Forbidden tradition

In Mezmay (Apsheron district of Krasnodar region), there is a wonderful folk group — "Mazmaysky fun." Familiar with them quite a while, not a single event held in conjunction. They also participated in our "Night of Museums".

They are engaged in the revival of Slavic culture and tradition. That revival, rather than a simple facelift. If you do not feel the difference try to explain.

Reconstruction — is when recreate the form. Renaissance — when recreate the content, revive the spirit. You can make certain parts of the body — but this does not come to life. But it is necessary to breathe a soul … he no hands-feet will live.

This team has a whole "round-dance movement." More about them can be found in the group, and if someone wants to get closely acquainted with their activities — the next event — March 9, festive dance "cool-moves'

In addition to music, dance and rituals, they are reviving and consumer culture, costumes, utensils. Much create with their own hands, with many exchange across Russia. Teach local children creativity and skill, singing and dancing. In a word — well done!

But the day before the "system" and got up to them. They arrived mask show with searches and interrogations. And not just so, and Rostov. With riot police, dogs and machine guns — ie of all these attributes. Looking for, it is not difficult to guess extremism. Seized everything — from clothes and utensils (just in case there swastika?) To drive with authentic music and computers.

I am often asked, as they say so … started to get involved in the Slavic culture and tradition, but eventually came to an oppositional politics?

And just like that, my friends, is what is happening. It is not the first time such. After all, we have disrupted the festivals in estapovtsy st.Temnolesskoy. Banned and dispersed communities and organizations. How else to respond to such opposition? In such situations, when in fact your culture and tradition — banned, otherwise no choice but to lead the fight against it is the socio-political field.

When joined by representatives of other nationalities — Adyghe, Armenians, Greeks, etc. — Is respect from the authorities and uvazhuha (and still support, grants and cut). But if we create something not under the auspices of United Russia (and in fact when we did fest, we were first offered to do under their wing, we have naturally refused) and the authorities generally try zagnobit and block. But mezmaytsy generally apolitical (except for a protest on Guam case) it is in a remote mountain village nafig not give up.

So, it's time to enter for a whole term — "taboo tradition."

PS For our part, we intend to connect to the defense of this team.

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