Documentary investigation. Fascism and magic watch online

Documentary investigation.  Fascism and magic watch online
The old world. Atlantis. South of this continent inhabited by race, which reached a high level of civilization — Atlanta. In their hands — a big magic power. But gradually people Atlantis degrades. In the north Atlantis, in the terrible climate of its mountainous regions, a new tribe. These people are called themselves Aryans. Later, in the twentieth century, the legend will be the main German Nazi racial doctrine, proclaimed themselves the heirs of the old civilization. So a brand new theory about the patriarchs-Nazi super race, supermen, the Aryans, Germany. How old story acted on Hitler? Do you know everything about the Nazis? Who in fact was behind the Führer, who really influenced him, apart from drugs and occult groups with which it communicated?

Second global war

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