Empire under attack

Empire under attack

Last year, I was asked a question — is it possible to defeat America, the U.S. military, for me, the question is funny, he just asked a retired officer of the GRU. So the question asks clarification, particularly in view of our carefully injected inferiority complex, hysteria about the army and became more active intellectuals. From that, is it true we can answer this question depends on our future: who will fight, if not realistic to overcome.

Kontrvopros ask: does not bother anyone what is happening in Afghanistan? All recalls a situation when mice cry, inject, but continue to eat the cactus. Just yesterday I placed in the proper Learn summary. Helicopter shot down — seven Yankees lost, bomber command of the Fourth Division — four were killed, an Afghan policeman opened fire in the back of advisers — two died. The country is peaceful occupation of the Taliban, the Yankees for 10 years of war, could not do any more or less important social base. Imagine a South American military advisor (and since the beginning of the year Afghan security forces killed nine councilors 30) — it sits on a remote basis, and knows that at least some of the Afghans can shoot him in the back on operations or in the classroom. And if the database approach gang Taliban — is unclear Afghan police will confront them, miss them or join them, and devour it. As is normal? By this — 10 years on the corpses go? And the Afghan security forces has openly they say that the Taliban is better and they pay well.

Nor about what kind of tension and can be no question — on the contrary, there is a spread of contagion. When a moron spalivaet Koran (which is specifically moron deliberately aggravating the situation) — across Afghanistan ninth wave rolling mess and the Yankees just have to sit until it's over. The last time — a mess of spilled Afghanistan to Pakistan, Pakistan itself is ready to be undermined at any moment. With all of this — we have so much over the 10 years and have seen — but for what this is? What Americans achieve in Afghanistan? Which have gained in Iraq? What's going on?

I have to tell you its version.

Wars of the past 10 years — a fundamentally new war in the foreseeable future have not yet met the type and they are associated with a new method of enrichment through a war.

What is the company McDonnell Douglas? If you say that this aircraft manufacturer, the deeply mistaken. This is a multi-monster defense industry, one of whose interests the recovery comes after war — they just acquired a company specializing in this. Visit the websites of large defense companies — see how broad their interests. But there's still a daughter and granddaughter, who can do everything whatever. Here on this — one and the same company produces and bombs and recovery services after the bombings — and the newcomer is based branch of the U.S. economy.

In America, the sight to assume that every decade — marks a breakthrough any branch, which is the locomotive of the economy and raises the entirety of the South American economy without exception. For example, thirties — roads. The Nineties — is the Web, and zero — the construction "home for every family" (and the Web and a home for every family ended the crisis). With all of this — no one wants to notice the branch, in which everything is in order, which does not apply to the crisis, which progressively develops, employs people — and which has the potential to damage both the U.S. and the world order. This is — a branch security, counterterrorism and recovery services.

Fundamentally the difference in the wars of the last decade is that these wars are purely economic motives, but with all this anger, unless they are destroyed country, and the aggressor.

Take Hitler's attack on the countries of Europe, and later the Soviet Union. This war also has a purely economic motives, but the essence of the underlying reason is quite different. Hitler's War — in essence a robbery. The Wehrmacht comes captures the country, then in Germany are exported all valuable, ranging from paintings to operational and country starts to work on the Reich. Similar plans Hitler had toward the USSR. History has preserved plans cascade of power plants on the Volga with the lines of constant current railway lines with a six-meter track, plans resettlement of German colonists. People drove to the free work in the Reich. In other words — Germany tried to profit from the war, and the beneficiary of this profit has performed the entire German economy, and in fact the entire German Reich. That's why the Germans fought back, even when the Russian army marched into Berlin.

The beneficiaries of the war in Afghanistan fundamentally others. This is the company's military-industrial complex that receive funds for the first bomb, which bombard Afghanistan, and then for the restoration of that bombed.

