Fire Arkaim

Arkaim — a fortified settlement of the Bronze Age (Chelyabinsk region). Located in the southern Ural steppes, 8.2 km to the north-north-west section of the Amur and 2.3 km south-southeast of n Alexander, in the Chelyabinsk region.

Opened in 1987 by a group of scientists led by the Chelyabinsk Gennady Zdanovich. Since 1991 was declared a protected area and is included in the Ilmen Reserve. Background to the opening of the monument has been associated with conservation activities in the area under construction.

Bolshek araganskogo hydropower. Several groups (SG Botalova, SA Grigoryev, GB Zdanovich, VS Mosin Gavrilyuk AG) have been working in the area. Were examined: parking Ust Utyaganskaya, settlement Cherkasy II, as well as the group of mounds and burial grounds. But the main finding was made squad SG Botalova. It was found a fortified settlement Arkaim. Prior to 1991, continues to fight for the preservation of the monument, and, therefore, work was carried out at an accelerated pace, which certainly reduces their quality. Preserving the monument was supported by many prominent scientists of the USSR and in addition, by 1991 the country there have been clear trends for the crisis. In 1991, the construction was stopped. Work on the settlement began to take place more slowly and, therefore, more closely. During the work, was opened about 8000 square meters. m area of the settlement (about half), the second part was investigated by arheomagnitnyh methods. Was thus fully established plan of the monument. It also was first in the Urals, the method of reconstruction and made drawings of a possible settlement of the form LL Gurevich. Monument is dated the 3rd millennium BC.

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