Foreign media are afraid of Iraq scenario in Libya. Some conclusions on the events in Tripoli

Foreign media are afraid "Iraq scenario" in Libya.  Some conclusions on the events in TripoliForeign media do not hide the celebrations of the events in Libya, but at the same time do not hide concern over the fate of the country. There is the possibility that the country into chaos on the Iraqi or Somali scenario is ruined by two or three countries. For example, the South American newspaper The Wall Street Journal discusses the question is, what should be done to enemies of Muammar Gaddafi to prevent the development of events in the country on the model of Iraq. According to the views of the publication: "They will have to assure the forces still loyal to Gaddafi, in the case of desertion he was safe. This is the key not only to the fall of Gaddafi, and to ensure peace after this. " Reason for optimism behold the South American journalists that the separatists supported by the West, the rebels have been able to attract to their side to 800 employees of Libyan intelligence.

South American newspaper quoted the NATO official, he is afraid that after the final fall of the Libyan power vacuum favorite there. But the West, according to the views of the publication can prevent this — assist the Libyan people. "Libyans as though what other people, dreaming to live under the rule of a government that represents their interests, respects basic rights and serves them, and not the contrary. Soon they will have the chance to reincarnate a dream come true "- report to the South American journalists.

As they are in this posodeystvuyut probably be aware of the statements of representatives of the EU. For example, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle claimed a "fair" trial for the Libyan favorite and his sons, to be transmitted internationality Criminal Court in The Hague, he says, is the "update" to Libya. German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere not rule out that after the collapse of the government of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya may be directed "limited" Bundeswehr troops in the country to maintain stability and security. In addition, to assist in the protection of diplomats will be members of the elite counter-terrorist police unit GSG9, reports DW-WORLD citing Spiegel. They have already sent in Benghazi.

English The Guardian expresses satisfaction with the proximity of the fall of the Gaddafi: The war in Libya is coming to an end. The suburbs of Tripoli rose up in the streets — glee regime on its last legs. The situation in Tripoli can not be measured with absolute precision. But not enough hesitation that the initiative is in the hands of the rebels, reports English edition. British journalists emphasizes the important role played in the victories of the rebel actions of NATO Air Forces. Immediately edition recognizes the danger that the Libyan government after the fall of Gaddafi could plunge into bloody chaos on the Iraqi scenario, when it was eliminated power Saddam Hussein. Because without "outside help" segodnyaschy Libyan opposition will not be able to manage. "The Libyans will need help. It can come from both Europe and America, and on the Arab and Muslim world. " Emphasizes the importance of the positions of adjacent Tunisia and Egypt, where the "democratic revolution" has already defeated.

For its part the French newspaper Le Figaro also happy future occurrence of Gaddafi in the dungeons of the internationality of the court in The Hague. "The dictator and his entourage pursuing international justice. They know that they have nowhere to go and they will have to answer for their actions. " Because Gaddafi and his followers will resist to the last, to sacrifice his supporters. The Libyan people can pay for this expensive cost. Although in reality, the Libyans are deprived of former benefits, for example, the 1st of the largest in the Arab world's gross state income per capita and the highest standard of living in Africa, which allowed to hire people to work the dark adjoining states, the lowest mortality. At this time the French journalists call the Western countries do not fall into euphoria, and focus all efforts on the Libyan government does not fall into the hands of Islamists design. Actions in Tripoli is very important for Europe, after the overthrow of the dictatorship of the need to organize a humanitarian, economic aid, which "will unite the country, unwalled from the threat of war and civilian Islamism" — sums the result of a French newspaper.

In the imminent fall of Gaddafi regime and assured the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: «There are many signs that the fight against Gaddafi came to end with a stage. Without the support of NATO's Libyan rebellion probably would be ruthlessly suppressed. Increasingly, more and senior regime officials flee abroad or run across to the rebels. " It looks like a sinking ship and traveling with his rat, say German journalists. At the same time, the German edition warns, you can not get too excited — this is only the first step on the road, the "end of which is yet to be seen." In Libya, the likely bloody conflicts in the division of power.