Pay attention to fundamentally opposed this scheme — the Americans (more precisely of South American military-industrial complex), and do not try to get any profit from the Afghanistan! Despite the fact that Russian geologists have revealed there large supplies of natural resources, and in northern Afghanistan might have oil — no one even tries to start mining it, everything is limited by sluggish presentations for investors, who at the word "Afghanistan" press in his shoulders . Those who are currently profiting from the war — have no competence in the production of that whatsoever, and are not going to receive them, we already have their currency flow. And they do not try to give us something to make up America spent (pro. .. Data is) in the Afghan mountains of money, their own interests, the interests of ordinary inverse diametrically Yankees. Source of profit for leading the war in Afghanistan is not Afghanistan and its natural resources — and south american State budget — specifically his, they are going to rob and plunder on.

We are dealing with the generals and semi-criminal type VPKshnoy group, which has boasted the conduct of combat operations as a business, has learned to extract from this facility. Like that happened, not only in the U.S., and indeed in the history of the world.

First war of this kind was accomplished in Iraq. According to the memoirs of General Tommy Franks, the commander — Minister of Defense when planning operations in Iraq (Enduring Freedom) Donald Rumsfeld during the planning of the operation asked the question — how much will it cost (the generals heard this stupefied). Of course, the minister, as a solid person (whom he had long years) conducted a typical business thinking operations — kept going as you need to invest, and what should be a profit, so it's justified. It turned out fine.

Two eagles, which commissioned the reconstruction of Iraq — Jay Gardner and Paul Bremer — were appointed "to discourage" attached. In their advisors have been Leszek Balcerowicz, Yegor Gaidar and can be — until now associated with Harvard Anatoly Chubais. First, that they have created in Iraq — have established scheme of embezzlement of funds allocated for recovery. Paul Bremer said that the banking network in the country does not exist, because the means to rebuild the country needed cash. They were taken to Baghdad International aircraft after they sprawling on his hands. Congressional Commission then found that of sixty billion allocated for reconstruction — twelve disappeared without a trace in general, in other words, do not even have proof of their consumption. On the other were released — but how to do it, is at least some Russian businessman, who de
alt with the construction project. Supporting documents and concocts just the sum over all, the answer is "where is built" is too simple — the terrorists just blew up. Using this, you can simply allocate funds to one and the same object a couple of times. English Parliament — and then also set the loss of eight billion pounds — half of the highlighted Britain. British generals also want to have, the more that a lot of them — two hundred fifty six people as of 2012 (though only 200 Challenger tanks).

This scheme — in fact one in one of the criminal schemes in Chechnya and the Caucasus in general — only the Americans have established to deal with the enormous scale.

According to the memoirs of witnesses — First plans for Iraq were still others, in what was a must to get your share south american business. The plan — to implement economic reforms, "Balcerowicz, Gaidar" — shock therapy, vacation prices for all kinds of food, rampant privatization and reducing government spending. The main beneficiary of all this had to come out of South American — that we plan and profit. In addition, it was planned to attract and investors — as General Motors meant to build a car factory, and Wal-Mart — to take control of the retail trade.

At the time of the invasion of Iraq was, though primitive, but the economy is operating. Absolutely municipal course. At the very least, it gave people jobs and stuff the Iraqis essentials. First, that made Bremer and Gardner — broke up the Baath Party (in what was and Economic Division), dismissed all the control plants (Baath), dramatically raised the price of electricity and gasoline (before the war, one dollar could buy up to 300 liters. gasoline), abolished all kinds of social benefits. Sounds familiar, does not it? Factories, naturally arose, and the Iraqis were on the street. According to the documents that went to Washington — everything was normal, the Iraqis were given grants, helped with the opening of a small business — and in fact it was different.

But the Iraqis — the taste of Gaidar's reforms took up the gun and began plainclothes war. Though some who study the history of the second Iraq war may direct attention — that between the first step of the war (in fact, the war with the army of Saddam) and the second step (guerrilla warfare) — there is a gap in time. It was at this time — Bremer and Gardner was stopped by the Iraqi economy and stole money.

It became evident that nothing about what kind of investment is not out of the question — the situation in the country worsened in turn, the Iraqis took up the gun. At the same time — it was clear that the Yankees need fortified military base, someone has to drive the convoys, and also need to allocate funds for the reconstruction of Iraq. That's it — has been a feature of this war. Funds for the reconstruction of Iraq — the aggressor grants funds to rebuild the country, subjected his own anger. Here it — the South American generals and captains of the MIC and found a new source of funds. It appeared to be a budget for recovery Iraq.

