Earthquakes in Siberia will become a regular occurrence? (Video)


According to psychic Daria Mironova earthquake in Siberia is not beginning of the end of the world but this is the first sign of serious anomalies and natural disasters that follow the major changes of the magnetic field and the Earth's lithosphere. Deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Eugene Rogozhin also convinced that in the future we should expect aftershocks.

On the enterprises of Khakassia in Siberia, among other regions experienced a powerful earthquake This past night, call provocateurs and sow panic. According to the local emergency department of Russia, unknown call up nursery schools, organizations and businesses on behalf of the Republic and rescue agencies are warning of the threat of new tremors.

"Emergency Management General Directorate for Russia Khakassia officially states that the Emergency Situations Ministry will never under any circumstances to inform the population in private — said the assistant chief of Irina Butenko. — This is probably crooks or criminals who pursue possibly commercial or political goals and intend to take advantage of the situation and cause panic among the population. "

Butenko said that earthquakes can not be predicted, and asked me not to believe the fraudsters. "The people of Khakassia is no cause for panic — she assured. — On the facts of provocative calls we have informed the law enforcement agencies that organize test."

An earthquake of magnitude 9.5 occurred This past evening in southeastern Siberia. The epicenter of the tremors was located 92 kilometers from the capital Kyzyl, Tuva, and themselves tremors were felt in almost all Siberian regions. Fortunately, no casualties or serious damage the earthquake did not cause. However, as stated by reporters Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu, the earthquake of such strength in this area had ever seysmonablyudeniya.

This view is quite consistent and locals. "Never so strong aftershocks we had! Walls walked shaking, the whole town rushed out to the street. Closest to the epicenter is the village Saryk-sep. Said they are still" shakes "- told reporters a resident of Kyzyl.

Storm echoed comments and blogs. User vesyolkina wrote that "the windows shake gone." And according Soki_s, people after shocks "to the entrance povyskakivali." "Horrible. So much, it seems to me, has never been," — added the user.

Kulchenko blogger described the joy that reigns in the streets: "In the street zababahali fireworks! People joyfully greeted the end of the world! Everyone cheers earthquake!" We 24auto_ru other information: "The people of the house to the street povybezhal … And ooh, aah." A blogger Bliznetsova asked in surprise: "This is an earthquake? And I thought my head spin."

At the moment the strength of MES in Siberia are on high alert in Khakassia and Tuva — in standby mode number 1. In the region of Krasnoyarsk earthquake arrived three AN-74 with emergency workers, as well as transport aircraft IL-76 from Moscow that brought rescuers and psychologists. According to rescue departments, the survey of buildings and the provision of assistance to the population of Tuva are currently involved in nearly 16,000 people.

According to the Altai-Sayan Experimental Methodical Seismological Expedition, minor tremors are felt now in the region permanently, with irregular intervals. So, this morning, the U.S. Geological Survey recorded a new fluctuations in the Earth's crust in Tuva. Approximately at 08:20 MSK quake registered a magnitude of 4.7 near the district center Saryg-Sep, located 100 kilometers east of Kyzyl.

According to seismologists, the aftershock activity will be long enough. It is possible that the effects of yesterday's earthquake will be felt for years. "This earthquake occurred in an area where there is nothing living, it is the mountains — told reporters the head of the Altai-Sayan Branch of Geophysical Service RAS Alexander Emanov. — The process is there, the events go one by one. Do not know when this area now will come out of the state of such activity. Activity Will goes out, but slowly died away. We all areas where there were large earthquakes such energy, they manifest themselves well enough and not quickly fade. there are events where five years there was an activity, then it is in the background left. And there's — a decade is not enough. "

This view is shared by the head of the Geophysical Service of the Siberian Branch of RAS Victor Seleznev. "It was not the strongest possible earthquake in the area — according to the seismic zoning, the southern part of Tuva — is earthquake-prone area, a nine-zone and by shaking with a magnitude greater than seven. Such earthquakes as yesterday, are repeated in the area at intervals of tens of years, and about once in a hundred years — a much stronger, "- he said.

A deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Yevgeny Rogozhin explained to the reporter why the natural disaster of such a force did without casualties or damage. "The center was located in a sparsely populated and undeveloped area, 100 kilometers west of the city of Kyzyl, — he said. — This rural area where no vulnerable buildings and structures in the village houses can be damaged furnace, house pipes, but these homes are well tolerated earthquake. If it was under the Kyzyl, and then there would be the destruction and casualties. "

Long-term forecast seismologist do not become, but shared his assessments for the coming year. "Aftershocks are — said Rogozhin. — An earthquake large enough energy, magnitude 6.6 — 6.8. Quite often, they will still be held in a month, and later in the year will be more rare. Today for less than one day there are seven fairly perceptible earthquakes now, perhaps even eight, but there are still weaknesses that are not recorded by the network. Generally, a few dozen. "

Their assessment of the events were and psychics. "This is not the beginning of the end of the world but this is the first sign of serious anomalies and natural disasters that follow the major changes of the magnetic field and the Earth's lithosphere, — a clairvoyant Daria Mironova. — We will be in the next year to observe anomalies around the world associated with earthquakes — in Tuva it again, but not so strong — and volcanic eruptions that will erupt unexpectedly exactly where they were sleeping. So while it's not the end of the world, but this is the first herald of what we are doing wrong. "




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