Failure over the weekend in Berezniki rose by several meters

Failure over the weekend in Berezniki rose by several metersSinkhole in Berezniki, formed on November 25, over the weekend has increased by a few meters, the press service of the administration Berezniki.

On Sunday, the failure sizes were 69 to 38 meters to 63 meters by 37 on December 9. "According to the observations from a camera at the weekend there was a slight subsidence on the sides," — he said.

In addition, at the meeting of Emergency Commission decided to strengthen the monitoring of the mine field Berezniki potash mine group N1 in urban areas. Monitoring data will be considered at a meeting of the Commission on a monthly basis.

"It is done for prevention. Subsidence large there is not, but they were, when the flooding of the mine in 2006. To avoid risks, decided to strengthen monitoring," — said the press service.

He also said that scientists will be given the reasons for the failure of the conclusion, which occurred on November 25, to December 27. After that, it will be decided what to do with a funnel. One possible option — to fill it.

The rate of subsidence around the craters on the weekend were 0-2 mm per day. Seismic activity in the area of the crater formation is reduced.

As reported, the morning of 25 November, under the railroad tracks, 200 meters from the station Berezniki sinkhole occurred during the passage of merchandise train with potassium fertilizers.

Scientists see two reasons for the failure: subsidence in the area of carnallite rock mines and karst phenomena. The government commission to prevent the negative effects of man-made disaster caused by the flooding of the mine on Verkhnekamsky Berezniki, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Yury Trutnev gave scientists a month to identify the causes of failure.

JSC "Russian Railways" on November 28 reported a significant increase in the failure and shut down traffic on the station Berezniki. However, after obtaining the opinion of scientists that there is no risk of failure at the station, December 1, the freight train was resumed.


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