The situation in Afghanistan is actually identical to the mirror. The same thing — a sharp increase in tension, there is housing civilian reconstruction in Afghanistan, which develops the budget for this very reconstruction. Funds from the budget of South American — sprawl "in the middle of its own" for all that the recipients of these funds are most interested long war. It's their business, their source of livelihood.

As a result, a couple of years there was such "shabashki on blood." And if you know its characteristics — that what is happening in recent years is a logical and consistent explanation.

1. The war transformed into a business. With all of this — the recipients of funds profitably, so war was incomprehensible without the sanction of the UN Security Council. Since the dirtier be a war — the more money will be spent on the restoration. This is a feature of modern international law — if country decides to invade another country, it must allocate funds to restore it after the bombings. Such humanism 20 of the first century. Means, of course, necessary to crawl on people who "thank" a little bit of. By some memoirs — kickbacks on military contracts in Iraq reached 30 percent, the funds perceived Defense Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney, which, may be — shared with the Bush family. The very aware of that responsibility of such people will never attract.

2. The military-industrial complex to grow together with the industry of personal military companies and the industry to rebuild the destroyed and industry security and anti-terrorism. So Makar — MIC found a method how to prevent a sharp drop in revenue in the nineties, after discharge. These conglomerates are virtually imposed a tax on society, with significant. The system of their subsequent business — is a country where not everything is in order, the decision to bombard her — make bombs and aircraft manufacturers. Later, if it is decided to introduce ground forces there — make manufacturers of armored vehicles. Then — has been exposed to bombing the country are beginning to recover, here earn special on recovery. In the bombed country come the oil companies, oil mines and workers need to be protected — earn your private military companies. In the end, in a bombed country arises popular discontent, there are terrorist groups — earns industry security and anti-terrorism, protecting America from terrorist retaliation. At the same time — what often happens is that all of these units are subsidiaries of the 1st and the same holding. And quite often — it's that the owners of the holding company associated with the U.S. government — or just are members of the U.S. government, as in the case of Halliburton, KBR.

3. The military-industrial complex is actually turned off from competition. Sense to develop some kind of breakthrough — no. No, it is something, there is no dispute. For example — a hypersonic missile that fell on the day or in the ocean. Or aircraft F35, which plays Su-35, but with all that, its development has already spent half a trillion dollars. But if it is to think about — the U.S. military standard 2012 differs from the U.S. Army's standard 1991?

Technique? The same thing — Hammer, Bradley, Abrams, LAV-25 and AAV-7 marines. However, not so long ago, Hammer upgraded so that he could better resist detonation. Price of 1 at all it has increased from 50 to 180 thousand dollars, which corresponds to the value at the Bentley car in the United States. The remaining equipment is also being upgraded, but something fundamentally new.

Air Force? The same set. F16 and F15 in the Air Force, the Navy F18. Obtained all of the junk, unified machine — on aircraft carriers, for example, virtually all machines of type 1 — F18. F22 has been designed for confrontation Russian fighter jets, bought half the cars than planned. An attempt to develop a "cheapest kind" fighter ended in disaster. The cost for F35 is currently caught up with the price significantly improved F22, about three times the cost of the Su-35, which the South American fighter-bomber can not resist.

Helicopters? All the same — Apache, Chinook, the Dark Hawk. Chinook has recently pointed out fifty years in the ranks. It is unique — languid Sikorsky helicopters konvertoplanov Osprey changed, and he began to be developed during the Soviet era.

Strategic bombers? B2, B1, which are almost all written off, B52, which has not changed engines.

The only thing what's new — a cheap drones. But in the war with equal power by force, they little use, because there will be stunned or knocked EW.

Navy? Updated and standardized carriers. But that's it. F35 fleet can not wait, so is the issue of buying the latest batch F18. Which are also cheaper. Aircraft carrier-based aircraft
is very worn, the average age headed for 18 years, the officers expressly recognizes that the fear of accidents, allowed in the case only the most modern (by year of release) planes.

