Dutch in Russia. Window of Europe watch online

Dutch in Russia.  Window of Europe watch online
History RF than once intersected with history Holland. And more than that: the Dutch have played a significant role in the formation of modern Russian civilization. This role, the impact of the Dutch on Russian culture and our way of life and knows the movie. The first hospital in Russia, the first museum, the first botanical garden, the first secular book, first post, Tula Arms Plant, Summer Garden, and movable bridges — all associated with the Dutch …
Friendship malehankih the country and a large empire for over 400 years. And Peter The first was in this case is not the first who started with the convergence of our states. Although his enthusiasm, particularly in the implementation of the Dutch scientific, cultural and engineering achievements of our homeland in almost everything to their future development. Together with the heroes of the film, we will visit the "Russian" places Holland and "Dutch" — in Russia: in the house of Peter in Zaandam, in the Verviers Saardama in St. Petersburg Kunstkamere, in the halls of "small Dutch" at the Hermitage, and even to this day preserved in the house of Dr. Ruysch in Amsterdam, where the ruler Peter took lessons in pathological anatomy.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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