Engineering profession — the end?

Engineering profession - the end?

For what destroyed the Russian engineering school

From a rhetorical question, what will happen to the state in the event of liquidation of engineering education, the majority of educated people simply brushed aside. Stupidity is! Itself simply can not be! And make mistakes. So as of now, this prospect is more than real.

In 2011, the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation drastically reduced engineering set in universities, according to some estimates, up to 8-10 times! To "zero" remains quite low. These actions directly contradict the political stripes of the Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, who has more than once stressed that the engineers in the country is not enough, because engineering education should fully develop and refine. The phenomenon is not amenable to reason and common sense.

A reasonable question for which bureaucrats are destroying decades of the waste, the world authoritative Russian system of higher technical education? The answer is brief — for the cardinal of 1.5 times, shorter school training. "Cut" two senior course where the main and taught by Prof. ability, the amount of special training, according to the calculations is reduced to 2-2.5. This will entail a certain decline in the skills of high school graduates. Instead of the "educational drive" in the open plan educational degradation.

The vast majority of Russian students (refer to the figure of 80%) will be taught only 3.5 years. And name with the release of "bachelor". Remaining troops ("Master") douchat another 1.5 years, as future scientists (the world's master — a scientific degree).

However, officials are offensive to exceptions. Sensing failure, defense workers rescued from their own specialties range, managing to keep the focus, content and timing of training. Graduates will be name, obviously not engineers, but formless — Spices.

We'll see the truth. At the present level of science and technology to prepare students yesterday from class experts — engineers, designers, system owner — not three and a half or four years is unrealistic at the physical level. It is no accident leading Russian universities have deadlines engineering training 5.5-6 years, less comes out. Bachelors in nature has its own half-educated graduates, not a lot to what applicable. Whatever bullshit or spin-on in their so-called qualifying properties. As for the Masters — will they be able to resurrect the Russian applied science, certainly not far away. But creating — just fail.

For those readers who are not plunged into turmoil as set out above, I propose an analogy available. Imagine that some of the advanced reformers conspired to reduce the whole country is 1.5 times the terms and schooling. The vast majority of kids offer to teach at least 7 years. For all this, as assured the creators, the seven-year graduates will be wiser and better educated than today after 11 years. They will be able to brilliantly trained in all universities, including best zabugornye. The industry immediately increase productivity. And another rollicking demagoguery, corona-argument: "And how much budget money will be saved!" But at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy person would agree that the place of the reformers — not at the helm, and definitely in the … (Soglasen!)

Why, in the field of higher education similar madness became an accomplished phenomenon and accompanying demagoguery does not cause disturbances at the top?

In his own zeal bureaucrats Ministry of Education did not spare even the world-famous universities, the media best engineering tradition. However, in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University engineering Set in 2011, was cut "only" 2.2 times, not once.

If the armory translate to issue domestic grinders, sverhizbytochnymi will be the highest level of staffing, the means of production, the organization of labor. Inevitable degradation of the enterprise as a whole is very close to the "point of no return." The same degradation expects and universities, which are now against their will, "lowered" to the issue of bachelors. However, from the heights of power from this process can be wished away — you never know what is destroyed in Russia in two decades! And with all this kind of citizens live quite bad.

Neither Kissed government and business managers, or all sorts of "ersatz experts" to create breakthrough technologies and means of production can not. It is only by professional engineers. Very soon, the latest generation of Russian time will come to naught, and the influx of young experts are not worthy to be except in the defense industry. From these realities, if only to live the present day or the authorities can also brush off, but it is fraught.

Being forcibly thrown out of the scope of a decent education with bachelor's useless, many thousands of yesterday's students will make a very active mass protest. Add to this the parents and relatives. From this phenomenon is imperative structure dismiss fail.

Or maybe it is too late to suspend the bureaucratic mess? Go back to the age-old Russian values, enriching their experience in preparing international experts of the highest level? Failure to warn is always easier to fight if its consequences.

In the end — of the saddest. And what about Russian rectors of universities? Why are they not at least raise the question about the argument that is going on? Or do not offer to hold open discussions about the fate of the Russian higher education?

But presidents are silent, and humanly possible to realize them. Powerlessness and helplessness in front of omnipotence and permissiveness Russian bureaucracy — an integral part of our present existence. And while no real gaps ahead …

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