Small arms? All the same — not replaced by anything. M16 in service for over fifty years, with all its shortcomings. M249 and M240 machine guns, and their derivatives, M24 sniper rifle — all the same as it was. M2 machine gun in service for about 100 (!) Years.

With all of this at all — the South American defense budget exceeded the level of the South American defense budget since the war cool. Where did money goes?

And they, my dear, are in the pocket generals and VPKshnoy mafia. Who learned to steal and vparivat army fuel for three bucks a gallon.

4. The development of the modern "sectors of the economy" leads to disastrous results. In fact, it has already led to disaster in the economy (the first on the strength of the world economy driven to bankruptcy for 10 years). But in the future will be even more fun:

— for the first time in the world there was a powerful force that is not interested in the world for a measured business and profit — but in the system destabilization of entire regions and growing danger of terrorism in the United States — as a justification for their own existence and the tax on security, which they have imposed on society. This means that the situation in the world will continue to turn to deteriorate.

— brand new branch of the business and offered her a sector of the economy is destructive for the first time in the South American history. All past decade — the Americans offered constructive projects. They built roads — and provide its citizens freedom of movement. They built the house — and the Americans received every man his home. They made the Web — and the world has changed a hundred percent changed systematically.

Now the Americans offer destructive project, the project DETERIORATION of life as ourselves, and for the entire regions of the globe. In their own country — they rob their own budget, invest in the construction of roads in Afghanistan, not in Minnesota, deprived of the rights of civilians. In foreign countries — they destroy the state and make the ongoing war zone. So Makarov, America's favorite of the free world in the decade turned into a pariah and a source of impermanence. Adore America, admire America — is a naughty tone. More America — do not hail on the hill.

— In this light — it becomes clear Arab Spring and the U.S. position on the Arab Spring. No one let down the regime allies — as it will allow to make new zone impermanence and perfectly to make money. Rescue allies had the CIA, NSA, U.S. Army — but instead, they rubbed their hands enough, despite the chaos, hearing clicks "Allah Akbar" and thinking how much it will be possible to make money. Barack Obama — a protege of monetary oligarchy that makes a totally different method — actively opposed the U.S. role in the Libyan campaign, so the role of the United States was the smallest and earn failed. But the window of abilities for personal military companies still revealed — well, relaxed produce oil in Libya will not succeed. Opposed it and the likely action in Syria, for all that security forces did not insist — likely not recoup the loss of profit. However, the situation in Syria is destabilized, the Syrian rebels have declared readiness blocked with al-Qaeda — and South American law enforcement officers do not care. America waits for the moment. If Assad will overcome — it is able to convict him and try to overthrow by coup. If prevail against militants in the country penetrate al-Qaeda — South American security forces will be able to earn while fighting with al-Qaeda.

It is interesting at the moment and the situation is developing with Iran. More fanatical part of security forces and pro-Israel lobby pressure on Obama to demand military action. Israeli media suggests this is already open. Obama also refuses to accept the decision, knowing that nothing good is not complete, even more so before the election. Then Israel and South American security forces can play dvuhhodovki — Israel attacks Iran, Iran in response starts active actions, activates Hezbollah, begins the process of unification with Iraq and Syria to some confederation. And most importantly — closes the Strait of Hormuz. Israel, shouting "Me a pi … t hooligans!" runs to the U.S. — and Obama is nothing to do but to go to war. Which, of course, Nawar very, very many …

It should be recognized that the South American power establishment and the business of manufacturing of weapons in recent years has developed into a mafia-type association, whose interests often run directly counter to the interests of the people of the South American and South American countries. This association conducts its foreign policy and its different method of provocation and direct atrocities — urging the U.S. political authorities to get involved in the war that the United States is not entirely necessary.

— to ensure that the upcoming obtain illegal profits — generals and VPKshnaya mafia system is coming to the rights and freedoms of the American people. In connection with the "threat of terrorism" Yankees already deprived of many rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Power structures were unheard of in the history of American law — complete surveillance without a warrant, seize people without charge and hold them in the camera arbitrarily long. The South American government is constantly lying to his own people in all that relates to the war.

