U.S. capital has tripled, while the average for the state crime during the same period increased by only 12%. In major U.S. metropolitan areas — Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles — home to only 5% of the population, but committed 15% of all murders in the country. Although these particular South American town and have the most merciless laws on possession weapon.

The results

In view of the high mental and spiritual degradation of the multinational people of the Russian Federation, and all at once an instrument can not be given. The process should be gradual. At first, the right to keep and bear guns (including automatic) should get the officers of, other power units — first, various special forces, due to the fact that such a service are people with special psychology (warriors from birth), which are subject to rigorous mental selection.

Necessary arm and the Cossacks, to fully support the revival of special military class of. Then evenly right tool to get the majority of the people of — with no psychological abnormalities, criminal past.

It is clear that the degree of accessibility of guns should also be graded: Special Forces officers and soldiers may be allowed to have a tool of machine guns, sniper rifles to machine guns, grenade launchers, the Cossack communities can give the right to the full range — from small guns to light armored vehicles, ordinary citizens must have the right for revolvers, pistols, rifles threaded, including automatic. Not giving people the power tool, it is recognized that trusts him, is afraid of the population.

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