Foreign Legion: the Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

Economic, political and other turmoil in our country lead, as you know, the fact that a huge number of fellow countrymen seek out happiness in a foreign country as "guest workers." In this case, sometimes these earnings are very exotic character. We are talking about the service in the French foreign legion, where a third of the personnel — people from the CIS …

Foreign Legion: living under a false naming, fear of Interpol in peacetime receive 1,500 euros.

Economic, political and other turmoil in our country lead, as you know, the fact that a huge number of fellow countrymen seek out happiness in a foreign country as "guest workers." In this case, sometimes these earnings are very exotic character. For example, a few hundred (at least, the exact number no one knows) the people of Ukraine have decided to stake the lives and health for the sake of a solid income (increasing over time) and tangible benefits directly to a change of citizenship in the future.

Foreign Legion: Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

Legionnaire. Always on the alert and ready for the unexpected. Photo: Archives of legionary

We are talking about the service in the French foreign legion, where a third of the personnel — people from the CIS countries (in the main, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians). A lot there and the former Yugoslavia, and now the people of Serbia, Croatia, etc. A general in the Legion are the representatives of more than 100 countries. "Today" was able to talk with one of "our" foreign players, who came to Ukraine in a little vacation. For a variety of circumstances, he preferred to remain anonymous, so for convenience we will call him Igor.

According to our source, the way of the future Legionnaire starts where there are recruiting stations Legion. They say at one time was illegal per se in our country, but at the moment no. So most of the people wanting to get into the Legion, starting with the main Strasbourg, where the move as ordinary tourists (in general in France recruiting 18 pt). There, at the recruiting Fri, you can just show up on themselves and on point (if you do not know foreign languages), and you will be allowed there.

Then — an interview, a variety of tests, two medical board. With all of this at the applicant seize documents (for example, a passport of citizen of Ukraine) and he invent the latest biography and name-surname. It is usually more or less in tune with the same (for example, was Doe, was Pugovkin, etc.).

And co-workers, if the young man did become a legionnaire know him specifically under a new name, a legend. Criminal past, if it concerns only the future of the motherland Legionnaire — not an obstacle. The main thing that a man was wanted by Interpol. And not of mandatory military service, but our fellow citizens are still often come to recruit, having served in the military, often in some special forces. It recruits are selected personal belongings, except the most necessary, and issue a sports suit.

Then sent to the applicants qualifying camp for recruits on the ground of France (in Aubagne, something like our uchebki). There they spend three months are riding very seriously, for example, need to run forced marches to 30, 60 and even 90 miles in full gear. From there — a solid screening, not all survive. But those who stayed and took the "course of the young fighter" in the proof to get a snow-white cap («Kepi blanc») Legionnaire's as full of his fighters. And the sign first, five-year contract with the Legion. And then the young people do not throw the fight. Ahead — a one-year internship at the base of the Legion (4th Regiment) on the peninsula of Corsica.

The Legionnaires can buy for myself liking Cannon

Foreign Legion: Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

French automatic FAMAS. Photo: Archives of legionary

After a year's internship in Corsica, it is time the true combat operation. It can be no matter what "hot spot" if France sees its interests there, or peacekeeping. For example, during the massacre in Uganda, where two tribes annihilated each other, specifically the Legion brought order and ended the slaughter. At the moment, the Legion of cooperating with NATO, for example, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, in fact mercenaries are fighting a war against the mercenaries. In the middle of dead Taliban, for example, somehow found several dead bodies of Muslims with the passports of people in England.

Ordinary soldier fighting unit first receives service from 1500 to 1800 euros. But when the fighting acts, payment is doubled. Officers (usually French) was prepared substantially larger, about 5 times. At the theoretical level, you can become an officer though what legionnaire, but then you have to start very early in the service, at 18-19 years, to have time to prove itself, to get French citizenship (necessarily), and more — to finish school. So young are often received the Legion of the British and the Americans, our — usually older.