— elected destructive project leads to the degradation of the American economy, reduced spending on infrastructure, health and education, to the impoverishment of the Yankees. The funds that are spent on the war — for the most part are not being made in the South American economy, not its cause multiplicative growth, not ennoble the lives of people. Built a school in Kandahar province — it's not built school in Massachusetts, and often more than one. South American infrastructure begins to deteriorate — and that in the future will result in a cascade of industrial accidents. Which has developed in the U.S. "recovery mafia" is also perfectly able to earn.

— elected destructive project leads to a deterioration of life not only in the U.S. and in the world, the rise of extremism, proliferation of armed gangs and anger, destruction of the state, the spread of brutal beliefs. To deal with this more necessary.

— there is a risk of destruction of American nationhood. In the country vorachivayutsya veterans, often with combat psychological traumas, with the experience of combat. Victory there is not expected, compounding the psychological state of society. Comes impoverishment, people are losing their jobs, lock manufacturing, the economic crisis has not weakened. And at this very moment — the South American government robs people of liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. In the south — all the more important get the Mexican community associated with the drug mafia, a rapidly growing religion in the United States is Islam. And amid all this — in the U.S. set record after record for the sale of guns population.

This has already led to an increase in crime. In the long run — it will lead to separatism and the emergence of domestic terrorism, and if the economy is quite bad — all of which can lead to a social explosion and the latest civilian war.

To sum up: in the last two decades, the South American army not only did not become stronger — it was also weaker. Selected concept of war — the computerization of the battlefield and the greatest efforts to save the life of every fighter — makes war on the U.S. was not feasible with a large enemy with a modern army and air defense systems. Because — U.S. attack on Russia at the moment is virtually impossible, Americans will never go for it. If se
veral nuclear explosions or ordinary in space will be broken system of communication and control — the South American army would be virtually impotent.

In light of this — it should be recognized that the combat readiness and effectiveness of the Russian Federation grows, and the rate of the government still true. At this point — the government to pursue an active economic policy aimed at modernizing companies MIC, by purchase of modern, high-performance equipment. In this case — it's universal machining centers, allowing to create not only the military, and the peacetime production, with the lowest cost for re-adjustment. Russian military industry is gearing up for production of modern technology: Armata tank, combat vehicles Kurganets type, wheel type Boomerang, a tank for combat in an urban area with a unique set of weapons, armored vehicles rail car series. All of this — new developments in what counted as our experience of Chechnya and zabugorny — perhaps they will surpass modernized standards of 70-80 years, who are armed army of NATO. Began a great supplies to the troops of Ka-52 and Mi-28, supplied the unique front-line bombers Su-34, a ready supply of Su-35 and Su-tests conducted 50 to be more competitive F35. Another for a one hundred percent of the new fleet, which the Russian Federation has never been relying on helicopter, and in the long term — and to the impact of aircraft carriers. In this case — purchased equipment, stress, you can not use the changeover and for the production of civilian products, performance of civilian orders. The expenditures lead to the industrial and economic growth and strengthening of — while funds invested in the U.S. in the war of nowhere, leading to a weakening of the country and its army. In my estimation, the window abilities during which the attack of NATO on Russia was perhaps — had already closed. U.S. Army — from a strong fighting force capable of resisting the pressure of communism — reincarnated as a tool "beating the dough," and its new weapons (that will be bought counterinsurgency light attack aircraft) is only good for overclocking bandit gang. NATO countries are not worse — Britain plans to quit the army only three combat brigades, decommissioned only aircraft carrier, the Air Force completely written off all aircraft attack aircraft in service only two Challenger tanks, while the generals — 256. Showdown in Libya showed that without the U.S. Army other NATO weak for battle, there is no unity in NATO, as well as political will.

Becomes clear and sharp activation "belolentochnoy opposition" — losing the war, America always uses the tools of domestic crush the enemy. So it was with the Soviet Union, so it is with Russia. I've already said what I think about the opposition, about Pussy, about Navalny in other articles, I will not repeat. I mention only one option, in which NATO intervention in Russia will not only probable, and almost inevitable. This is if we ourselves destroy their country, arrange municipal coup and plainclothes war. Then — Americans will drop naturally to us, even to pick up a nuclear weapon. Some will punish them — and the ability for recovery and the fight against terrorism will be large.

We need it? Think.

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