Earthquake in Tuva has not affected the aerospace defense of the Russian Federation

 A strong earthquake that occurred in Tuva on Wednesday night, did not affect the combat readiness of the compound Aerospace Defense (ASD) of the Central Military Command (CVO), said on Thursday the press service of the CVO.

According to the MOE, the magnitude of the earthquake in Tuva, which occurred at 22.04 local time (18.04 MSK), was 5.9, intensity — 7.5 points. The epicenter was located 70 kilometers north-east of the village of Saryg-Sep Kaa-Khem district.

According to witnesses, the apartments furniture tottered and fell beyond the photos. In Kyzyl thousands of people rushed to the streets, most of them do not even have time to get dressed properly.

"A series of powerful aftershocks … registered in the Republic of Tuva, no impact on combat readiness connection EKR CVO stationed in the region. Forces on duty serving in the normal mode … damage combat control systems and communications is not marked," — said in the message.

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