In turn, the Italian edition of Corriere della sera, trying to analyze who overcomes and who loses as a result of the fall of the Colonel's subsequent report: "We know who lost the Colonel, his home clan allied tribes who made a bet on it allies in the international Community. " To whom a hint? On China, Russia, Venezuela? But we do not yet know who won, report Italian journalists. Italian edition focuses its attention on the variegated Libyan opposition — the design Islamists, monarchists, liberals, etc. Naturally, between them could start a power struggle appears and the question of how NATO will deal with the Syrian favorite which also "suppress" their own people, with a favorite of Yemen — Ali Abdullah Saleh, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran?

Pascal Boniface, head of the Institute of international and strategic relations (IRIS), in an interview with "France Info" said that in the Libyan state may be, of course, and everything is fine. But it could be very bad. For example: today's opposition National Transitional Council will hold a democratic election and dissolve itself, and on the other scenario, the opposition will begin inside the friction between liberals and Islamists, because the common enemy will fall, which was directed against the alliance. And the country will "democratic" chaos. And taking into account the saturation of the country's gun, stolen from military depots looted, deaths rise sharply. This may lead to disintegration of the country, because the western clans are unlikely to go on about the inhabitants of the east rose in revolt. They supported Gaddafi for decades and do not give in zahochut "opposition", which Gaddafi called "rats".

In other words, if we sum up the views of the general in the foreign media, it is clear that there is contentment and satisfaction with the fruits of the Libyan war, where, in their opinion, has finally arrived, "radical change." But there is not a simple question — what will happen with Libya and its people later? Not whether there will be a brand new country plainclothes War, the struggle for power, not the power to break through a constructive Islamists? If the authorities in Libya or its fragments capture the Islamists, the EU wil
l have a huge problem of — a kind of Somalia, only on the Mediterranean coast. Then voters can ask to own politicians — for the sake of such "democracy" bombed Libya and spent a lot of money, military supplies?

What conclusions can be drawn from the events in Tripoli?

— Forces of "rats" or Libyan "Vlasovtsev", despite training with foreign military experts, their logistics, weapons, and did not become a real fighting force. All their achievements are associated with complete domination of NATO forces in the air, the air force Westerners, including attack helicopters, UAVs just rammed all the apparent resistance. Without NATO forces loyal to Gaddafi forces have long to put things in order in the country and separatists, Islamists and liberal dreamers may have been destroyed or thrown out abroad — for example in Tunisia.

— To destroy an entire country, it is enough of a measured regime generally prosperous lives of the majority rather "excite" a small group of people. In Libya, they were constructive Islamists, supporters of the monarchy, the liberal intelligentsia. In the end, the ordinary people who lived ordinary lives — work, learn, serve, etc., have been victims of "humanitarian" bombing attacks by marauding criminals escaped from prisons, and foreign mercenaries.

— Several months' resistance to Gaddafi substantiates the fact that mode Colonel supported by the vast majority of the population, even in the criteria of air strikes, the collapse of ordinary people's lives.

— It is clear that the "rebels" who threw themselves into "retreat" after the loss of a few people, the capital of Libya, or part of it could not capture. Already there is recognition of the fact that the soldiers involved in the assault of special forces of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. In addition, there are reports that the battle had been thrown mercenaries from private military companies, special forces soldiers of France, UK, USA.

— The action was accompanied by such a large-scale disinformation campaign that Goebbels would have hanged himself with envy litsezrev its scope.

— U.S. pursues its campaign, the objectives of which are somewhat different from its European partners — Libya waiting for "Somalization" or, as has already pronounced themselves Western journalists, the Iraqi scenario. What does this mean? Libya de facto be collapsed into two or three semi-independent education (for example, East, West and land Berbers), the standard of living is very fall, the migration of the EU — the same Christians that their further destabilizes, the rise of Islamic constructive attitude , constant attacks. Entering into big town "peacekeeping troops" of the UN. Libya will be another springboard for the upcoming destabilization Near East and Europe.

— Suddenly, the stubborn resistance of Gaddafi, after so just collapsed regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, the delayed onset of the Great War in the Middle East. Gaddafi almost played the role of "sand" in perfect running gear. Colonel won the time for other states — Syria, Iran, Russia, etc.

— RF can not donate Syria, under any circumstances, immediately increasing efforts in the field of defense industry, upgrading, modernizing their aircraft.

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