Empire as inevitable

In a time when people think that our homeland is destroyed, there is a particular need to address to the History of the Fatherland, look around the sources, fate and the way Russia, fundamental principles of its spiritual culture. Litsezrev Protz in their power and glory in unsafe turns our stories, we begin to realize the true deep. Specifically, in the past we litsezreem examples of our Russian-ness and helplessness those who have not given us a stand, led Russia to the edge of death. Exclusively in the 20 century, we faced three times the total risk of death of the Russian civilization — during the collapse of the Russian Empire, the battle with the Third Reich and the collapse of the Russian Union. Not for nothing they say that God who really loves, and experiences. Our home is fully tasted this wisdom by being able to "carry out work on our mistakes." Without this work, we do not restore the Empire. Almost modern Russian Federation needs a "spiritual revolution." And it should not be to return to the "traditional religions" — Christianity, Islam, etc., increase the number of churches, mosques, synagogues, priests, mullahs, pastors, and shamans. It has already passed a step back to neosrednevekove, and the growth of clerical sentiment leads to death of. Each person must work to improve their own — spiritual, mental and physical. Conditional ritual does not make you a better and cleaner.

Empire as inevitable

We must understand that the "Empire", not only in the "leaders" where it "out there" in the vast expanses of the Russian Federation, and "here", in ourselves, in our communion with God and the homeland. The revival and rebirth RF connected with the work that goes into our hearts and minds. Only a complete creative tension will give a good result.

The Russian did not have to go to the temptation of foreign judgments about of, its past, present and future. The spiritually blind can not specify the path to the people, which is located in the search. West began seizing Russian intelligentsia. The introduction of Western Art, Western philosophy, Western policy has led to the fact that Russia lost the Russian character, the concepts of good and evil have been shifted. Playing on Western rules has led to the fact that our homeland has suffered a series of heavy defeats. The modern West — is a real Empire Heresy, where mass murderers glorified as heroes, and the social disease of society — prostitution, homosexuality, drug addiction, you need to cure, legalized and even called progressive.

Our homeland has given us vast expanses and glorious history. Thanks to them, the Russian people is inherent in mind-boggling spiritual freedom, a feeling unknown, raschudesno abilities. That is why the West is afraid of — western people feel unprecedented power in the Russian people. But this freedom and greater danger lurks. Without discipline, there is no spiritual culture. We have to find a harmonious balance between spiritual freedom and discipline.

Our homeland has given us a great natural wealth. All Russian know that we have a whole lot — "enough for everyone, and God will send." As a result, Russia's generous, careless, complacent and measured. Do not appreciate Russian man this gift. Thus was born the mismanagement, laziness and carelessness. We must overcome the helplessness.

Speaking about the future of the Russian Federation to keep in mind that the essence of the Russian imperial — it's not a coincidence and not bonded "blood and iron" force-union 150 nations and nationalities. Russia-Russia — is original and old civilization that has its applets and Path. Voedinyzhdy civilization connects the spiritual, cultural and linguistic unity. All peoples are linked by centuries of spiritual, linguistic, cultural, military and economic cooperation. This and hundreds of thousands of visible and invisible threads. Our homeland — is the basis of peace and balance in Eurasia and the entire planet. The death of the "heart" of the world will lead to hard to predict and devilish consequences, perhaps, to the destruction of the world's population. Of course, the weakening of the Russian Federation led to serious instability on the planet. U.S. is not controlled with the role of the sole superpower on the planet. China to that role is not ready.

Our home has a unique ability to withdraw into himself — to hide his essence in the "City of Kitezh". Undercover Kitezh outgoing, hard-to-beat, but close to us, indestructible and holy, helps to survive in at least some disaster. We recovered from the fall of the empire of the first Rurik, after the death of semi-mythical Tatar empire, after the stateliness of the Troubles of the early 17th century, after the February and October 1917, when Russia was trying to kill all the "civilized" world society, after the shock of 1941-1942. After 1991, our homeland again apparently died, but at the same time everyday gaze went invisible process of gathering forces and state revival. Riddle of Kitezh is that the Russian people able to win the retreating hide deep in the inexhaustible spiritual strength, the "I". N people creatively grows after every defeat, reborn from the ashes. He is able to re-start from scratch, from nothing to creating a majestic, unusual and beautiful.

Reading the pages of the past, we realize that people can not swap a couple of years once the Troubles. Multi-thousand legacy even stronger than any temporary intoxication. More than 20-year-old Smoot late 20th early 21st century has shown that only in the Empire can preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of the peoples of the 10-s. Not long ago, the cultural and rich regions of the USSR affected poverty and barbarism. In their flourishing primitive nationalism, fascism and even raises his head chimera of religious fanaticism, recreated the structure of feudalism. South Caucasus and Central Asia have become breeding grounds for terrorism, ethnic conflicts, drug-related crime, war zones and progressive poverty.

