Engineers Dry killed an unknown poison

Engineers "Dry" killed an unknown poisonThree Russian engineers, found dead on the Indonesian military airbase on Tuesday, died of unknown acts product. This was announced by the official dealer of police Indonesia Iskandar Hasan.

"Sergei Voronin, Alexander Poltorak and Viktor Safonov were in a critical condition when found them in a dormitory air base. Presumably, they took some unspecified product" — said Hassan.

According to another version, voiced by the press-secretary of the Ministry of Defence Indonesia Ai Wayan Mido, engineers can get poisoned vodka. "No problems, if they drink a lot of vodka in RF, so as it is cold, but very hot in Makassar, "- explained Brigadier General Mido. But an embassy RF Jakarta Vladimir Pronin has torn this version. "The vodka did not die," — said the Russian diplomat.

How reminiscent business newspaper "gaze", the news of the death of three Russians came from Indonesia in the morning on Tuesday. They were later confirmed the death of the Consul General RF in Indonesia.

Preparatory cause of death engineers called cardiac arrest. Her background in the current time sets the overarching commission composed of local police and Russian professionals.

Main job pogishih in Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) do not know yet clear premise of their death. "Cause death has not been established. Medical examination done "- leads the" Interfax ", the words of the official dealer of holding" Dry "by Sergei Meshcheriakova.

He also commented to show in some media reports that two employees are KnAAPO with poisoning in the Indonesian clinic. "We have no such information," — said Mescheryakov.

All the victims were engineers "Sukhoi" and came to Indonesia for the service acquired by the state in this RF fighters. The work was carried out by the Indonesian Air Force Base, "Sultan Hasanuddin" in Makassar.

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