European diplomats leave Iran

Own ambassadors from Tehran for consultations withdrew France, Germany and the Netherlands. Earlier, Norway's "judgment of safety" has been closed by its diplomatic mission. Maybe, Italy is also close its embassy.

Diplomatic ties between Iran and Western countries that were unstable and so, after a few hundred square meters of students in Tehran was taken by storm British Embassy quickly began to disintegrate. In the embassy they ransacked and burned the flag England and taken hostage several people. The reaction was immediate. London gave Iranian diplomats 48 hours to vacate Albion. In addition the British diplomatic mission was withdrawn from the capital of the Islamic Republic. Just around the UK this decision was made, and some other European countries. There is a big possibility that the chain reaction continues.

Now the Foreign Ministers of the European Union at a meeting in Brussels, maybe, will be approved by the expansion of sanctions against Tehran. Under the economic embargo could hit and Iranian oil.

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