Cannon staffing issue, it is mostly automatic FAMAS various modifications. If you wish to legionnaire can purchase for yourself another comfortable for him (as well as equipment, for example, an unusual optics). Machine is very clear, but with a little penetrating power, comparable to the AKM.

There are also cases of desertion. That's not so long ago of REP-2 (2nd Parachute Regiment) left the Baltic states, nicknamed Pitbull. At the same time he left after the mission, that is to say Afgan. I saw that it is possible to part with life, and that's gone. He settled in Ireland. Legionaries in the fighting, and the truth, die, but not a hundred, and units. After half a year of Igor killed three divisions, the 1st shot during the fight sniper (he stuck his head out into the open), two were killed by gunfire.

After 6 months of the war — a week of rehabilitation in the resorts of Cyprus. Legion pays for fighters five-star hotel, meals, guided tours, massages, therapists … However, using the services of the latter in the main Western legionnaires, our brothers-Slavs prefer to simply relax with alcohol. From time to time "on the case" risky joke, using, for example, that are combat swimmers. There was a case: near the resting legionnaires-Slavs engaged in diving group of ordinary tourists. In wetsuits, scuba, as expected. So legionnaires dived to 10 meters deep in some batches and posryvali to a dispute with divers mask …


French foreign legion was created March 9, 1831 Bishop Louis-Philippe. You can use it (until now) just outside of mainland France. Officers of the Legion gathered at the main army of Napoleon, and a fighter — the inhabitants of European countries also among the French, who had trouble with the law. Then was born the tradition of not asking recruits his real name.

Now the Legion, as in the times of its own creation, is subject to only one person — the president of France. Once numbered more than 30,000 people, now — 7700. Used outside, but in the name of French interests, as without the help of others, and in joint operations with NATO and the UN. Legion color — green (symbol of France) and reddish (blood).

It consists of 7 regiments, which comes the famous airborne 2nd REP, which included — Special Forces Legion GCP, be combined only of the volunteer officers and corporals, and a demi-brigade of the 1st Special Detachment. Command of the Legion located in Aubagne (France). At the service are accepted only men aged 17 to 40 years. First agreement — 5 years, we can rise to the rank of sergeant. To become an officer, you must have French citizenship (formally be obtained after three years of service, but it's hard).


Foreign Legion: Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

Parade. The Legion is preparing to march through the streets of Paris. Photo: Archives of legionary

There is another procedure that is called "ratification". This is the moment when the legionnaire return his real name and identity under which he serves on. This moment comes for everyone differently, but within a five-year contract. If these boundaries ratification does not, mean to you and do not trust the new treaty will not sign it.

The time of ratification is very important for the legionary. After his arrival, he can not marry, can take out loans, open your own bank account, take out cars and real estate. In this case, the legionnaires banks for loans actually never fail. Men go to buy two or three apartments in France, but here they sit and serve on (despite the fact that housing in France is very valuable, for example, one-bedroom apartment of 49 "squares" in a more or less respectable area of Paris is about 250 thousand euros). A flat "work", covering the debt on the loan and generating profits.

Since the ratification (also called legalization) legionnaire begins to prepare documents to obtain French citizenship (if you wish, of course). To obtain it, you need to serve more than three years. If we talk honestly, it is very often the ultimate goal of serving in the Legion. Got a French passport, was the deadline for the contract — and you can put off the local "citizen", if there is something to do. If not — you can serve on.


Foreign Legion: Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

Corsica. Legionnaire on patrol meets the most beautiful sunrise. Photo: Archives of legionary

To get a pension from the Legion, there should serve at least 15 years of age. But, having received this pension can live in any country of the world, you can return home, or to any other government.

