For Russian civilization — to kiss the icon with the Jews

Interestingly, many do not even know that the Bible is the Old Testament it is the Pentateuch — a Jewish Torah.


The Old Testament is included in the orthodox canon. All Jewish prophets are holy Orthodoxy.

Jesus Christ was a Jewish Nazoreeem, that is dedicated to the Jewish God.

Nazarite (Hebrew???, Nazir — "dedicated to God") — in Judaism, a man who has taken a vow (to a certain time or permanently) to refrain from the use of grapes and products made from it (mainly wine) do not cut their hair and do not touch the dead (Chis.6 :1-21). Degree of sanctity of Nazareth approaching sainthood Cohen and even the high priest. In case of violation of the vow of the Nazarite shall shave the head, bring the atoning sacrifice in the Temple, and his vow to start again.

Hence the way of Jesus and long hair.

All the stories of the Torah are included in the orthodox canon.

Story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is an episode.

Moses decided to marry the Ethiopian. His sister Miriam and brother Aaron were against then God punished Miriam — covered it with leprosy and removed from the people for 7 days to clear.

This is described in the book of Numbers chapter 12.

This chapter clearly explains that the marriage of Moses to Efioplyanke — this is God's will.

Thus was formed the Ethiopian Jews, said to have yavlyutsya keepers of the Ark — it's quite a high mission in the Jewish media.

On Efiopskix jews can prochitat in wiki.

Interestingly, in this article, such as costs that Moses married an Ethiopian, and thus the history of the Jews is the efiopksih kosher — a campaign in the Sinai and the first cut — Union with God.

Ethiopian Jews to the Jewish hierarchy are higher than the Ashkenazim, so our parochial can not ruffle of here.

Orthodoxy in fact involved the Russian people in the history of the Ethiopian Jews, like other nomadic tribes of the Middle East and Saudia — Yemenite Jews, for example.

Mr. Patriarch Kirill dare to say that until the adoption of Christianity the Russian people were wild — wild barbarian tribes. Why this discrimination, Comrade pariarh All Russia?

The patriarch called Slavs animals and people of the 2nd grade

A nomadic tribes of the Middle East and have been unable to establish their own state, and bestowed upon them had left the land of Israel — are not wild in your opinion? And always at enmity with the surrounding tribes.

Or do you think nedikim is invading other people and the seizure of power by introducing financial institutions state-in?

Besides plus pagan rituals kabbalah, mentally enslaved peoples. You are part of the mental cabalistic rituals of the Jews, Mr. Patriarch of All Russia, reading the Old Testament tradition of general concern, swarming betrayal and hatred. For example, as King David sent Bathsheba husband of his mistress to the war with the order to kill him there. Psalms of David and Solomon — favorite hymns in Christianity.

Give the Orthodox saints:

Name Rachel — matriarch of the Jewish people wife of James is considered holy by the Orthodox.

James himself was married to sisters Leah and Rachel, that is already considered savagery.

Over all the Orthodox sites glorify against Rachel. But Rachel was coined in the Kabbalistic Judaism TERRAFIM.

This is how Jacob and their wives at Children's page ORTHODOX SITE:

"And Jacob served seven years, and he thought that was just a few days — because he loved Rachel.
And when the term of his life, Jacob reminded Laban of his promise, and Laban gave a wedding feast. But Laban deceived Jacob. Instead he gave the beautiful Rachel to marry him Leah — eldest daughter. After the wedding Jacob said to Laban
— Why have you deceived me?

— We have not accepted, that the younger sister was getting married before the elder, — began to justify Laban. — But after a week I will give you in marriage to Rachel also, and for it you will serve me another seven years.
In those Old Testament times it was the custom that a man had several wives. After all, men in many died, for example, in the war. And God was pleased to multiply the people whom he had chosen.

And Jacob served seven years — for the love of the beautiful Rachel. '

Wow Russian children somehow are soldered into the brain wildness polygamy to the same at his sister and glorification THIS IN RUSSIAN CHURCHES. Rachel and Leah were also cousins of her husband James.

Also solder savagery of slavery by his uncle James. So to say mythology needed Russian children?

And further on:

"And Laban had to make peace with Jacob, and as a sign of reconciliation, they staged a hill of stones and feasted on this hill. And in the morning Laban blessed his daughters and grandchildren, and went to the country, and Jacob went on his way. '

But concealing the fact that Rachel took the father's house TERRAFIM:

"The Bible for the first time idols (in the King James translation, the Vulgate and the Septuagint Idols — (Latin idola; Greek.??) Appear in connection with Rachel. She takes them out of the house of his father Laban the Aramean in Mesopotamia (Genesis 31:19), from which it is usually concluded that the cult hit teraphim Israelis from Aramean. Rachel hides teraphim ridden a camel (Byt.31 34) »

Read that right in the Bible in Genesis about this:

Chapter 31:

"Rachel had taken the images, and put them in the camel's furniture, and sat upon them. '

So Idol terrafim Lenin quite a spirit of Christianity lies in the Kremlin Russian walls bathed blood of Russian musketeers, executed by Peter I and his dark-haired guard — black hair and the Bible.

Chapter 34:

Described as the sons of Jacob treacherously massacred an entire people even psole they have to be circumcised to please Jacob, to give them their daughters in marriage.

And then fellow Patriarch Kirill Russian dare impose a certain ideal of civilization in the form of the Old Testament and as a Russian wild barbarian tribes.

But people as always — does not read any of the Old Testament, or the works of Marx and Lenin, and believe and work as slaves.

The icons in the Orthodox Jewish prophets:

The holy prophet Moses, Aaron and Miriam. Painted in an Orthodox monastery. Excerpted from the website.

The holy prophet Moses, Aaron and Miriam

There, we see a lot of icons, where the Virgin and Jesus depicted blacks.

So is it any wonder that in Ukraine there was a black Orthodox — this is an Old Testament image — Moses married to Ethiopian and including blacks in the Old Testament context.

All naturally and in line with orthodoxy.

But the women have more Russian in a humiliating turn to the belt of the Virgin to stand and sell Russia in favor of alien ideology terrafim, cutoffs and civilized showdown in the desert nomads. Betray his Russian way of life.

It was quite sdurel Russian women — stand shoulder to kiss a Jew.

And then we wonder why the Civil War was given leadership hysteroid Jew with psychopathy.

A series of articles Gender hysteroid psychopathy during the Civil War.

What are you doing, Russian women? Again, send their children to the mercy of psychopathy?


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