Early voting: how they persecuted and driven

Independent observers across the country have concluded that during the third day of early voting, the number of voters in areas not decreased. They also claim that the call Lukashenko not to drive people to an early election under duress is not valid.

Vitebsk Region

"Leadership" of Vitebsk in the vote held on coercion

Over the last two days of early voting Vitebsk region has become a leader among the regions — here 11.4% of the electorate voted. Survived this trend and December 16.

I talk to a supervisor Antonina Pivonos, who is on duty at the site number 21, which in the October district of Vitebsk:

"The first day, there were 36 people, the second — 47. Today go and go, one after another, two and three. Janitors are the workers — all are cutting shaft. "

Another observer, Anatoly Roddick, a member of the Left Party "Fair World", has his own explanation for this phenomenon:

"This he said, not to" driven "and" asked "- they say that our people are good, they will understand. So no one canceled! They are driving, and how they are driving! "

Anatoly Roddick and become a witness of such a case:

The queue to vote early in medkalezhy.

The policeman on the spot secretary.

"There's a medical college — is the area number 19, October district. So there's all worth it — all in a white robe, students of the college. All voting early, and then go home. A commission in the table sits on the site of the Secretary policeman. I made the remark, and the secretary began to shout: "We are your orders". I say: we have not the law — and other orders! "

Observers who are protesting against violations or attempt to fix them using cameras or video cameras, just removed from the sites. It happened yesterday at the site number 20 in the October district of Vitebsk. And in Orsha most active independent observers "transplanted" from land in the corridor, said activist of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Igor Kazmyarchek:

"This is the 8th School, 14th Precinct. Watcher came, and the commission is already sitting, and sit with them some two women. And vice-chairman said: "This is our observer, but you came too late, and you have nowhere to sit. So you're sitting here in the hallway." We regard this as well as the removal from the site. "

In Vitebsk, watching from the corridor proposed Oleg Surganov. The activist, who recently served six months of arrest for alleged attack on a police officer during his arrest for posted white-red-white flag and demanded to fix collapsible ballot box at polling station № 17 October district:

"There unscrew the screws — and easily removed cover. So now we sit in the corridor. And from the corridor can not see and can not hear! "

Grodno region

In the booths had a sample of how "right" should vote

On early voting in Grodno.

The observers of the electoral process in the Grodno region claim that at different polling stations the number of people who vote is different, but in general, early voting is gaining momentum.

Vladimir Khilmanovich, One of the coordinators of election observation in the Grodno region, says that three days can be seen clearly the difference in the number of votes cast, in areas where there are observers, and where they do not exist:

"In areas where our observer sits, people go, but a little. In contrast through a corridor — a second portion, and at the end of the day there Voters, twice higher than the first. And so we recorded at several sites. Commission oriented and try to follow where there are observers. "

The observer from the BPF Maxim Gubarevich the third day is on the site, and next to his plot — two more. He says that in the three days is clearly a tendency to increase the number of early voting:

"The number of votes cast, although slowly, but growing. For example, on my site on the first day 21 people voted in the second — 24, and now we see that this number will be blocked. What do I see and adjacent areas. "

Among those who are going to vote, Maxim Gubarevich calls especially pensioners and people in uniform.

The coordinator of observers from the UCP Yury Istomin surprised by the numbers of early voting. He was particularly surprised by the difference in the number of voters: on the same plot of one day ahead of 129 people voted, and the second — only three in the first half of the day:

"Well, and finally 8.1% in two days of Voters — a lot, so …".

The observer from the BHC from the site number 92 in Grodno said that to him this morning visited by international observers from the OSCE, and voted to dinner, it was almost two times less than today.

Another one observer had to write a complaint to the fact that the sample was removed from the booths — how to vote.

Mr."Well, here is a piece of paper in the booth, and the second small box marked bird. A second square opposite the name of Lukashenko — it's a violation. Two days so it was only able to achieve today, to have removed. "


"Untwisted flywheel can not be stopped"

A resident Saligorsk Larissa Nasanovich, trustee of the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, expresses personal opinion about the coercion of voters to vote early:

"Flywheel that was hyped in advance and, of course, is now at the most, so to speak," good intentions "higher authority it can not be switched off immediately. On Soligorsk enterprises "Kalinka", "Kupalinka" and above all in the union "Belaruskali" workers are afraid of losing their job. That's because of that, they silently obey the orders of his superiors to vote early. "



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