For information on military cargo on board the Airbus A-320 Syrians have handed over Istanbul

According to "Kommersant" Our homeland and Turkey are negotiating for the return of goods confiscated by the Turkish authorities on board the aircraft intercepted the Syrian airline, en route from Moscow to Damascus, but the chances of his return is still small. In addition, the "Y" was able to learn how to load was on board a civilian aircraft, who was responsible for the delivery company and how it can escape into disk imaging.

The fact that our homeland and Turkey are negotiating the return of 12 boxes of items for radars (radar) that were confiscated by the Turkish authorities on board the Syrian Airbus A320 en route from Vnukovo to Damascus, "b" diplomatically told several sources. "Negotiations are ongoing, but it is possible that the goods will not be returned — said" b. "- When the boxes confiscated, the Syrian pilot was not given a receipt, despite the fact that he insisted on it." A source "b", close to the Russian system of military-technical cooperation, confirmed: the return of goods to the manufacturer — Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) — is a major challenge. He added: "In another incident like raiding will not name." In PCU "b" comments give could not.

In the evening on October 10 Turkish Air Force fighters F-16 forced the Airbus A320 of Syrian Air (board registration YK-AKE), coming from Vnukovo to Damascus flight RB442, to land at Ankara airport on suspicion that he carries "load, does not meet the requirements of civilian aviation. "On board were 35 passengers, 17 of them — the citizens of the Russian Federation. After a nine-hour test on the Turkish authorities gave the crew permission to take off, but seized the goods found on board. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the same day announced that Syrian the plane was carrying ammunition.

Then the Turkish authorities tried to smooth sounding accusations in the address of. In the middle of October, the representative of the Russian Federation Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich said that Turkey does not cast swing legitimacy of the cargo on board the aircraft, en route from Moscow to Damascus. "It was a completely legitimate load — Electrical equipment for radar, — explained the diplomat. — Doubts caused only a scheme of delivery. "That on board Airbus A320 were 12 boxes of technical elements for radar air defense system," b "told the gathering, as it became clear the interception of aircraft ( see the "Y" for October 12).

"But supply scheme was really quite daunting — recognized source" b "in government circles of the Russian Federation. — After being detained in Ankara plane took us a few days, so figure it out." According to him, the difficulty lay in the fact that the delivery of parts for air defense radar systems, "Armour-C1" made in the CPP sub-contractors.

How to know "b", to create a plan of delivery of cargo, coordinate its passage through customs and to provide support has been entrusted to us, "RT-Logistics" (RTL) — a subsidiary of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". "Trusted agents at ports and border crossings allow RTL implement logistics projects at least some degree of difficulty" — persuades the company's own website.

"Since Georgia is not oversized, it was decided not to order a separate cargo plane Damascus — is lured to a lot of attention — says source "Y", close to the Russian system of military-technical cooperation. — The cargo was also no need to bring along with humanitarian aid: the lists of products supplied in this case can be accessed very wide range of people. Because RTL invited to deliver boxes of cargo by scheduled flight of "Aeroflot". "

But because of the message on the band Moscow-Damascus regular flights Russian company since the beginning of August, it was discontinued, this option was dropped. In the end, it was decided to use to transport parts board Syrian Air. "This proposal was accepted almost immediately Damascus — says the source" b. "- After negotiations RTL start the paperwork for transportation and permission to export." In the RTL is not officially comment on the situation.

The decision to use civilian board source "b" believes fully justified: in-1's, the cargo does not pose a threat or crew, nor the board, and in-2, cargo information would remain closed. But they miscalculated: Turkish airspace plane was intercepted. "The Turkish Air Force sent to intercept two F-16, because they knew about the transported cargo, — said the source" b "in the state bodies of the Russian Federation. — They would not have that chance, knowing it probably."

According to "Kommersant" conducted by the Federal Security Service inquiry into leaks disk imaging of shipment to Syria actually completed. "With a little bit of great conviction can say that the Russian authorities were not involved in the disclosure of disk imaging — says the source" b "in the state institutions of the Russian Federation. — Most likely, it is the fault of the Syrian side."

With all this it is curious that Syrian Air has changed the geography of the route Moscow (Vnukovo)-Damascus. For example, the international online resource, to monitor the global traffic of aircraft on the aviakoridoram on the record shows that another Syrian A320 (registration YK-AKD) on the same voyage RB442 last Saturday (October 27) followed over Volgograd, past Astrakhan and farther over the Caspian Sea, leaving abeam the right Makhachkala, in the direction of Iran.

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