Earths poles change places

After the apocalypse in the city will survive much more difficult than in the country


Russians believe in the apocalypse, and began to prepare for life in a global catastrophe

Scientists around the world have started talking openly about the upcoming change of the Earth's poles.

For some time, the planet's rotation stops, and then — will resume in reverse. Humanity is threatened with partial or complete destruction. Even name the event date — September 2012. She is listed in the calendar of the ancient Maya as the end of the world — the apocalypse.

In his dire predictions, the scientific world so convincing that millions of people believe the scientists, and each in its own way began to prepare for the end.

Beginning of the end scientists promise very beautiful. In the night from 21 to 22 September 2012 over all the earth flare northern lights. Then passed out on the planet light.

For a few minutes on the ground all the planes fall and satellites, the train stopped and elevators. Cease to exist, and water heating. Telephone, radio, TV will turn to junk. Cease all work! Planetary crisis comes to earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. About six billion have not prepared for the crisis people will die in the first year. A live, as it says in the Bible, envy the dead. However, a certain number of people believe that the apocalypse is possible and necessary to prepare. The name they came up with themselves — survivalist. On their forums, they discuss how to survive in different types of doomsday. Incumbents sites are eager to share tips and suggestions are wary newcomers join groups: in the case of a global catastrophe, we must first think of yourself and your family. A like-minded people who know where zanykat supplies, can in fact get to them before the host.

Three variants of the disaster

Reasons to keep the home's supply of food and equip a refuge somewhere in the wilderness, a lot. The financial crisis, technological and environmental disasters, epidemics — horror stories recently enough. Survivalist even tried to classify the possible disaster and divided them into three groups:

— AP (absolute n … n) — a global disaster in which all living things die within 3 — 5 days;

— BP (big) — At least 20 percent of the people and animals are still alive, but destroyed all the benefits of civilization, in the first place — energy and communications, fade power and power structures;

— MP (small) — destroyed the economy, the authorities lost control over part of the territory or population. Obvious example — the flooding of New Orleans.

Neither the amplitude nor syudy


The fact that BP comes, none of them doubted. Survivalist sure: whatever the reason, the depletion of natural resources and, therefore, the destruction of the civilization of consumers around the corner. Therefore, we must have the reserves to survive the first time and get to the very 20 percent of the survivors. And a shelter that can be more autonomous. Here, incidentally, survivalist opinions vary: some just prepare a secluded place, and some have already moved to live in their own home and move to a subsistence economy. However, one of these people are the same. The most important resource for survival — water. So near the house have to be well, and in the apartment — a permanent stock.

* At the first sign of crisis buy a lot of cans of drinking water in supemarkete and take it wherever possible in their cart. Collect all the cans, pots, cups, and a bath.

* Allowed to make a small metal tank wall in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, let a few bucks.

* Good advice about the storage of process water in the book read by Ilina: to store water from trucks to use the cameras.
Hunger — not my aunt

Suite of products is determined by need and shelf life. The stock is constantly updated, if the shelf life is over, the product is consumed, and its place on the "stock" is more recent. Thus in the apartment to make stocks for several months, in a private home — for a longer period. Some survivalist make several "caches" on the way from city apartments to country house.

* Create a small supply of food for a period of not more than six months: cereal, pasta, preserves, pickles, jams, dried fruits, a good supply of salt, sugar and pepper. Be sure to supply alcohol, as most running option — a case of vodka. If you can — rubbing alcohol.

* I can share my experience of crisis stocks. In Uzbekistan in 1992 — 1994 years. We had ample opportunity to experience all these charms.
* Pasta, flour, rice, cereals are not in sealed containers stored 6 — 8 months. Then the bugs start. Therefore, they need to be properly dried. In the sun or in a warm oven.

* Sugar is kept well. The main thing that was dry. Almost none of them does not eat pests, except ants. Mice do not eat it, but the bag can spoil. But it is not the product of the first necessity. Without it, you can live.
— Salt is much more important. We had a chance to use some crude salt with either sand, or clay. It had dissolved, filtered and evaporated. And the other one was not simple.

* Canned meat — type a simple stew, preferably in Russia. Any import of canned sausages, hams, etc. do not take. Canned fish — only in oil.

* Do not forget also that the banks can not take deformed: the inner coating may be damaged and the product may deteriorate prematurely.

* Be sure to remember to stock up on liquid currency. The more, the better. And well kept, and always will be demand. Perhaps also good to have a stock of coffee, cocoa, milk powder, dry mashed potatoes. Of course, also in a sealed package.

* Please be sure to condensed milk. Condensed milk has practically not spoil, and if it is 3 hours to cook, then it really is eternal.

In Hollywood, even last year removed the next blockbuster of the apocalypse, trying to imagine how it will look (still from the film "2012: Judgment Day")

Buy a gun


Weapons — one of the most necessary things for PSU offensive, consider survivalist. Protect his family, as well as shelter and supplies from intruders persuasive power in an emergency situation will not work.

* Get permission gladkostvol — "Saiga-12", together with his wife. After 5 years — a permit for rifles — "boar." Calculation — per adult (from adolescence) to be weapons.

* As an affordable home defenses consider forks on short pole and light ax.

* Of Boomstick better weapons, of course. Kill'm not as easy as in the movies, and pull the trigger even with heavy panic easier than to aim a blow with an ax.
Escape route

The kit also includes the necessary things first aid kit, matches, candles, flashlight, extra batteries, the necessary tools, needles, thread. There is a lot of advice to lay a few large garbage bags — are used as a tent, a tent or a raincoat. All you need to retreat to the shelter is kept at home. The most important thing survivalist always carry with you. In addition, they shtudiruet archives — find out as previously made clothes, made tools and generally survive without creature comforts. And, as experienced travelers, give each other tips like this:

— Since the fire, I think everything is clear. All that is required — is to pour clean water into a transparent bag (create the desired shape, and it becomes a lens through which a sunny day, you can start the fire. If I'm not mistaken, with prezikom done the same thing.

— In cities such as Moscow, will be very difficult to survive. Somewhere I read about the earthquake, and that after it is in the cities. So, even without the earthquake a month the city will turn into a cesspool, on the one hand, if not running water and sewage systems. And without electricity to work it certainly will not be. Just imagine how much crap makes condo a day, but this, of course, provided that the food is there. On the other hand, may be more than a month, the city will have a huge pile of stinking corpses. First of all, our poor, long-suffering elderly. Yes, and other categories of the population. Indeed, as early as 2 — 3 weeks to eat, most likely, there will be nothing. Manifest different gang factions of the ones that are already there. Will form new ones. It will be mad not people who are ready to do anything to stay at least another hour. Rivers of blood will flow.

Pay attention to what evil people even now in Moscow. See how they behave on the road, in transport and in general anywhere. But these are times of peace, war is not obvious to see, the majority, at least.

Imagine how they will behave in those days?

It is my firm belief that in cities like Moscow, survive not even worth trying, in a sense — to leave. At the earliest possible opportunity should leave this city.

December 21, 2012 will be a parade of planets. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Earth line up in one line. This parade of planets is different from previous ones in that line up in a line not only the planets, but planets of other star systems, forming a line from the center of the galaxy.

By the way


In 2012, according to the calculations of Academician Alexander Filatov, close to the Earth will pass the planet Nibiru, which will be the cause of the flood, the displacement of poles and climate change.

Anna Polyakova, Sergey Minaev

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