Throughout the former Soviet Union only in Russia and Belarus (Russian heiress same country, stately Duchy of Lithuania and the Russian) was able to maintain comparable to the highest culture, science, education now, the army and the economy. Our homeland is not in vain, together with the United States and Europe, has become a place of "pilgrimage" of the masses of Asian migrants. Actions in recent years have shown that all the people that have chosen the "freedom" can not exist without external control. Only Lofty Our homeland is able to provide all the nations and peoples and individuals the opportunity of the harmonic development.

Russian Russian culture gives people the desire for justice, which allows the RF to be the linchpin of the world population and the conscience of the planet. The Russian people, was close Mongoloids-Yakutia, Negroid-Angolans and the Cubans, because no one shared neither racially or ethnically or religious grounds, demanding equal justice for all people. Our homeland is ready to support Muslim Syria and Iran, and Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Venezuela.

The Russian people have a unique experience in the construction of the Empire, where at least some people, the tribe had the right to live their normal way of life, their own faith, even with its local administrative structures. Russian Empire ensured people thing: defense. Protection from destruction in the clan, internecine wars, and protection from ex
ternal aggressors, protection from injustice. Specifically, it is not enough residents of former Soviet republics will continue only worse. Neither the U.S. nor the UN nor NATO nor the 'international community', neither China nor Turkey nor the Arabs will not give this protection.

Our homeland in throughout its history has been the conscience of mankind, his "heart", and as needed — a blade of God. Specifically Rus upsets invaders regional and global scale, protecting civilization from death. Specifically Our homeland has closed a Europe from the invasion of "Tatars", fought against the Ottoman Empire, the Turks have sucked other people's land, specifically the Russian warriors held off the pressure of Poland, Sweden, Prussia, France, and Germany.

Our homeland — the only empire, which has nothing to be ashamed of in my past. We did not dare to the ground Hiroshima and Nagasaki, unleashed 10's wars in the 20th and early 21st century. Our home did not try to reincarnate the whole world into a global concentration camp, as the English empire. The Russian did not cut the Indians, the British, did not cut the Armenians by the Turks, was not satisfied with the genocide of Slavs, Gypsies and Jews, the Germans, was not satisfied with feral "meat grinder" following the example of the Japanese in Southeast Asia. Do not we killed the 10's tribes and nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Tasmania.

We offer to be ashamed of "occupation" of the Baltic states, zapamyatyvaya that "capture" was not. Baltic countries have never been in the history of Europe. It was volunteer or volunteer-refoulement county areas of the old Empire. Moreover, the outskirts of the Empire were arranged so that the central areas fared better. At the current time, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — are bankrupt, and the only hope for the survival of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians — is entering into a new Russian Alliance (Eurasian alliance). Russia trying to shame the war with Finland, but are silent, it is our empire made the Finnish state, and then only to recover their legitimate land — according to the old world Orekhovskiy and other agreements of the Russian Federation and Sweden. Russian people offering to be ashamed of the Afghan war. But we know, for what have come to this ancient land. Russian soldiers were carrying the world in Afghanistan, killing bandits, they built there health clinics, schools, factories and power plants. And the Americans and NATO troops in Afghanistan were noted only indulgence of drug trafficking, the looting of cultural and historical monuments, a string of acts of violence against the civilian population.

RF offer ashamed "bloody tyrant" of Joseph Stalin. But why? It is understandable why it can not stand not finished traitors in the Baltic States and Ukraine and their ideological heirs. It is clear why it can not tolerate a world society. But the people then why be ashamed of it? This man managed to turn the machine of terror, made by Trotsky and his companions for the destruction of the Russian people against the torturers themselves. The genius of Stalin was able to make a powerful industrial potential. Stalin was a manager who has won the most terrible war in the history of mankind. Stalin continued global policy of the Russian tsars and recreated the Empire in its historical borders — from the Elbe River to the Pacific Ocean. This person has provided the world to the Russian people, and of most of the world's population by as much as half a century. This is necessary to keep in mind to appreciate and be proud of one of the most majestic rulers of Russia and the world's population.

Our only home of the Russian people and the peoples of the planet can offer such order which does not affect their faith, religion, wealth, and local cultural and historical characteristics. We do not need other people's land — to his master, God forbid, do not need Russian slaves — our people has always been a defender of freedom, Russia does not need other people's wealth — our land is richer than all the others. Our home can provide protection. Because brand-new Russian Empire was inevitable!

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