In most cases, choose the Francophonie (for all Legionnaires who have served at least a year, have a decently French). This is France itself, Canada (Quebec), Seychelles. The exact size of pension for all is not, is dependent on many factors, directly to the availability of medals, but in any case — more than 1,000 euros (often more). In Ukraine, you can live a relaxed …

Veterans Legion is very valued and respected. Each department has its own day (like our prazdnichka Airborne), when the veterans come directly to 90-year-old, cover the tables with a cool drink, arrange skydiving (the jump and veterans). There are lonely veterans, war invalids, including our former compatriots who just settle in Corsica, near the main base REP-2. Legion of them is busy, work, and the elderly, so as not to feel flawed, make key chains, wine "legionnaires", who later sell the legionnaires. Not bad, by the way, they say, the wine …

HEAD OF BP Anatoly Gritsenko:

— I do not know these people, but I suppose that there can be two motivations. 1st — financial, just go for funds. 2nd — draft for the military profession, people need a military drive. We, unfortunately, do not. If I had been established intense combat training, as it was in Soviet times, maybe guys would find the use of such qualities in our armed forces. A salary of an ordinary contractor at us — about 800 hryvnia …

HOME AND you can go "double-bass"

Foreign Legion: Ukrainian Legion under the French flag

With the instrument in the service do not leave. Photo: archive of the legionary

In Corsica, where the legionaries (namely, of the Parachute Regiment) and the rest of friction between the fighting, they are expected room for 2-3 people, hotel type, with plasma TV set and other amenities. Living on an army routine, but appropriate: stand up slowly, give the body to wake up. Later run. Then — breakfast (lots of fish, sausage, cheese, vegetables, fruits), after — the combat training. And so from day or a day. While it is time again to fight or leave.

There is the concept of "holiday abroad." But it is likely for a foreign legionnaire only after legalization, when he returned home documents. Till then, in general, also go, but smuggling method. Each legion has an identifier, a special card certifying his identity (legendirovannuyu) and belonging to the Legion. And most of our guys are the true Ukrainian passport, not handed in his time in the Legion. They make them at the border plus show ID, stating they say, I work under the contract. Usually unnecessary questions arise …

There have foreign players and prazdnichkom. For example, on Bastille day in all of France — Council prazdnichek with large-scale and very bright parade, which necessarily involved in the Legion. Once arrived in Paris for this purpose and legionnaires-Slavs. Naturally, after prazdnichka "took on the breast" and carried directly to the Eiffel Tower skirmish among themselves.

Flying bloody spray, gathered mass. But no one is taken aback. A Frenchman and explained to malehankih daughter, say, what can you do, it's paratroopers have taken them so … but in general foreign players in France are highly respected because people vaccinated idea that these men are actually fighting a war for the interests of France in the world (although cooperate NATO and NATO are even patches).

Combatants — NOT MERCENARY

In the SBU told this newspaper that the Ukrainian legislation is the concept of "mercenary". This person specifically recruited for the role in the fighting outside the country in order to get the real reward. And, it is in principle, does not go into the regular armed forces of a country that is in conflict. In other words, is concerned only with illegal armed groups. For mercenaries in our legislation foreseen criminal prosecution (Article 447 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the SBU jurisdiction).

However, in accordance with international law, which holds our country, there is the concept of "combatant". This is a man who takes military service in the standing army of one or another country. Otherwise, it looks like a mercenary: too hooked, and serves as a means of participating in hostilities. Here's the French Foreign Legion soldiers just combatants, for Legion — A part of the Armed Forces of France.

Combatants our law are not prosecuted, so, for example,
the Legion fighter can quietly come to Ukraine on vacation (of course, if real, legal documents, whether its Ukrainian foreign passport or acquired over time French). Apart from the French Foreign Legion, absolutely lawful combatants are now in similar formations in Belgium, Israel and Russia. Like the Legion, there are recruiting people as these states and foreigners.

Can enlist and Ukrainians. But the secret service tracks down the number of combatants is not a native of Ukraine, because they do not commit anything illegal. And all for the mercenaries in Ukraine over the years there were 4 criminal cases in 1993-95.

This was due to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, and the proceedings were instituted under Part 1 of Art. 447, in other words about those who recruited and not recruited on (later revealed that attracted them by false pretenses, and later forced to wage war under the risk of death). Regarding the combatants (regardless of where and by whom recruited) had criminal cases in general in Ukraine was not. And how much more there was relatively combatants, including the Legion.

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